A few details about The Last Story

Check out some of the first real details about Mistwalker's new RPG.

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Valay3770d ago

I like how the game is sounding so far! This and Xenoblade sound very promising. Although now I'd really like actual gameplay details.

mjolliffe3770d ago

Yeah some gameplay details would be nice, but what's there is interesting!

-Mezzo-3770d ago

can;t wait for Gameplay details.

labwarrior3770d ago

I have many of those, maybe they should consider a next gen system next time

tplarkin73770d ago

They are happy using 2D sprites, random battles, etc. They then complain that HD is "too clear". Thank God for western developers.

The Great Melon3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Graphics may not be as good, but story and gameplay may be great. There are many HD games that look gorgeous, but suck in terms of story and gameplay. Don't be too quick to disregard this game.

Seferoth753770d ago

Why should we care about the opinion of someone who is completely ignorant of the subject..

Graphics are 15 years old huh? Funny that didnt seem to bother you 2 years ago playing on a 233mhz machine... Oh but I guess in your ignorance to trash one company you forgot to get your facts straight. Good to know all the PS2 games you played last gen were completely outdated before they ever even got released.

ablecain3770d ago

So is this going to be a Wii game?

labwarrior3770d ago

And will have the usual low polygon visuals that look horrid today, at least they should go for 2D to make something that can be looked at

Smacktard3770d ago

Yeah, I completely agree. I can barely even bother to get through Ocarina of Time nowadays because the visuals just completely turn me off from the game. It just looks completely and utterly atrocious. Graphics > gameplay, amirite?


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The story is too old to be commented.