Command and Conquer 4 Coming to Steam

EA has announced that Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight will be coming to Steam when it releases next week.

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JsonHenry3146d ago

No thanks. I played the Beta and EA has royally f-ed this game up.

steve30x3146d ago

How did they F*** it up then? You dont like innovation? You wanted the same ol stale C & C to have the same mechanics?

JsonHenry3146d ago

Yes, I wanted the same old CnC formula. What I didn't want was a noob friendly P.O.S. where you can endlessly crank out and units and there is no consequences for losing all your units. Click and spam. Click and spam. No depth, no strategy, and no fun. They completely ruined my favorite franchise. Took it out back and shot it in the head.

Not only will this game be lucky to get a metacritic of 5.5/10 but it will not sell. Which will have either two types of effect on this series. It will either discourage development of the next in the series or make them go back to the basics. DON'T FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN!!!!

Montrealien3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

I got the game Mr Henri, would you care to go 1 on 1? I will gladly show you how noob friendly this game is. I`ll be gentle.

This is a good rts, nothing more.

and what`s this meta critic you speak of? oh nm, you are refering to the cloud of opinions about a game. yeah, no thanks I`ll just trust my won jugment.

steve30x3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

I see. So its not going to sell because you say so Henry. I am pretty sure there is lots of people who like this game. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean that every other RTS game fan hates it.

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steve30x3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

I played the beta and I loved it. I know a lot of people dont like this though. I will definately buy this. (Watch the disagrees because I am not allowed an opinion)

JsonHenry3146d ago

Nah, this is a PC game. And PC gamers are not as childish with the negatives regarding someone's opinion.

JsonHenry3146d ago

And don't get me started on how UGLY half the units are in this game. Did they even try? Or knowing that they were gonna get fired after this games release was enough to make them just half-ass it.

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Revvin3146d ago

Its not for me. I've played every C&C game since the first one came out on the PC. They have taken all that is good about C&C and all of what the fans have loved over the years and flushed it away with the stupid multi-player mode.