E3 Pre Event Coverage: Midway Is Cruis'n for a bruis'n

E3 is less than twelve days away now, and Midway has already begun unfolding its plans for the big event. Along with the presence of previously announced games like Stranglehold, Unreal Tournament 2007 and Blacksite: Area 51, it announced five Nintendo-platform exclusive games, some of which bring back familiar names to long-time Midway fans. Can you say "The long-awaited return of Cruis'n"? The five games that have been announced are...

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Diselage4125d ago

Cruis'n was fantastic, i hope they do it justice with the sequel.

kewlkat0074125d ago

Arcade racers, as well as San Fran "RUSH", which I had both for the 64, I think. Of course when you walk to the Arcade, you just couldn't stop staring at the "checker flag hotties shaking it" in Cruis'n. You know you wanna play.

Another Good game I liked was "Extreme G".(for a futuristic bike game it was different.) No games out there like this now.