Intel Core i7-980X 6-Core CPU Review (BmR)

Benchmark Reviews presents the Intel Core i7-980X processor, a six-core Westmere 32nm CPU. Codenamed Gulftown, this 3.33GHz Extreme Edition processor features an unlocked clock speed multiplier with twelve computing threads and a 12MB cache. Built for the Intel X58-Express enthusiast platform, Benchmark Reviews tests the BX80613I7980X retail part in gaming, computing, and overclocking performance.

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vhero3196d ago

Ssee the main problem with cpus is we are still help back by core speeds. There is not enough support for multicores as nobody wants to freeze out the single core market. This is potentially where the next generation of consoles could leap over PC gaming.

Charmers3196d ago

Erm don't know where you are coming from with this ? Nearly all games support multicores and use them these days. I have a quadcore cpu and regularly monitor what is happening during gaming and you can easily see that games are now using 2 or more cores for processing.

So games are now multicore and there is a reason for that, the reason being single core pc's now only account for 18% :-


So no I don't think consoles will be able to take advantage of the lack of multicore support since there is tons of it now and it is just getting better and better.

champ213196d ago

consoles leaping pcs when it comes to games? lol wat?

On topic.. there isnt any need of this cpu since there isnt a game out there that will take advantage of 6 cores. heck even 4 cores are more then enough.

If intel, amd or nvidia want us buying more powerful hardware they better take up the matter with the software developers, as asides crysis even a g8800gtx along with a dual core cpu will max out any of todays game.

crck3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Not sure what your talking about. Just about every game I've played in the last 2 years utilizes multiple cores. Plus no one is afraid to freeze out single core computers. In fact Intel doesn't even sell single core desktop processors anymore and AMD only has 1 single core desktop processor currently on the market(which is actually a dual core chip with 1 core disabled).

hoops3196d ago

Leap over PC's for gaming? Pleaseeee stick to console gaming. As always you have no idea what you are talking about. Single core CPU's no longer exist...or at least are made by any manufacturer for desktop or laptops. You can still buy single core CPU's....from Ebay or other sites trying to get rid of them.
The only CPU's you can get are multcore CPU's. Please vhero stop...You just proved you have no knowledeg in this area. Stick to sub 720p gaming with little to no AA...Yes..that's a jab at ALL consoles including the PS3

ProjectVulcan3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

The problem for developers is scaling for cores, as four cores literally can be twice as fast as two cores and six cores three times as fast. In the past a new single core CPU was a little faster, you know, clock bumps and such nudged the performance along. Whereas dealing with multiple cores further divides the potential performance gap, which can instantly be doubled with the amount of cores on a chip. So developers have to set a baseline within reason, and that is usually two cores right now because that is the vast majority of the market. However that should not serve as an excuse to not have an engine that further scales up the CPU ladder to four cores and beyond- source actually scales to six cores and up.

As for the console nonsense, the consoles actually aided the uptake of multicore programming. If the game is made for console, then it has to be well threaded to get the best performance anyway. So most ports across use at least a dual core. A typical dual core X86 processor like a core 2 duo is much faster and better for games than 360's tiny triple core or PS3's CELL, possessing chunks of cache and well developed pipelines.

sid4gamerfreak3196d ago

Wow u r seriously daft... Since all the other smart ppl commented to his ignorant post, i shall not add to it and waste my time talking sense to a retarded console fanboy...

Back on topic, I rly want this cpu for my next gaming pc....Alas, i cannot afford it yet...

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jjesso3196d ago

would nice have somthing like this but not really much use at the momment but nice to make your pc future proof if you got the money. Amd is not as good in performace but lot cheaper. It was good the way allowed all am2 mother boards to work with am3 processor with bios update with intel most of there cpu that come out and you need new motherboard.

dredgewalker3196d ago

ill pass for now until it becomes mainstream and more affordable.

steve30x3196d ago

A quad core i5 750 is good enough for me. Its much better than my Q6600 that I am using right now.

ATi_Elite3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

$999 way to expensive and actually doesn't have a pratical use as you can multitask a 4 core to death and it will barely break a sweat. As far as gaming it's all about the Gpu and soon to be Gpgpu. Cpu's will be for running spreadsheets and monitoring your firewall as the Gpu takes over the Pc.

Pc architecture as a whole needs to change so these high powered CPu's with 4 cores and virtual cores and friends and family cores could actually be used more efficiently.

The Cell and it's architecture is looking even better right now.

hoops3196d ago

You actually mentioned the Cell as being better then these TRUE Quad core CPU's? Dude no longer post in the PC section as you know squat

hoops3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Once again you have no idea what you are talking about. The future for GPU's are to combine the CPU and GPU on one chip. And they have done this already for lower power chips seen in netbooks etc.
Something Intel is working on as well as Nvidia and ATI. It's called accelerated processor unit or APU. LIano...This is ATI's version. Intel and Nvidia have stuff in the pipe also. The real push is to combine both CPU+GPU on one chip that has multiple cores and is powerful enough for full HD software rendering.
What the hell is GPGPU you posted? Stop making things up as it makes you look stupid.

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