Remember When: Your Systems Were on Life Support?

DualShockers writes: "Remember when you had life support techniques for your video games? And I don't mean blowing into your game cartridges (we've all seen the Facebook fan pages), because as gamers we have gone beyond that. I know I'm not alone in this. Maybe you're one of those people who would spin the disc in their Playstation then quickly close the lid and boot up the power. Or maybe you did something as simple as putting tape on the back of your Game Boy, because you cracked the battery cover. As gamers we know how to go around a problem, and I would like to share some of my life support experiences, and in turn maybe you can leave me with some of your own..."

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Ninferno3779d ago

great story... really fun read... you rock

GreenRingOfLife3779d ago

the PS3 thought it was a leap year and it totally messed up my ps3, but luckily it healed

Army_of_Darkness3779d ago

everytime I'm about to play an NES game, I'd pray that it'll start up on first try... But it usually goes like this:

**blank gray/blue/ whatever screen**
"FUUUUUUUCK!! damn you stupid piece of sh1t console! Fuuckin wooork dammit!!"
"time to huff & puff & CPR this piece of sh1t back to life!"
after a few tries... "Yeah! time to play some games;)"

Oner3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Blowing into the NES cartridge actually made it worse because of the moisture in your breath would accelerate/exacerbate the probelm of foiling the contacts on BOTH the cartridge and the pins it connected to in the console itself. Get a proper cleaning device from a place like Funcoland or just put in a new one in the NES and you were good to go.

The only issue I ever encountered with a Sony console was with an original PS1 where you had to flip it upside down to help read discs but that was also a simple fix (wasn't mine) by just swapping the eye/drive mechanism.

The 360 is BY FAR the absolute worst. Think about have to literally take the system down to it bare bones to attach extra bracing, different screws, additional washers, extra shims, extra/better thermal paste, extra fans or increase the speed of the ones in it, extra cooling fins/heat sinks for misc chips on board, extra holes on the bottom plate or in the case itself OR a major thing like a reflow! Not my idea of an easy fix...

Hhmm "Remember When Your Systems Were on Life Support?"...Pffft what do you mean "Remember when"!?! My 360 has been on life support since a few weeks after I got it. 5 times it RROD'ed on me (and counting) if it dies again and I can't resurrect it I'm doing this to it ~ hopefully I can win another contest if I do it to a 360 ;)

Ninferno3779d ago

i miss my super nintendo

JoelT3779d ago

the amazing games that came with it!

Ninferno3779d ago

best generation of games ever.

Theoneneo813779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

for the Idiot who disagreed with 1.1 you are not a true gamer.

Snes is probally in my top 5 consoles

JoelT3779d ago

I used to clean the gold contacts on my NES cartridges with Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol then throw them in the freezer for a few minutes. Strange? Yes. Did it work? Every single time!

Ninferno3779d ago

i did that also! worked very well

Hitman07693779d ago

Spinning the PS1 Disc was brutal, but that also worked on PlayStations that had been down one too many tumbles down the stairs.

Chadness3779d ago

I did the rubbing contacts with alcohol thing, but not the freezer thing. Ahhh, those were the days!

dredgewalker3779d ago

I used to do that a lot to cartridges. I also remember massaging the controller cables when it doesn't work.

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iiprotocolii3779d ago

The scrungie on the SNES controller is priceless. I LOL'ed for a while.

IG_DARKSA1NT3779d ago

Super Star Wars and Super Empire Strikes Back! Nuff said!

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