IGN: SOCOM 4 Hands-on

IGN: The demo available here at GDC for playing with the Wave is very simple, a run-and-gun romp through a run-down village in the jungle. It's pretty clear that Zipper and Sony are holding the bigger, explosive moments for another time when the game is the total focus, as what I was able to play was really nothing more than a demonstration of how the Move control scheme is set up.

Getting back to the PlayStation Move controls, I think everything works well enough, but I'm sticking with the Dual Shock 3 (which will, of course, still be supported). Perhaps it's because Zipper "patched" in the Move controls rather recently, but this is still a title that was made for use with the trusty old Dual Shock 3. Maybe as things become more refined and tuned down the line something will change that'll make me want to use it instead, but I'm guessing that I'll be running through its campaign with what I'm already playing on a day-to-day basis.

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