GDC '10: Sony Press Conference Re-Cap

"Sony just wrapped up their GDC press conference a few minutes ago and didn't drop a whole lot of details on any future titles coming out but we did get a bit of information on what was only known up until now as the Playstation motion controller. That little stick now has an official name, Playstation Move! The thing will ship with a few different packs in Sony's campaign to really get the thing into the hands of the people. One such pack will include the Playstation Move, Playstation Eye, and an undetermined game all for under $100 this holiday season." Kyle Suttles from Loading Reality sums up the Sony Press Conference from GDC.

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2FootYard3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Not a whole lot of new info revealed today but it is just GDC. Obviously Sony's E3 showing will be much more interesting and impressive (hopefully).

Sony Always Wins3145d ago

I heard rumors that the PS4 was being revealed at E3. Is this true?