Pixel Verdict: Dragon Age II? Could it be?

Steve Power writes:

"Dragon age II? Another Dragon Age expansion? Your guess is as good as mine. Either way i applaud Bioware's brilliant efforts at teasing the crap out of us. Given the relatively distant date given, my money is on a sequel."

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NYC_Gamer3170d ago

prob another expansion....

Rockox3169d ago

Yep. Didn't Bioware say something like they'd be supporting the game with DLC and expansions for two years after its release?

STICKzophrenic3169d ago

That date isn't even a year and a half out of DA:O's release.

I would hope it's another expansion and not a full fledged release.

W-k3169d ago

Bring on Dragon age 2!!!!!! , dragon age is my fav RPG this gen and imo the BEST sofar!! bioware rules i cant stop playing im on my 6th character and i cant wait for awakening!! if its not dragon age 2! i wont be disappointed one little bit but i hope it is!!! the only outher Rpg im hyped for would be a new elder scrolls game, but im hopeing for some co-op even if its only 1 friend that cant join me but i dont need it really just be cool to play online with my friend who is a rpg nutt tooo!!