Apple sold 525,000 iPhones since launch

Apple Inc. stores in the first weekend since its June 29 launch, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday, citing an analyst.

Half of the Apple stores on the U.S. West Coast sold out of the devices on the first day, the report said, citing analyst Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research in San Francisco.

Chowdhry could not immediately be reached for comment. Apple and AT&T were not immediately available.

Piper Jaffray also estimated first-weekend sales of the iPhone at about 500,000, according to

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Diselage4126d ago

Better launch than i thought it was going to have.

Premonition4126d ago

I thought Apple sent out 3 million for launch, 500k is still pretty good, most of the AT&T stores and Apple stores are taking orders for the next shipment already.

Bill Gates4126d ago

That crazy bald guy from M$ must be losing his mind right about now..hahaha

FordGTGuy4126d ago

seeing as the Zune and iPhone aren't competitors. Also the only way Microsoft really competes with the iPhone is through windows mobile featured on some smart phones but this isn't even really a direct competition.

JustInTlME4126d ago

i have one, its one the coolest things i have ever used.

WANDA4126d ago

How fast is EDGE?
I really want one, but I'm living in Japan until december, then I get to go back to LA, so the coverage won't be an issue...

ITR4126d ago

Jules I'd just wait until Jan then. I expect a 3G ver around that time to be announced at MW 08.

WANDA4126d ago

haha ya my nickname is jules (don't be hacking my xbl account eh EH?)
and i guess the 3G would be best, possibly even a second model announced for next summer?

I dont' know... but i'm really excited.
thanks man

PlayStation3604126d ago

Julian, your in Japan? Yo, that is awesome. I always...ALWAYS wanted to go there. What part of Japan are you visiting? Back to your question. EDGE is surprisingly fast. I was expecting less. I mean it's not as fast as I want it to be (3G). But it's still rather good. Apple did an awesome job with it's first phone.

closedxxx4126d ago

I purchased an iPhone on Friday... It actually locked up and was bricked after an hour of use, but it was due to a hardware issue. I wasn't able to make any calls, or receive calls after I activated the phone.
I had to return the phone to the AT&T store, where they tried to get me with a 10% re-stocking fee.
I finally got the phone returned (no fee) and ran to the nearest APPLE store where I picked up my SECOND iPhone.
Anyhow, it's a great device. The screen is tough, and seems pretty scratch resistant. I already had it slip off my holster and fall between my car seats, and no damage to the phone.
It works incredibly well, although EDGE is a bit slow, it's great on WI-FI connections.
They have already hinted at doing most of the phone's upgrades via firmware updates over the next months-year.
They are sure to include functions, and the hardware in the phone may already be capable of utilizing 3G, but AT&T was not ready to support such wide-spread usage. A firmware update may be all that is required to enable 3G usage.

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ALItheWISE4126d ago

Does this thing even have a camara on it. I never hear any spec on the camara. My homeboy got a new sony ericson with t-mobile that has a 5.0 megapixl camara and records DVD quality. Does the iphone do any of this? I will surely purchase a PS3 way before i pick this thing up.

tonsoffun4126d ago

I believe it only has 2MP camera - which by todays standard is kinda poor.

Still would love to pick one up though, but it won't be out here until the end of the year, early 2008.

ITR4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

It might only be a 2mp, but the image quality is the same as some 3-4mp cam's.

Here is a photo from my friends iPhone.

tonsoffun4126d ago

Is it?

thats good man, if it takes comparible pics thats cool with me - that was one of my only reservations about the iPhone - that ans lack of 3G, but that can be fixed in the next version anyhoo.

rep for you bud.

closedxxx4126d ago

just took this with mine

codeazrael4126d ago

You really feel part of an elite group that has something the world love, hate, and fear at the same time. It's kinda like being one of the X-men.

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