OnLive - Pricing and Launch date could bring Failure

OnLive's pricing and launch date has been announced for the US, while it is exciting news it could also bring failure to this pipe dream.

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Bigpappy3768d ago

No doubt about that! $15 a month? I don't think so. Add some bandwidth issues and you have yourself pure home made failure of the highest grade.

meetajhu3767d ago

There is nothing there about failure. Cloud computing is future and to do so requires a lot of money and management 24/7. For cloud computing thats actually a reasonable price i thought it would be more expensive. I won't buy onlive but i think it is the beginning of cloud computing era. If this thing suceeds it will be a massive sucess.

Redempteur3767d ago

cloud computing is the future BUT high prices are not

DarkTower8053767d ago

$15/month plus you still have to buy the games to play them, this is a total ripoff. The only way I see something like this being a success if if broadband providers offer this as part of their service for free, and sell the games at a low price.

HolyOrangeCows3767d ago

$180 a year BEFORE purchasing games. It's like buying a console every year, lol.

Claudinho693766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

^^kinda like the there will always be those people

edit:due to a PM, i meant like the xbox users because of the RROD not because of the live fee, but that too lol

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RonyDean3768d ago

Im really looking forward to checking out onLive but I do see it being one big fail. Costs to much, and I dont think most people will have enough bandwidth to use it at this time.

Bea Arthur3767d ago

Agree, it's a great idea but it is too flawed to survive in its current state.

keysy4203767d ago

most people wont play mmo's becuase its too much. 15 when i alread have systems isnt goign to fly

iFLOWLIKEWATER3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Most people, I assume, are the ones besides the millions of people that have no problem paying it. And where is this guy getting $180 from? Is he talking monthly or yearly? Nevertheless, I wonder what the ones that say this will fail, will say if it doesn't?

Edit: Never mind, he/she means yearly...But still, this person, like so many that complain about such things, can't come to grips that they don't have to buy the service. This is a business...

ScubaSteve13767d ago

it was already set up has a failure when you have to stream the games on our internet

zeddy3767d ago

onlive get the same games as the ps3 and the 360 and i dont see whats wrong with going to a shop and buying a copy, plus if you buy a game from onlive you wont be able to trade it in or borrow it to your mates. 360 and ps3 already have huge install bases and i dont know why anyone needs this.

zagibu3766d ago

The promise is that you never have to worry about hardware. The platform will constantly be upgraded to run the newest games at highest settings.

But yeah, I'm not sure whether there are enough people interested in games that are not already playing on computers or consoles. I don't see the service luring away established pc or console gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.