Sony Promotion Lets Students Hide PSP Play

Sony in Italy has distributed to Italian students FAKE BOOKS WITH FAKE HANDS that make it appear that they're reading Dante's "The Divine Comedy" at school when in fact they are playing a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). The inside even includes the "Cliff Notes" version of the book, so PSP slackers are armed with basic information about the book they're not reading.

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sony4life4127d ago

where was this when i was in high school?

FordGTGuy4127d ago

The fake book only makes it sweeter when they are caught.

AbyssGravelord4127d ago

That'd be pretty cool but it would be obvious your not reading when you yell out CLUSTERBOMB!!!

Merovee4127d ago

I hate that commercial lol.

kooplar4127d ago

What happen to the good old days when you just had to pull out your huge text hard cover book, stand it up, and let the good times with final fantasy tactics roll.

Shadow Flare4127d ago

brought a tear to my eye lol

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