Lord of the Rings Aragorn's Quest coming to PS3 with Motion Controller

Playstation Insider:

"On the heels of the newly revealed Sony PlayStation motion controller, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be bringing The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest to the PlayStation 3, which will support the motion controller technology. In addition to PS3, the game will also be available on PS2, Wii and Nintendo DS this fall. "

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unrealgamer583142d ago

this is exactly what i expected from sony.

Cover the BIG developers and the smaller developers in one swoop.

AridSpider3142d ago

wow this is shaping up to be the launch of what seems like brand new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Can't wait to see the launch titles

Blaze9293142d ago

Yeah it's definitely going to be a heated Autumn.

JasonXE3142d ago

well as long as they dont forget about that games that matter to use core audiences.

Dude4203141d ago

Because he's excited of what's coming?

Oh wait, he mentioned Microsoft that's why lol.

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Blaze9293142d ago

That's the problem Microsoft and Natal will face. Where as any Wii game could also be a PS3 game now, the same can't be said for Natal.

jalen2473142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

You are right...

These types of situations are when Natal will lack support.

Its going to be difficult for a third party to justify making one Natal Sku versus two motion controller skus (PS3 and Wii).

More money will be made from combined Wii and PS3 sku sales versus single 360 sku sales.

Blaze9293142d ago

Exactly. I guess with Natal though, Microsoft can finally have some true 360 exclusives lmao

tokoshix3142d ago

This is why the current gen is so very interesting. Next gen is a long way from now, but things will definitely be different.

FlameBaitGod3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Don't blame me, blame my name :(, anyways I dk y mine was deleted It had nothing bad.

if mine is off topic then pro and toko are off topic too right ? Or is this bias I sense ?

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tunaks13142d ago

this game is being made by the teams behind Battalion Wars, and HOTD OK,
I cant wait to see how it turns out.

Sevir043142d ago

This should be interesting, Wii/PS3 exclusives....? lol!!! never thought i'd see that.

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The story is too old to be commented.