Quantic Dream announce the development of a new PS3 title

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe and the developers of Quantic Dream are pleased to announce their collaboration for a complete title on PS3 - over which further information will be revealed soon.


It`s an unknown game FROM quantic dream being worked on exclusively for the ps3 in conjunction with SCE.

Word on the net is that, is Heaven Rain however, NOTHING has been confirmed.

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TriggerHappy4370d ago

a confirmation, Sony is publishing the game...finish my sentence

Clinton5144370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

This constant string of news with no source needs to be cut out.

edit: I see this news was jacked from Good job without confirming anything. There is no "Sony France" only SCEE.

TriggerHappy4370d ago

the source is the offial Sony France press for it yourself.

SimmoUK4370d ago

to the VERY cool trailer that was shown a while back, it's definately different but very promising and by the way you have to watch it until the end to see how cool it is, should hit a nerve... awesome...

Clinton5144370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

Nice to see this tech demo again.

Although, this is another jacked up news article without properly crediting a source. Ad-revenue type of news. No substance.

XbugPosse4370d ago

This is the difference between Sony and MS. I loved their previous game, Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was one of the most innovative games in the last gen and for me one of the best if not the best PS2 game. Now it’s Sony’s exclusive and with the cinematic HD power of the PS3 this game will be huge. I end how I started, games like this is the Sony difference. Sony does a great job at getting great and innovative studios. That’s how they brought us games like GOW, SOFTC, ICO, Okami etc. MS can fork out 50mill for some additional GTA content, thats not the road Sony wanna follow.

ImWithStupid4370d ago

MS know absolutely NADA about innovation and vision, THEY PASSED ON GTA 3 for Christ's sake. I woulda played 5 mins of that game and begged my company to publish it. These yo-yo's are a classic example of monkey see monkey doo. and no I didn't double up on the "o" by accident.

nextgengaming184370d ago

Was probably the msot impressive visual game at e3 for ps3.

THWIP4370d ago

...just another cg tech demo, meant to wow people into foolishly dropping $600 on a PS3. They've not shown the first bit of "gameplay" for this yet...not even a screenshot.

nextgengaming184370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

It was completely in game. It was a tech demo, but it wasn't cg.
It even states here that it was in game. Here was what the trailer exactly said,

"Technical Demo of a virtual
actor on playstation 3
Rolling Demo in real time 3D
E3 2006

Press Start Button

THWIP4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

There WAS no game at that point, so it COULDN'T have been "in-game". My point is, it wasn't gameplay, and it wasn't running on a PS3 or a 360. Sure, it was playing on an early PS3 dev kit...but they were essentially tricked out PC rigs; the demo was just being played from a dvd disc on the dev kit.
BTW, CG stands for COMPUTER GENERATED, meaning it's not been dev'd for, or tested on a specific platform, for gameplay. Just like the Killzone and Motorstorm BS, the PS3 can't pull off that level of detail in an actual game. It's a cool looking video, but it's not indicative of gameplay...likely closer to cutscenes. Capisci?

*Edit to Delive: WTF are you talking about? Did you not see my response before you posted???

Bathyj4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

CGI is simply a movie. A computer cartoon.

Realtime, as this demo is, is completely 3D graphics, calculated on the fly and rendered by hardware.

Thats why the Halo trailer is ingame graphics, even if that part never gets into the game. Same applys here.

Why the disagrees? All I've stated is facts, not opinions. If I said bananas are yellow you would probably disagree too because I like PS3. If you honestly think I'm wrong you need to go find out the difference between Pre-rendered and Real-time Graphics.

CNIVEK4370d ago

...because you're wrong???

The Halo 3 trailer was "real-time", but not indicative of actual gameplay; anyone who expects those graphics in-game....especially after the MP a fool. The same can be said of the tech demo for Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream stated it had nothing to do with the game, was created to show off the engine. You can use a game engine to create a CG's done all the time.

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