PlayStation Motion Controller Officially Named; Detailed

Since it's debut at E3 2009, the PS3 motion controller has been known by the boring working title 'Motion Controller'. Just a few weeks ago it rumored to be named 'Arc', a trademark and a domain name registration backed up those claims. However, a recent finding of a trademark for the name "Move" threw us for a curveball. Finally all the speculation can end, as the real name for the PS3 motion controller has officially been revealed.

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The Great Melon3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Lol, its the Move not the Arc. First time I have heard about the Move name was today. They did a good job keeping the name under wraps.

Good, they are selling both parts by the sound of it together. EDIT** Shoot they aren't selling them together. I wonder how much the addon will cost. **EDIT Hopefully, if you have the camera the Move will fall around $50. Plenty of options though to get the product into homes.

Looks very responsive. If it has the same latency as the Dualshock III as they said, then that already is a great victory.

Blaze9293144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Playstation Move huh?....


Anyone seen that motion fighter game?...more particularly, did anyone notice that LAG? I thought only Natal lagged....pre-alpha? Nah, Natal is pre-alpha and people judge that so let's do the same for Playstation Move people!


davekaos3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

PS Move. Move off that stage and show us some gameplay.
God im really excited

The mock pick was exactly how it looks
Starter pack = 1 game ps eye ps move under $100 WOW

Seriously people you need to watch this, its amazing.

Whats with the disagree's? there must be some xbots who are really butthurt that MOVE actually works.
So i was right ps move sub controller (nunchuck) is used for FPS
I called it.

@ Immortal Kaim. The starter pack will be under $100 £70 which includes ps eye ps move and a selected game.
How is that not excellent value

Jamegohanssj53144d ago

F this announce my GTA Collections.


Megaton3144d ago

Great. Sony and Microsoft both devolving with motion controls this fall with the push of a "new console launch". Should make for a facepalm-heavy holiday season. Hoping to see some hot flying controller on TV screen action at some point during this presentation.

InfectedDK3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

The Wii just died..
Wii 2 HD = PS3, It only does everything

Shang-Long3144d ago

Wow eye and move for under 100 wow talk about win!

Immortal Kaim3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

So they only said 'under $100 (US)'? If it is any where near that price I don't think it is going to take off. This is going to be heaps expensive in Aus...

@Davekos: Because when they say under $100 it usually means $99 ;)
Sony has a bad habit of overcharging PAL territories, so $100 US will likely equate to $200 over here, and that price just won't cut it. Anyway, we don't know the actual price point yet, It is likely that Sony will wait to see how MS price Natal and release their price accordingly.

young juice3144d ago

sony better market the SH*T out of this, cause if they dont show people what the controller can really do, some people are gonna brush it off as another wii.

blu-ray, motion control = casuals

psn premium + AAA titles = for the hardcore.

Timesplitter143144d ago

That was arguably the worst conference of all time.

PS3 fan here

siyrobbo3144d ago

the fighting game looked junk, didnt even have 1:1

the table tennis gamee looked fun

socom loooked interesting but a little awkward, but i trust zipper

not impressed with anything else shown, but theres more to come

Jinxstar3144d ago

Wow. That was like a whole 45 minutes of them calling out MS.... Not that I would ever enjoy Socom with motion but it looked very doable and is a good option... Crazy...

FlameBaitGod3144d ago

blaze? lag ? you must of had crappy link. There was like 2 parts where it lagged a lil bit but it wasn't really noticeable

WhittO3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Dont really like the name, really like the product!

I was impressed with how accurate it is and the pricing seems to be cheap considering you get a PS Eye too.

I'm guessing once you play this for a month, once you go back to the Wii the controls will seem really inaccurate and worthless lol.

Wii controls with 2X Accuracy + PS3 Amazing Graphics = Win!!

Greywulf3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Sony has just shown multiple applications of working game with absolutely minimal "lag" which looked more like he did the thing too fast. Compared to Natal showing nothing withn 1:1 controls. Motion controls are a gag, No Sony fanboys are waiting on it to be the savior of their PS3 unlike others are for the 360. Its a luxury item at this point.

Its 1:1 which you can see from any of the demos. Any of the demos(again), any of the demos. Unlike hitting a ball or twisting an entire avatars body, the guy even pulled off a spin move on a second attempt.

Or hell.. pickup a DS3 and see the lag, since its the same technology. You guys are so lost this gen.

Lets see.. 45 minutes of 2 seconds of lag, vs...

Everything Natal has ever shown?

No surprises here though. Sony has a 1:1 Benchmark, and working games. While Microsoft has... uh... advertising, and hitting a ball.

Darkstorn3144d ago

I liked the 'Arc' name better...

It still seems gimmicky, but I'm listening.

van-essa3144d ago

hmm self-contradicting much?

BTW, Iwata must be laughing his ass off right now.

Bilbo653144d ago

It was GDC not a trade show they had this mostly to get devs interested.
People expecting game announcements got their hopes way to high.

Immortal Kaim3144d ago

Where can we watch the the vid again?

WhittO3144d ago

Also, I like the fact this is getting the Marketing of a new platform launch, since ps eye can basically already do what Natal can (watching the eye pet demo), alot of people will see Natal as a fail, since you cant really PLAY games by waving arms around in every game.

mugoldeneagle033144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

About what I expected, yet as a long time SOCOM fan I'm still not sold at all at using the "move" instead of the Dualshock. I'll be reading plenty of the hands on previews first.

As for the name, it doesn't sound that bad. I like that it's more of an official name. It'll give random consumers an idea of what it does from just it's name unlike "Arc".

fox023144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

As from this moment Sony fanboys can no longer hate on anyone for copying anything, ever. First the Sixaxis, then the trophies... now they're blatantly ripping off the Wii? come on.

"Sports champion" LMAO. What's next, Wario? Oh wait, that's been done already, but I'm sure they'll find something.

BattleAxe3144d ago

The PS Move is hot! Much better tech than Natal. Would I rather play Socom4 with the PS Move, or a game with balls flying at me with Natal?............My choice is clear........SOCOM4 FTW!!

W-k3144d ago

i am blown away,this was really good!! i cant wait now!!! socom with
ps move was impressive and that fighting game MAN i cant wait!!! gaming will never be the same and the best thing is if i want my six axis i can if i want to use move i can,no need to worry about using one or the other and that's awesome!,well done Sony,well done.

CrazzyMan3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

But nothing special so far.

If we can get Red Steel 1,2 with PS Move, then i`m happy. Maybe some other Wii games in HD too.

PS Move a bit stupid name, like for PSP Go.

Anyway, people laughed from Wii back then, but now, it`s best selling console this gen.
We shall see, what can PS3 Move("Wii HD") show to us.
IF people want motion controls on PS3, they will get them.

Also, i don`t think, that Move is VERY important to Sony. It`s just a plan of it only does everything. Still, if there are about half a million people in Europe, which already bought Eye Pet, i think Sony will be doing fine with this new add-on.
Prepare for a lot of Wii ports and multiplatform games.))

Christopher3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

The only lag I could tell on the small screen was when he performed certain special moves (head hitting and the such), which may be intentional or something, I'm not sure.

But, you can't come here with a straight face and try to compare one instance of lag when you see that there is a completely lag free TPS right after and none of the other games had any lag whatsoever.

This is interesting to see how they've implemented the technology, but I'm just not sold on it. It definitely is very precise and has very little latency between movement and result.

Edit: I do have to admit, and please no laughter, but I was very much into the table tennis. We don't have space for one in the house and I played it a ton as a kid. But, I'm not going to buy that just for table tennis.

Also, I don't really like Move, but the name of the 'expanded' controller was even worse. They need to think of a new name for the expanded controller than whatever the heck they were throwing out there.

INehalemEXI3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

that glowing ball in the dark is actually pimp sh1t. I got to get this and Socom 4.

this just in from sony.... "all ur casual r belong to us."

Jinxstar3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

@ Fox02....

Really dude... I dont think anything in the games industry is 100% original man... I belive PS as a brand take other ideas and make them better. I could do the same thing for MS Ready

"Avatars are Mii's how unoriginal"

"Natal is a rip off of PS eye for the PS2"

... It is all the same crap it's about which is the best end game product for me the Hardcore gamer... in the end for me it's the system that does everything

Bluray, Free online, Precise motion(Not interested in motion but if I were it would be move), Epic GOW3, Fantastic exclusives, Wifi, Hard drive standard, Rechargable controller standard.... Everything I want... you can talk all you want about cross game chat making the 360 superior but thats just something I would never use... Other then that the 360 has a few exclusives that... Dont stand up to the PS3 bro... It's no wonder you have no bubs. time to make a new account eh?

You can prefer whatever you like but dont troll PS3 threads. Like whatever you want bro and prefer halo if you choose over anything else... just realize almost nothing is original anymore it's all evolution and no revolution...

jack_burt0n3144d ago

tretton is a frigging legend

"I am coming to say hello cos you guys the hardcore pay my wages and i dont forget that"

Only wish the marketing team was as cool as him the technology is happening but in terms of making it look cool or hyping it they fail lol fighting game looked pretty good and the table tennis accuracy is perfect but they need some japanese stuff going on like survival horror and ape escape but the show was not aimed at "hardcore" it was family time.

The Maxx3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

You are absolutely right. Don't listen to the SDF in here. I watched it and yes there was lag.

YOU are out of your mind. "Sony has just shown multiple applications of working game with absolutely minimal "lag" which looked more like he did the thing too fast."

when Natal was shown with the guy break dancing the SDF was all over it, including a site that looked at it frame by frame, and the guy dancing in front of Natal was moving a hell of a lot faster than that guy doing the punching moves with Sony's Move.

IHateYouFanboys3144d ago


Killzone 2 has 200ms of input lag with the dualshock, so if Move has that much.....

ive already got a PSEye, and living in australia im not looking forward to the pricing of this. a US$60 game is AU$100, so a US$100 Move pack will be pushing AU$200. unless they sell the Move + Sub-Controller for less than $100 i will not be buying it. Same with Natal - unless its around $100 or less im not interested.

Hellsvacancy3144d ago

Arc sounded dumb, Playstation Move though? i quite like, still not interested in it though its up 2 Sony 2 persuade me in that department

van-essa3144d ago

Do people really truly think Wii owners are going to buy a $300 console and then spend another $100 so that they can play the exact same games that came out on their current system 3+ years ago? Really? I genuinely can't tell if people are reciting bullet points or actually believe it will happen.

INehalemEXI3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Motion Fighter (working title) is win ....that is all.

Immortal Kaim3144d ago

Thanks for the pics Noctis. As always, Sony has an awesome design team, the thing looks damn stylish. I just can't help but think, this has to be the most blatant rip-off I have ever seen in the videogame industry. It is so damn close to the Wii's basic design that it just seems...I don't know... tactless.

Of course we can't really have these discussions on N4G, because anything even remotely 'not praising' Sony is out of bounds, but I'm sure other PS3 owners feel the same? It is kind of funny to see all the fanboys praising motion controls now, especially after the last 3 years of hating on the Wii...

jack_burt0n3144d ago


Alot of people will look at $80 is less than a wii if they already have a ps3, and people will look at the bundle and think which system will give them HD movies, GT5 and party games for the kids and fitness games for the wife.

Makes sense to me.

JaredH3144d ago

At first the under $100 price tag for the bundle sounded good since I don't have a PS Eye but to get the full experience I have to buy that, a single controller(coop) and two second attachment things so it'll cost me like $170 roughly or maybe even more. I'll wait till they release the actual price as I'd rather buy this than a wii. I also want to see hardcore games specifically designed just for this(deadspace extraction HD?) not just the option of using it like Socom.

Jinxstar3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

They said less than 1 frame of lag... 1/60th of a second... That's nothing... Also every demo they had on stage was either a. A working title or b. Pre alpha and they all looked fantastic to me... I don't see what people are complaining about lag for. The proof is in the demos. Price may prove a tough sell but wii owners may trade up especially if they want a blu ray player and such. Or for those that 3d appeals too. It won't sell gang busters but I think t will have a good audience

solidjun53144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

He's tries to be clever about it.

RememberThe3573144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

It's not "tact-less" if they were working on the tech way before any mention of the Wii (or even the Revolution, for that matter). What has be more excited about this than I was for the Wii is that they are selling it not as a "motion controller" but as a "new controller". I'm not completely sold on it either but I don't see it as a rip-off at all, just as I can't legitimately call Natal a rip-off.

There was bound to be a change in the way we control our games and some one had to do it first. The Wii started it off and now Microsoft and Sony are going to prefect it. The fact that they are coming out with hardcore games right next to casual games shows that they want everyone to be able to use this device. If they can get the hardcore games down, I would have no problem buying this.

Jinxstar: They're going to selling it the same way they sell everything else. It will start out at a higher price to make it seem desirable and elite then they'll lower the price after working all the kinks out. Same thing they did with the PS3.

-Alpha3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Was worried Sony was starting to market this towards "teh cazuals!" but the tech seems to work great with games.

$100 or less is good news
Games seem solid, though I'm not too fond of the casual demonstrations
Third party devs seem to be on board though I don't trust many of them to make proper games-- I'm expecting shovelware from some guys but thank God for Sony's First Party Studios.

@FlameBait God

The point people like Blaze was trying to make was that people were ragging on Natal lag despite being pre-alpha and when Move lag is pointed out people are pulling out the "jealousy" card. It works both ways. The point is, we should just wait till the products completely release. I am not hearing anything about lag anyway and GDC seemed to by smooth sailings for Sony, but yeah, let's just be a little patient before starting Motion Wars. People are already making wild accusations and trying to condescend the opposition. It's silly.

Also, OMG they showed Socom 4!(?) Am I the only one excited to see gameplay? I'm playing MAG and loving it but I've wanted Socom 4 for a while now. I can't wait for E3, Arc (I don't want to call it Move) keeps moving ahead every time I see it. We saw the games but now I want to see the capabilities with the Eye Toy (User Identification, social networking, and of course, more games).

FlameBaitGod3144d ago

jinx the fanboys and the people who try to act like if their not fanboys are the ones complaining about lag lol. I think some here haven't seen the natal video of the balls LOL, thats true lag. The video will be available to see again in g4tv so the people can point out where they say those amazing LAGS.

StanSmith3144d ago

I remember seeing this excitement a little while ago when the eyetoy was announced. Remember how Sony told us that it would change the way we game and look how eyetoy turned out.......

Sony and Microsoft are not going to capture the success of the wii. The shovelware will arrive on both consoles and once both are released, I'll give it 6 months before everyone no longer gives a crap about either of them.

Immortal Kaim3144d ago

Oh please, not the usual spiel 'they were working on it before 'X' company', because we all know that's bs...It is clearly a response to the Wii's success, anyone can see that. I think most people are going to see this as a clear copy-cat move, will it hurt Sony's image as innovator in the industry, who knows?

I just don't see how all this hate for motion controls has suddenly dissipated now that Sony has unveiled their motion control, if you're (as in people) are going to hate on something with fanboy vitriol, at least be consistent...

ThatCanadianGuy3144d ago

"That was arguably the worst conference of all time.

PS3 fan here"

Not really, you must of been one of the many hyping it up nonstop for the last week.Thinking they were going to announce dozens of new games or something..

It's GDC not E3..
I kept my expectations low, and i'm quite content with what i seen.
Certainly better than last year's anyways.

solidjun53144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

"It is kind of funny to see all the fanboys praising motion controls now, especially after the last 3 years of hating on the Wii..."

I'm still not down. Regardless who it's from. I think the concept is cool. Don't get me wrong, but whether it's Natal or 'Move', it's kind of a wait and see for me. I have a wii and even I was surprised at it's success. It has great games that uses the motion very well and it'll continue to do so. I'm sure it'll be the same for Natal and 'Move.'

If it's pulled off nicely, then it shall be a great christmas and beyond.

But I'll honest with you. I wasn't hyping this up. The price is reasonable and that's cool but it'll take more than that to come after my restricted wallet. I want to see some more games and demonstrations. Particularly from Sony's first party studios (ND, Santa Monica, etc..)

N4BmpS3144d ago

That wasn't a lag the move just didn't register. Learn your terms people, I would also like to know what the point of that video was but I doubt I'll get a competent response.

callahan093144d ago

I noticed this comment from a different source (

"Note: DUALSHOCK 3 and SIXAXIS wireless controller can be used in place of the sub controller for all games that are compatible with the sub controller"

That's good! When I was watching the RE5 demonstration at TGS with the Dualshock 3 being used in place of the "subcontroller" (as it's been called now) I thought it looked good enough, and I went ahead and practiced using the dualshock 3 with 1 hand in that manner, and it also felt good enough to me.

I'd rather just do that then spend extra money on the subcontroller, at least at first. The good thing is that for games requiring that functionality, you don't HAVE to buy a subcontroller. Which is nice.

RememberThe3573144d ago

I've never been personally against motion controllers. I've been against how Nintendo has handled it but pushing shovelware and not taking advantage of their massively talented first-party.

No one outside fanboys are going to care that Sony and Microsoft are trying to mock Nintendo's success. And how is it that I can't bring up the valid point that Sony was working on this before Nintendo's Revolution was even announced? There is no doubt that with the massive success that is the Wii, the motion controller was put on the fast track. But they aren't "copying" Nintendo. This in not a pointer, or glorified guncon.

If I'm getting exited for this it is because Sony is showing me games that I actually want to play. Nintendo never really did that so I never got excited for it. Like I said, I'm not completely sold on it yet, but I'm not as against it as I was.

IHateYouFanboys3144d ago

@Immortal Kaim:

thats the sony fanboy way - hate on everything that your console doesnt have UNTIL it gets it, then blindly say that same thing is the best thing since sliced bread and how sony are so revolutionary for getting it.

it happens with everything the PS3 gets 'after the fact':

- Bioshock and other previously 360 exclusive games: when it was a 360 exclusive, it wasnt worth getting. it was rubbish, boring, bad graphics, and a 5/10 game. then it gets announced for PS3, and all of a sudden its a AAA game, best graphics around, must-have, and could only be done on the PS3 somehow.

- Trophies: PS3 owners dont want achievements. theyre pointless, not fun, add nothing to games, and just make people play games not in the way they were intended just so they can get trophies. then Trophies get announced for PS3, and suddenly theyre a game-changer. best thing to happen to video games since the ability to save games, and we apparently have Sony to thank for inventing such a wonderful thing. Games are now so much better because of trophies, and if a game doesnt have them its not worth playing.

- Motion Control: PS3 owners dont want stupid gimmicky remote controls for motion control. The PS3 is a HARDCORE GAMERS console! casual games are rubbish and for kids, and motion control is so stupid that it will never take off. the 70 million + (or however many wiis there are) wii owners are all idiots. Motion Control is a fad that will never take off, and will die out soon. Then the PS3 gets motion controllers announced. Motion control is so awesome now, its the future of gaming! being able to swing around a controller like a bat is so HARDCORE GAMER now, and pointing at the screen to select things is just awesome. Sony really are re-inventing video games as we know it, bringing motion control to us in a way we've NEVER EVER EVER seen, through the use of 2 single hand controllers used to waggle around.

- In-game XMB: PS3 owners dont want to be able to send messages to friends while playing games, cause theyre too HARDCORE! they dont want to be able to look whos online, or listen to music, or do anything other than play the game thats in their PS3. Then the PS3 gets in-game XMB. WOW!!! Sony are so awesome for letting us message people and check our friends lists while in a game!!! how did they do it? its revolutionary, a break-through! all of a sudden we all want to message everyone while we're playing and check our friends list to see what people are playing.

- Custom Soundtracks: PS3 owners dont want to listen to music while playing games. they just put their stereo on if they want to listen to musice. why would we want our own favourite tunes to replace the in-game music? thats stupid, we want to listen to the developer-chosen beautifully crafted, professional chosen, emotionally moving soundtrack, or have no music while playing multiplayer. Then the PS3 gets custom soundtracks (albeit in a very limited way in only a select few games). WTFOMG this is so awesome!! i can listen to MY OWN MUSIC while playing Killzone 2 online! thanks sony, youre really innovating now! no longer do i have to sit there with no music on, or listen to the god awful generic electric guitar rock soundtrack in most games today!!!

its just the fanboy mentality, and its especially prevalent in sony fanboys - hate something you dont have, say you dont want it, then love it when you get it and say you said it was good all along.

Greywulf3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Video of a break dan.. Who gives a damn? 1 video.. of a breakdancer? Versus Oh I dont know, any video you can pull up right now with Natal showing its lag? How about video of the thing being demo'd with a basic BALL HITTING Demo and there being lag during the entire thing? You guys are so invested into natal its pathetic. THe dev stated its not 1:1, they also said its 30fps, and won't include any processor outside of it just being a camera which takes 10-15% of the Unreal engines power to run on the 360. You wanna try to ball up and spout some nonsense at me, bring something solid. Not "BUH A BREAKDANCER VIDEO" How about "BAM THERE IT IS!" Nothing shown of Natal has been 1:1 Because it can't.

Wheres the lag while playing Ping pong, or archery, little big planet, socom or the gladiator fight?
Oh yeah no where. Go take your bag of "buhs" somewhere else. You're done outside of just rattling off at the keyboard to save face.

And some other chump "I HATE FANBOYS"

WHy are you talking about Killzone2? I always see you talking about Killzone2's Lag. Are you this obtuse, or do you not get that Motion Controls (K E Y W O R D) MOTION require 1:1 response time? Because YOU are the control. Not an input into a control, thats inside of a game universe. Its like you're all excited to point out a FPS game, without motion controls, has an input lag? Which was minuscule and doesn't affect gameplay since the engine is designed around it. Its clearly your ace in the hole... a AAA title, with input lag shows that MOVE isn't 1:1 @ 60fps? -- Or that NATAL will work fine as a ( M O T I O N ) controller with input lag? LoL.. you believe this right?

Unlike NATAL, which is 100% lag, since the developers themselves said its not 1:1. Why are we arguing this? You're flat wrong. Period. Natal can't do 1:1, or 60fps. These are facts. It can't react as fast as your body can, which all NATAL demo's have shown.


2. STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE HD MOVIES & Games( You can purchase on PSN)
5. 3D gaming
6. Final Fantasy - Who needs this we have mass effect2
7. Metal Gear - Who needs this, we have splinter cell!
8. NATAL - 360 am only 4 hardcure.

Get out of here. Your arguments are the Day 1 systemwars arguments from 5 years ago. Just the fanboys care about that stuff, not the people buying more PS3's during holiday seasons than 360's.

Not 1 single Sony rep has said Motion controls are the future of gaming. But thats because Sony didn't blow its wad early in the game and have nothing else to look forward to but swatting at balls on a screen... Unlike...

Unlike NATAL & Peter Monelux..who have already claimed Natal will change your life..

your arguments are garbage. Next time don't trip all over them on the way to the debate.

Sony actually put thought into Move, which is why they can show it off in a variety of games.

Bam, there it is.

IHateYouFanboys3144d ago

lol wtf greywulf?

i didnt make any 'arguments' about system wars or natal or ANYTHING like that? all i was doing was pointing out the hypocricy of PS3 fanboys.

when you use a camera to recognise movement there is ALWAYS lag. the picture has to get taken, sent through to the PS3, then put up on the screen. it is physically impossible to have it not have any lag - all you have to do is look at the eyetoy to see this.

where you WONT have lag is when the camera is NOT being used to track the motion, but instead the motion tracking is being done by the actual Move hardware using the sensors in it. that is just relayed straight to the PS3 via bluetooth, the same way that a normal controller does it. which brings me to my comment about Killzone 2.....

Killzone 2 uses the standard controller but features MORE lag than Natal does in videos/demos we've seen. so you saying - and i quote:

"Or hell.. pickup a DS3 and see the lag, since its the same technology. You guys are so lost this gen. "

is completely incorrect, since using that same technology CAN result in very noticable lag, ie Killzone 2 and its 200ms of lag.

now i suggest that before you go on another little fanboy rant about things that i didnt even say, like you just did, you ask your mum to sit down and read the other posts with you, so she can explain what people are actually saying. your comprehension skills appear to equal those of a piece of 2 week old moldy bread.

i was ONLY talking about fanboys and how hypocritical they are. NOTHING ELSE.

MiloGarret3143d ago

It looks like a dildo, you all know it's true. It's also a shameless ripoff. It's also crap. If you buy this, then you are sto-pid.

At least natal tries something new, this is just disgusting.

insomnium3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Are you really THAT stupid?

This is the first time we are actually close to 1:1 motion controls. Ps2, x360 and wii doesn't have it. PS3 does. WITHOUT 1:1 EVERY SINGLE MOTION CONTROLLING IS S*IT!!!!caps lock off.

Tell me are you still trying to tell me you don't get me and tell me I'm a hypocrite or something?


Sorry buddy but greywolf owned you no way around it. You can cherry pick comments from thousands of fanboys and pretend every PS3 fan thinks exactly the same all you want. With this motion controller we once again have facts on our side.

There's virtually NO LAG. That makes ALL the difference. LAG is sh*t. That's one of the reasons why we love PSN more than XBL. Dedicated servers = no LAG and no host advantage. You guys really are lost.

Good job greywolf. I cannot understand why your bubbles are down. I always try to bubble you up but there's only so much one man can do on this site when he is legit and not using multiple accounts.

@Milo Garret

Oh man. That is just priceless.

SkyGamer3143d ago

I personally liked the "Arc" name better. It sounds like it has more flair and pizzaz. Move just seems bland. Should have stuck with PS Arc.

vhero3143d ago

playstation move sounds a LOT better

The Maxx3143d ago


You defend Sony's Move by saying it's pre-alpha but then turn around and COMPLETELY IGNORE that NATAL was also Pre-Alpha.

It's unbelievable your hypocrisy and total bias towards Sony.

insomnium3143d ago

Do you think that Natal and Wiimote and Move are on the same level when we are speaking of lag?

To all the earlier disagreers if you disagree without a comment you agree with me.

Darklord_Blade3143d ago

Oh oh here come the fan-boys lol. Now before anyone starts flaming me let it be known that i own all 3 Consoles, 4 if you include the PC so I'm not choosing sides here but i think its funny when the Xbox 360 announced the Natal and it was shown PS3 fans said it was a rip-off of the PS-Eye. Now we see the "Move" and those same fans are fine with it even though it seems to be a rip-off of the wii-mote. I think that all 3 motion controllers will succeed or rather i hope they will all succeed no need for all this, the more they succeed the better for us gamers.

Oner3143d ago

The amount of shear misinformation is staggering in here!

"Lag" ~ BS
"Wii Copy" ~ BS
"Natal Innovative & New" ~ BS

Sony/PlayStation has done what Natal is doing now with the EyeToy LAST GEN with the PS2 over 8 years ago.

And my absolute favorite

The PlayStation Move/Eye & EyeToy does/did what EVERYBODY else is doing NOW. Deny it, lie about it & avoid it all you want...but it won't change the FACT that SONY innovated it from the get go! Your misinformed and biased BS is clear to all who have the tools and information to prove you wrong EVERY time.

N4g_null3143d ago

Once the casuals see this it's over. It's like reebok trying to make a Nike like product. The price is going to get pretty bad and the price of the games are not appealing to them and where is their balance board? When will Zelda and Mario 5 come out for it? Oh they won't? You guys fail to see why people like the wii.

Sony runs the risk of looking like a higher priced rip off in hd. Sure Sony fans like it yet this may attualty end this gen if they can not make this work.

They also risk ruining the games of the hardcore. Yet if motion control is an option only waggled will replace button presses. What is even sadder is the resort has already been shown to the casuals and the hardcore and so far it does every thing the MOVE does.

They really need to fix the nun chuck and put a gyro in it or it will just get even more over priced and actually limit or even split the market into people who have two moves and people that do not.

Something tells me they should delay this till next gen. Just like what nintendo did with the wii. I would love to have a ps3 with more ram and power. I hope it works for them yet good luck in converting all that motion gaming and the non hardcore focus along with the idea you are not slowly turning your back on your fans.

This is going to be interesting since there is no lag in motion plus at all now.

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-Alpha3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

But Arc sounds so much better. Sony needed a thesaurus, out of all the names they used the most generic, obvious one. I mean, I'm sure everybody thought "Sony Motion" or "Sony Move" but I can't believe they actually went with it. Arc sounded fantastic IMO, and to hell with it, that's what I'll call it! Whatever, it's just a name, I'm hyped with the product though it looks fantastic.


You are likely correct, but it's a name, and I think your not giving the casuals credit. I mean, what the hell is a Wii? They loved that though. I think Move is just way too generic. Arc sounded clever. SIXAXIS is the most clever name since PLAYSTATION for Sony IMO. Move is just an everyday word. But whatever, I don't think people will stop calling it Wand or Arc. And in the end it's just a name, so long as the games roll in I'm all happy.

RememberThe3573144d ago

"Arc" fits well with gamers, but might seem a little too strong for the more casual crowd. IMO