Torchlight Heading to Consoles, Max Schaefer Confirms writes: "In a brief interview with The Rumble Pack, Torchlight CEO Max Schaefer has confirmed a very juicy detail concerning their recently released action RPG, Torchlight (which we were quoted on the retail box, btw). Now I don't want to go raising any hopes or anything, but in the interview Max has basically confirmed that Torchlight will be coming to consoles in the future. I believe his exact words were: "We are definitely moving in that direction."

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tdrules3773d ago

this is excellent to hear.
to the console owners who haven't played this before, YOU MUST!!
I dont know how the gameplay will work, but yeah.
tl;dr, if youre a console owner BUY THIS GAME.
if youre a PC owner, WHY DONT YOU OWN IT YET.
that is all

Snoogins3773d ago

Probably controls just like Diablo on the PlayStation. Or they could use the analog to point and click on the screen, or use motion. I'd say the PS3 version could easily have mouse support.

jack_burt0n3773d ago

no thanks i want a new champions of norrath not diablo lite.