God Of War III's review by gamekyo

God Of War III is the new reference in term of actions and graphic. Taking Uncharted 2's throne

"Perfection is not of this world? So it does not exist? Qu'est ce que c'est ? What is this? I know and this philosophical subject has clearly no place in a game like this where finesse has no meaning here. What is certain is that the specification of quality as has been fully respected. It is exceptionally well managed and offers a visual spectacle simply incredible. The script is neither too long nor too complicated or too simple or too pushed to exaggeration, there is a balance, a stable and clear enough not to forget the whole background of 'staged orchestral. Team Santa Monica is proposing to take part in an interactive adventure full of surprises and whose experience will long remain etched in your memory player. From beginning to end, action is panting, not letting you breathe too rarely and is not that what we love. You have a PS3? Here is a compulsory basis. Vous ne l'avez pas encore acheté ? You have not yet bought? Make it!"

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