Natal specific EA Sports Active title to be announced at E3?

Many sites are reporting today's announcement of EA Sports Active 2.0, specifically picking up on the fact that the Xbox 360 platform was conspiciously absent despite the game's release on the PS3. Some have speculated this is a "snub" to Natal or that EA are having trouble with the tech. Having already confirmed to investors that two EA Sports Active products will launch this fall, we think this is wide of the mark and this news merely paves the way for a specific Natal title to be shown at E3.

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saint_john_paul_ii3769d ago

it makes sense to see it during E3 for NATAL.

JoelR3769d ago

seems very possible that they are developing a Active for Natal.
EA is very busy in many fields - if it is being developed it would be in EA Vancouver.

GiantEnemyCrab3769d ago

I said this in the original post that went up about.

Moore said they have plans for Natal and Active.

But if EA want to snub the 360 on this please feel free. Actually, please do snub the 360 and spare us.