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"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #6, Nick covers this week's latest news including the announcement of a new PS3 exclusive and events including the recent God of War III footage. Nick also provides his impressions on MLB 10: The Show and talks about gamers wanting an opposing console to fail. Lastly, he discusses what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120043776d ago

Anyone who hopes a console or game fails, might as well hope the gaming industry will fail.

wazzim3774d ago

We wouldn't have awesome games coming out (Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain) if there wouldn't be any hardcore competition for Sony/Microsoft, they fight each other with good games, so we, the gamers should want more companies in the industry.

Christopher_Walken3774d ago

Games that are made poorly should fail.

-Alpha3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Many games that were considered poor went on to get better. Look at the jump from Killzone 1 to Killzone 2 or GTA 2 to GTA 3. Games shouldn't fail. Ever. Activision is the only gaming-related exception I can think of. They are a cancer.

People fail to realize competition brings about the greatest out of competitors. It's sad that the gaming industry is so divided by 12 year old mentally handicapped morons who want to monopolize the industry. And people wonder why this industry is looked at as a joke. It's no wonder people don't appreciate the industry when our own people can't either.

The latest example is Motion Control. Look at how many people try to hypocritically praise whichever motion control they favor the console war in. People are blind sheep that have such a fragile construction of their console that they can't stand openly criticizing it. A Playstation owner is expected to bash the 360 and praise the PS3 no matter what. A 360 owner is expected to love Halo while bashing Killzone 2. If you go against certain expectations people will think you don't own a console simply because you criticize it too. Talk about insecurity.

Godmars2903774d ago

So what about all of the 360 fanboys who were and still are hoping that the PS3 goes belly up?

I mean, there were literal fan-movies showing Sony closing its doors, never mind all this crap over ApocalyPS3.

Army_of_Darkness3774d ago

But I can't stand those people who give sneaky sucker punches, or kick dirt in your eye's when your not looking, before the fight even begins!!

doG_beLIEfs3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I do not want MS to fail, I don't want them to win either....just continue to be relevant enough so that they keep pouring money into the xbox brand. Which forces Sony to go all out with their brand.

Competition is a good thing, and consumers win. I do wish that MS would stop bashing the competition so much and just focus on their own games and ideas. I would also like MS to stop being so fracking greedy with what they charge for peripherals and accessories not to mention the fact that they do not allow you to use what you want unlike Sony which allows you to do almost whatever you want.

I still will not buy a 360, my PS3 serves my needs for this generation as did the previous 2 Playstations preceding it.

presto7173774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

But I still want whatever I support to own/ win.

So while I don't want MS to fail, I can't say I wish them the best either.

Biggest3774d ago

But Michael Jordan says that failure is good. I trust his word over Nick's word.

N4g_null3774d ago

You know it sounds like you played alot of tee ball growing up. Failure creates the wii, failuare creates the first ps1, failure creates halo after ONI.

Adults need it to learn from their mistakes. To give some one your money with out worrying about them failing is just a tax for what? Failure grounds people, failaure creates a Micheal Jordan.

I don't want people to fail or get laid off but failure to right what is wrong is only karma. NO one respects lazy.

morganfell3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The idea that innovation only occurs in the face of competition is naive and quite frankly absurd. Sony has quite often pushed boundaries and innovated even when the competition quit. Having only the most advanced console survive means developers could finally concentrate on producing titles that are not limited by last generation components.

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killajd3775d ago

The more competition out there the better it is for the gaming industry! So when u knock out a competitor u knock out business that was with them.

LittleBigSackBoy3774d ago

Competition wasn't good for SEGA...

Nick2120043774d ago

Of course it puts pressure on the companies, but the gamers reap the benefits.

GrandTheftZamboni3774d ago

Exactly. Especially when competition is doing beta testing for you.

Godmars2903774d ago

Product management wasn't a good thing for Sega. From all the add-ons for the Genesis and up.

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mastiffchild3774d ago

Well, yeah, but I don't see anything like the desire for the 360 to die off now as we've had with the "PS3 is teh Doomzorz!" for the longest time and where was this guy then?I'm not saying he's wrong as I think it's always healthiest and most exciting with three players spurring each other onwards but do think it's odd that he asnswers a question I never saw anyone really asking and ignored it when a lot of people were REALLY hoping for Sony to drop out.

On the whole though I have to totally agree with his sentiments. MS also get stick for HOW they conduct their busines when it's not their fault they haven't been in as long and don;'t have the flexibility and/or studios Sony has built up over time-I think we'll see them continue with strong third party support(as MS are a software company themselves at their core)but also moving more towards some of the things Sony can manage which results in them taking crowd pleaasing risks and more forward looking decisions.

Whatever, we forget MS don't have the same aims or choices avalable as the other two and their arrival has certainly spurred the industry in new direction and losing a console maker would be bad for us all. He's right-I just don't see why he's saying this now and why he's focussing the way he is when there's been a lot more "Sony to die" articles this generation. Good points, though, whatever I might think of the timing and direction of the piece.

N4g_null3774d ago

Mas the doom people are only stating their opinion based on what they want. Also the early stuff was people trying to warn an arrogant Sony now we are in WTF mode as they simply rip off nintendo and act like this is good enough.

To every one but ps3 owners it is doomed to not be purchased it seems.
Luckly the ps fans aren't going any where.

On the Internet it gets great support but Sony needs you to talk with your wallet. Seriously pats on the back can only go so far unless your just trying to sell stock.

DigitalAnalog3774d ago

Right now it's FFXIII ports and biased review scores.

Did this guy finshed his last Hibernation when the last argument was about "killing" off a console?

-End statement

Nathan Drake23774d ago

x360 has competition and still exclusives look and play like last gen.

BlackKnight3774d ago

With the username Nathan Drake I could have sworn you would be a 360 fanboy.....

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