Link To G4TV Sony GDC Press Conference Stream

As reported earlier, G4TV will be streaming the Sony GDC Press Conference live. To find the stream go to today at 7PM ET.

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St03777d ago

Four & a bit hours to go! can't wait to see what else Sony's got to show other than the "Arc"

FamilyGuy3777d ago

Less than an hour away now.

I plan to watch through their stream, hope it's decent quality.

NYC_Gamer3777d ago

i hope sony bring us alot of new features....

rbluetank3777d ago

i can not wait to see R3,Infamous2 and k3 or more from Sony "bag" of ect...GDC can not get here fast enough....

FamilyGuy3777d ago

I don't really think they'll be many game announcements other than Arc supported/tailored games.

W-k3777d ago

i hope they show off a game to go with these motion controllers,they sound good and i cant wait but i dont want to buy them for nothing!,time cant go by fast enough for this event to start.