Nintendo's Market Cap Hasn't Surpassed Sony's - Yet

Members of the financial press have been tripping over themselves to see who would be the first to chronicle that Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) has surpassed Sony (SNE) in market capitalization to become the 10th largest company in Japan. This imaginary horse race has captured the attention of numerous observers and been blown out of proportion.

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Loudninja4127d ago

This one should not as well

Juevani4127d ago

hahahahaha, and and all those nintenwho?? d*ckers was jump and screamin, hahahahahahahahah..

calderra4127d ago

"the MarketCap of Sony is 6,232,828,159,000 yen or $50.603 billion U.S. (123.17 yen=$1), while the MarketCap of Nintendo is 5,749,240,434,000 yen or $46.677 billion."

Yeah, man! Nintendo is going DOWN!
I mean their value is only 10% less than Sony's!

Back in reality, Nintendo does all of that with only games, while Sony has their games division, movie division, financial division... Nintendo's profit margin is astounding. And if Nintendo keeps up with the NDS and Wii steamrolling like they are now while Sony keeps getting sand-bagged by its games division, the change of hands could be very real.

TriggerHappy4126d ago

Sony's profit will like a bird af ter the event.

PS360WII4127d ago

Please like most big Nintendo fans give a hoot about fiscal/stock reports. They just care about the games. Which both Sony and Nintendo are slacking on.

Least someone made it clear that someone else was wrong. Nothing like a 'told you so' writer eh?

TruthHurts4127d ago

watch the history of the PS, on youtube.

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