Tony Hawk's Proving Ground gets october release

Activision communicated that Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, the sequel to Tony Hawk's Project 8, is going to be released in october 2007 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS.

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VirusE4127d ago

My god, who would have guessed its was coming out exactly 1 year after the last tony hawk game. Please god enough with all the sequels and please neversoft try to bring something new to the table for once!

Syko4127d ago

THPS for the Playstation was almost my favorite game for that system but even with the second one it didn't have anything new or exciting and in fact with each one the level design seems to get farther away from what made the first one great. I will wait for skate.

soundboy4127d ago

Why do they have to bleed every franchise dry? Tony Hawk will be dead and they'll still be releasing sequels uncontrollably.

BoneMagnus4127d ago

and its BC on my 360. I used to be addicted to these games, but now I play pretty rarely, so I at least have a great skating game when I get the urge. Kinda like Madden for me - I don't need a new one every year - just one game in my library for when fall rolls around, and I feel like playing football.