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Agent Smith3774d ago

Didn't realize people still played this thing. It's so last month.

blitz06233774d ago

It's mostly 360 players that still play this game. Hence this map pack comes out on the 360 first.

Greywulf3774d ago

Do the hacks/bugs/glitches work in the new dlc too?

plb3774d ago

^^Mostly 360?? It's the biggest on PSN also. Personally I gave up on this game..I'll be playing perfect dark come next week lol

Chubear3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Once you go MAG you just can't go back. Doing 8v8 just feels like I'm a rat in a box repeating the same thing over and over again. The very least I can manage is 16v16 now and that's even pushing it. 20v20, 30v30, 128v128 - go big or just go home.

Games like MW2 etc only get rentals from me (if I even have time for it which I really can't seem to find) for the campaign parts cause MAG has totally "dominated" my online gaming time for FPS so DLC (timed or otherwise) for this game virtually means nothing to me XD

Skyyo3774d ago

I bought it last month. Regret it.

O and I played it about 10 hours and got really bored...

Aaroncls73774d ago

Pffft, who cares about MW2 anymore.

AAACE53774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

On average I usually see 600,000 to 700,000 people playing daily. The lowest I have seen playing is 200,000 but that's at around 4am.

@themyk 2.2

UC2 isn't that hard online. You just gotta get used to aiming quicker and throwing those grenades whenever you get a chance. Also go for the power weapons like the shotgun, M4 and pick up the extra grenades. The Fal was a waste of time for me and the default AK-47 gets it done if you practice what I said.

UC2 was one of my favorite games on Ps3. But once I beat the story and the number of online players started dipping below 2,000 I got rid of it.

BTW, I also noticed how similar UC2 felt to Gears 2! A fanboy won't believe that, but anyone who has played both know the truth.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3774d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

10 million just on the 360 alone, PS3 can't seem to put up any eyebrow raising numbers like that this gen.

Mr Brownstone743773d ago

"expect some servers to be pushed to breaking point"
how about, "expect many glitches to be found and hacks to be discovered, and many patches to follow when it is released"

now its all about Bad Company 2 (i realize BFBC2 had server issues, but alot of BF games do at launch). i don't care if it is gonna be available for us 360 players first, im gonna be too busy playing BFBC2. but i will probably end up eventually getting it.

Fel083773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

"Didn't realize people still played this thing. It's so last month."

Yep, more than MAG and KZ2 combined.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3773d ago

I really cant see why anyone would play MW2 over BFBC2 or even COD4. I'd have rather they just expanded COD4's MP than make MW2. Everyone I know whos bought BFBC2 thinks it kills MW2.

BattleAxe3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I've already moved on to BF:BC2. Although, I hope they fix the lag on the servers.

SuperStrokey11233773d ago

I play MW2 over BFBC2 because i didnt find BC2 much fun. WHich is odd cause i loved all the battlefield games. Just not my game i guess.

badz1493773d ago

last month? I think you meant last year! or 2007? :)

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lloyd_wonder3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Been playing Uncharted 2 multiplayer a lot more recently. Now, the kind of improvements and effort put into that game is what I want to see in MW2.

Bea Arthur3774d ago

I'm hoping by improvements you are not referring to update 1.05 where they totally butchered the game. I think they have 1.06 now (that I haven't downloaded) that adjusted some of the issues that 1.05 brought but that game was fine the way it was before the health was adjusted. Now anyone who can hold a controller can get a kill and it's ruined the game for me.

themyk3774d ago

i consider myself a pretty good gamer. i've been doing it for 25 years. anyways i loved uncharted. beat it on crushing, part one and two. and i got online with part two and it put me off how hard it was to kill someone. i know i know go for headshots. i try. but it shouldn't take a full clip into someones chest to get that kill.

i stopped playing cause it felt like gears. i wanted it to be a bit more realistic.

even call of duty mw2 has a pretty good 3rd person online

both of those had a more realistic feel for killing someone online.

u2 just took way to many shots to put someone down.


Bea Arthur3774d ago

themyk...but the game wasn't designed to be like MW2 where you go down almost immediately. For me it wasn't that hard to kill people and besides that was the way the game was designed. If they had wanted it to be easier or "more realistic" then they should have designed it that way instead of releasing it and then patching it 6 months later and totally changing the way the game plays. I'm sure there are plenty that like the new health system but for people like me that have been with the game since the beta they have ruined it.

themyk3773d ago

i get what your saying. i do.

oh yea and i like how you put ( " " ) around more realistic like it's some kind of joke or something. it only takes about 3 or 4 bullets to kill somebody "in real life" lol. i'm not hating i'm just saying.

and if they changed the game it's because enough people asked them to do it. they don't do stuff like this just to piss everybody off.

i wouldn't know. i didn't even know they changed the health cause i haven't played it. cause i wanted it to be "more realistic"

so maybe i should give it a shot and enjoy it like the majority of the rest of the people that wanted a "more realistic" feel. lol

by the way i like your comments. ur not being tracked by me or anything but you usually post pretty quality posts

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ImmortalLegend3774d ago

From the rumored photos of the new maps I saw Crash and Overgrown which were a couple of my favorites on COD4. That's got me wanting to purchase the content.

SuperStrokey11233773d ago

You want to pay for something you have already bought?

SOAD3773d ago

The same way KZ2 owners paid for DLC map packs that were remakes of Killzone 1 maps.

RockmanII73773d ago

Let the man spend his money how he wants to. You have no right to think that you can tell him whats a good purchase and whats a bad one unless he asks for advice.

Fishy Fingers3774d ago

Save the money, put it towards Bad Company 2.

Bea Arthur3774d ago

Agreed. I gave up on MW2 back in December.

rawd3774d ago

Xbox, Queen of the time-exclusive DLC

ExposingLames3774d ago

LOL yep, pay all that money just to have content the opposition gets anyways in a few months

hope they really put out the cash for it cuz now, unlike a 360 owner, i have plenty of games to play and coming soon and i will have no need for MW2, its ran into the ground FPS genre or DLC so peace out

and even tho i have GoW GT5 and everything else coming up HURRY UP WITH SOCOM 4!!!!!! been down with socom since s1 baby and its time for a REAL socom game on PS3

knightdarkbox3774d ago

you sound like butthurt sony fanboy..

mw2 pack in 360 because this:

1. more players online ( psn is small install base)

2. more copies sold in 360 ( 10 m in 360, 6m in ps3)

suc* this ps3 fanboys.

mrv3213774d ago

6 million possiple DLC copies is still high :P believe it or not.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3774d ago

Sony must be broke this gen after they spent it all last gen going against Sega.

knightdarkbox3773d ago

"6 million possiple DLC copies is still high :P believe it or not."

you fail in your statement..

the base install of psn is small and not buy dlc.

10 m of copies sold in 360= around 8.0 m dlc sold

ps3= 6.0 m 1.5 m sold dlc... :)

kevinx10003773d ago

let me quote yourself:
"in a few months"

rucky3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Microsoft buys timed dlcs while Sony uses money to acquire studios and fund first party games. Yeah go ahead and keep giving MS your money.

mcnablejr3773d ago

droids get so wound up.. i dont even care abouttimed exclusive things.. no matter how annoying it must be for them.. when we are bored of it they have seen it all.

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