Sony active 3D shutter glasses priced

Sony just unveiled the "active" 3D glasses they will launch to view 3D programs on their 3D Ful HDTVs.

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zeeshan3147d ago

I just don't see everyone rushing to get a 3D TV. I mean heck there are millions of people without HDTV let alone 3D TV. I know 3D gaming on PS3 Is going to be like mind blowing freggin' awesome but the price is going to be fu***g steeeeeeeepppppppppp man!!!

Alcon Caper3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

I posted about this in this article that was never approved:

$130.00 for a pair of 3D-glasses. Are you kidding? If I want to have friends over, we have to buy $130.00 3D glasses to watch a movie?

"Hey man, let's check out that new TV you got. I'll tell the guys."

"Hang'll cost over $1,050.00 for all 8 of us to watch a movie in 3D... is that cool?"


nbsmatambo3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

This whole deal is cheaper than what samsung is charging....

Samsung ---> 3k+ for 3D TV's, and $150 for the glasses

iMad3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Yeah..Sonys 3D solution is not cheap..i will get Samsung 3d tvs and will get all 360 games in 3d without glasses. sony failed again in my opinion.

yeah, hear it clearly. samsungs 3d tvs can give you 3d games without glasses. make some google research and don't let sony fool you again.

that is an examples:

"That was because it was the television doing all the work, not some specialized build of Gears of War 2 retrofitted to spit out 3D stereoscopic visuals. The Samsung HDTV on display could take any game from any console or any video source and simulate a 3D visual. And you know, it actually kind of worked. At least it did in Gears of War 2."

Raz3145d ago

I think I'll stick with regular HD a bit longer, seeing as how its such a recent technology and all. Somehow I don't see people forking out thousands more just to have the 3DHD experience.

Rhythmattic3145d ago

I own a 50" Plasma that has no 3D support, So for all those lucky people out there that haven't spent money on a Full HD screen yet, thats your reward.

Are all you people Serious ??

An extra few bucks to watch Blu-Ray movies in 3D, in your sitting chair, listening to surround in the optimal position ??

You watch it with friends , just watch it 2D, Full HD style..... Nothings changed. Gotta love the capacity of Blu.

For all the nay-sayers, Your cheap or cant afford it. Either way, you cant tell me it aint a experience !

And no, I cant afford the upgrade to 3D, but one day , IT WILL BE MINE....... Ha ha ha ha ahaaaa ha... cough cough...

Milky Joe3145d ago

So how does that work, iMad?

BenCrazy4243145d ago

I'm going to wait till they make an HD3D tv that doesn't require glasses to use.

Camper3145d ago


FragGen3145d ago

@ $130 per viewer, poor off angle viewing, and requirement to replace my $2000 TV with a $3000 TV, this whole idea reeks of fail. Have any of you guys been to a 3D movie in the past year? It's not that big a deal.

inveni03144d ago

Stop complaining about price. EVERYTHING new that's electronic starts expensive. That's just the way it works. The end result is that EVERYONE adopts it. Color TV used to be really expensive. CD players, really expensive. DVD players, really expensive (in fact, as recently as 3 years ago, my inlaws still didn't have a dvd player...we actually had to give them one for them to catch up...and you could buy them for $30). BluRay? REALLY EXPENSIVE. HDTV? REALLY EXPENSIVE. But people owned HDTVs even before they owned BluRay.

People will buy 3D tech. It won't fail. I know it won't fail because it sells out in the movie theaters. Why would anyone pay 2x the price to watch a movie in the theater in 3D when the price of a movie is already ridiculous, and they make you sit through 20 minutes of commercials? They pay it because they like it.

That's why people bought HDTV. That's why people bought surround sound. Does everyone have it? No. But the prices have come down to where everyone CAN have it, if they want it. I only know one person in my family that DOESN'T have an HDTV, and that's the inlaws that just got a dvd player a few years ago.

I bought my first DVD player in 2000, along with "Gone in 60 Seconds" on DVD. It cost me $130. It was the cheapest one Walmart had. I bought my first HDTV in 2008. It was $1700. It was the cheapest 1080p Walmart had. I bought my PS3 at launch. It was $600.

Recently, I purchased a PS3 for $300. I purchased a 1080p HDTV for $550. That's right. I got a PS3 and HDTV for almost half of what the same TV would have cost me just 3 years ago.

So quit whining about price. If you don't have the money to buy one, then wait a few years. What you fail to realize is that the guys who can afford 6 pairs of $200 3D glasses will buy them because it's a drop in the hat and they want the best. They're the same guys that had GPS in their car back when it was only available in a Jaguar. Now, everyone with a Ford Focus has GPS. I have it on my $99 iPhone...the same iPhone people had been paying $499 for.

This is the way it works. Get used to it.

Nicaragua3144d ago

Nice post man, bubbles to you for having common sense.

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Fishy Fingers3147d ago

Probably better of going with a 3rd party if your looking for out and out value for money. Not exactly the most stylish things either are they, lucky you dont have to wear them outside of the house anyway.

mrv3213147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

they don't look bad.

Bu...bu... Glasses suck. Seriously that's everyones biggest compalint the fact you have to wear glasses which is a god awful excuse.

My mistake, that's pretty expencive.

Fishy Fingers3147d ago

"The glasses will be the Sony TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 which should be sold around $130 each. To synchronize with your 3D screen, they will need an IR Emitter, sold for $55"

$55 for the transmitter, not the glasses.

Fishy Fingers3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Yep pretty pricey, like I've said in the gamer zone, 3rd party are usually the way to go with such things.

xaviertooth3147d ago

3D gaming led by the ever innovative numero uno gaming titan sony.

this is real next-gen. they were right all along. next gen starts when they said so.

while 360 battles ps2.

Pandamobile3147d ago

Actually, there've been a lot of 3d gaming movements in the last couple years. Sony is far from first.

iz3d, Nvidia, both beat Sony to the punch by a couple of years.

cyborg69713145d ago

What I think he's saying panda is that Sony is pushing it on console and movie viewing. Now everyone whose been here awhile knows your a pc gamer so don't go and get your panties in a crunch. We all know pc has been doing it for awhile.

Nitrowolf23147d ago

wow i did not expect so much for glasses

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