Bayonetta: A Tighter Action Game than God Of War 3?

Gameguru "The controls are so tight and have been beautifully meshed with the overall mechanics of the game that one feels deprived of the chaos when not interacting with the game. God of War 3 might have an epic scale to it with jaw dropping graphics. But one cannot help imagine that this chaos actually feels subverted to the stylized experiences that one comes across in Bayonetta."

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Parapraxis3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Maybe if you are a die-hard DMC fan, other than that GOW has always played better.
Many reviews have said GOW III sets a new standard for game pacing, this was NEVER mentioned in Bayonetta reviews, instead the focus was on the fact that young boys could play an action game with a milf as the main character...a really revolutionary idea...heh.

Nike3968d ago

Not to nitpick or anything (I have in fact played more God of War in my life than Bayonetta) but could you point to me one review that truly has the audacity to state "the focus" to be on "the fact that young boys could play an action game with a milf as the main character"? Such a site deserves to be discredited above all else, and as far as gaming journalism is going these days, I can comfortably say I haven't read such a review yet.

281219863968d ago

I think its the development perpective...DMC/Bayonetta heavy stylized Japanese influences versus GOW muscle bound action...

Mr_Bun3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

"God of War 3 might have an epic scale to it with jaw dropping graphics..." That should have ended the authors blog right there.

The main argument this author makes is that GoWIII is "too repetitive". Seems like a moot point when comparing, what is virtually, the 5th installment of DMC.

Nike3968d ago

Greek mythology, especially God of War's telling of it, appealed to me far more than Bayonetta or even DMC. However, it's been stated before and recently restated by Stig Asmussen, director of God of War 3, that DMC was a source of inspiration for them (and explains how Dante's Inferno does the same, using God of War as it's base).

"The Capcom, Devil May Cry games kind of do their own thing and they have their own language and it's fantastic as I said we've learnt a lot from it inspiring us right from the original game"


sonarus3968d ago

GOW to me never really had the best gameplay mechanics. But regardless GOW series to me stands above all these games because it has far better story, felling of epicness i can enjoy from it. Things like music, scale, platforming and the way the puzzles and levels are excellently designed make GOW far better to me than the gaidens, bayonettas and the DMCs.

Not to say these games aren't great (because i have played them all and enjoyed them) but just don't really have anything on GOW.

raztad3968d ago

Bayonetta is as tighter as any DMC game could be. I love DMC style games but GoW3 blows Bayonetta out of the water, totally different leagues. One game got everything and the other combos. I pick the one with everything. Keep consoling yourself with "bubut but Bayo is teh tighterz"

JokesOnYou3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Bayonetta looks average and the story is all over the place, but the gameplay is handsdown awesome, I like it better than Ninja Gaiden series which I have always thought had the best action gameplay. Bayonetta has lighting fast and the most fluid combat I've seen in a action game thus far....I'll be picking up GoW3 soon so I'll decide for myself where it stands compared to Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, etc, no doubt it will easily look better than Bayonetta, either way in my opinion you're really missing out on a helluva game if you haven't played both.


sikbeta3968d ago

Bayonetta: A Tighter Action Game than God Of War 3 cuz of the Bayonetta Dance

You Choose:

lets dance with bayonetta, YEAH!!!


Lets Play this:

HighDefinition3968d ago

Just cause you fight doesn`t mean their even close to the same types of games.

But hey you wanta pick one for some wierd reason, The GOW series is more impressive in every way IMO, from FEEL which is the biggest one IMO, scale, combat to story.

DOMination3968d ago

God of War is just a generic hack n slash with lame quick time events tacked on. Bayonetta on 360 at least, is fresh and awe inspiring.

presto7173968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The reviewers just had to jump on the fact the xbox version was better so they blew it out of proportion.

I mean for xbox only people, they can believe that Bayonetta is the best action game of all time. We PS3 gamers know better. Kratos will have Bayonetta making him a ham sandwich in no time

But people with the dead box wouldn't know that now would they?

AKNAA3968d ago

hmmm.. I wonder what the average score for GOW3 would be if it was on the 360??? would the media even metion bayonetta still? lol, I doubt it.

Method3968d ago

Poor Bayonetta couldn't even hold the crown for 3 months! God of Action games coming 3/16

thief3968d ago

They miss the point don’t they?

Its widely accepted that the combat engine in GoW is not as good as DMC or Ninja Gaiden. But that’s not what makes it great – its like saying GTA shooting andd driving mechanics are inferior.

What makes GoW special is the combination of great story, characters and the setting.

What would you prefer:
A forgettable chick dancing around generic enemies for some reason you couldn’t care less about
An epic tale of vengeance involving the gods themselves, which kicks off with the most nasty, badass protagonist of all time facing off with a monstrous water monster on a titan, which means you are practically fighting on a moving, heaving and monstrously large platform with the best graphics ever seen in a video game

3968d ago
MmaFanQc3968d ago

bayonetta was ...ok and it was clearly overhyped.

i finished the game by always using the same 5 combos and quickly lost interest in the game after beating it two times.


i wouldnt give give bayonetta more than 8/10

TheTwelve3968d ago

Bayonetta has got a tighter ass than Kratos and that's about it.


gta28003968d ago

I don't care how "tighter" it is. The game has been out for a while now and I haven't heard anyone make a peep of it. GOW3 on the other hand, will be one for the ages. Say what you want, GOW is a memorable franchise with a epic story, epic scale battles, Kratos alone is epic as epic can be. Bayonetta couldn't be epic even if it flew up her azz. Just face it. GOW3 will be one of the top games this gen no matter how you try to spin it. Bayonetta wont even make it in a top 20 for this gen. Now deal with it.

WildArmed3968d ago

I'mma die-hard DMC fan, and i could not play Bayonetta at all. It was just... not my type?

I own all DMC and played them each of them on nearly all difficulty. Including DMC4 (which was very good imo)
I only own GoW1.. which was great. But imo, it is as good as DMC.. not better.. (i love the styles in DMC too much like trickster etc etc)

But GoW3 may tip the tide?
I'll have to play DMC4 and GoW3 back to back to see who comes out on top

raztad3968d ago


DMC3 was the best for me. To play as a swordmaster, gun master or dodging master was absolutely crazy and the story was devilish. I enjoyed DMC3 a lot. The camera was a pain in the azz but it didnt ruin the fun. I would be really happy if at least Capcom bring DMC3 remastered to the HD consoles.

Biggest3968d ago

DOMination got a lot of disagrees, which he should. But half of his statement is almost correct. On the Microsoft consoles, Bayonetta is slightly fresh and new.

LIVE_FR0M_NY3968d ago

Tight controls are not worth spit when the storyline is 100% retarted... I tried playing bayonetta, and it was so mind-blowingly stupid, that i was actually embarassed when my brothers were watching me play it.

The actual gameplay was OKAY, i don't understand what makes people go so crazy over this? it is no better than any other action game, it seems people only like it because they have to. its like they gotta keep telling their self "this is better then God of war" because they will never get a franchise as good as God of war on 360.

DatNJDom813968d ago

I was waiting for the bayonetta is better than God Of War 3 argument.

etebitan3968d ago

a game that u can pass pressing just one button is better than GOW 3.. LOL

ThanatosDMC3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

This is stupid since DMC/Bayonetta are in a completely different genre compared to GOW3.

DMC is fast paced action and meant to have high difficulty and you are meant to die. GOW is hack and slash with puzzles and platforming. Bayonetta is a DMC wannabee whore.

Sitdown3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

"Maybe if you are a die-hard DMC fan, other than that GOW has always played better. "

That statement is irrelevant, this article is about Bayonetta and GOW 3...not DMC and previous entries in the GOW series.

"Many reviews have said GOW III sets a new standard for game pacing, this was NEVER mentioned in Bayonetta reviews"

This statement is irrelevant, this article is about "tighter action", not pacing of the action.

"instead the focus was on the fact that young boys could play an action game with a milf as the main character...a really revolutionary idea...heh."

Being in agreement with Nike, please post no less than 5 sources that
have made this argument...and please make sure they are not recent articles/reviews.

Now, with all that said....the action was just fine for me in the first two titles, and I expect it to be just as fine for the third come on Amazon, and break the street date for me.

gaffyh3968d ago

Anyone comparing these two games is an idiot. Simple as that. Bayonetta is NOTHING like God of War, and God of War is NOTHING like Bayonetta.

If you're going to compare games, compare Bayonetta with DMC (extremely similar games), and God of War with Dante's Inferno (complete clone). Otherwise STFU, because you probably haven't played all the games.

Guy1693968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Funny that. Your comment should be reported for disinformation really.

"The result is a game that exemplifies so much of what commentators claim has died in the Japanese game industry. A blast of creative brilliance, both technically accomplished, strategically deep and infused with rare imagination, Bayonetta represents the pinnacle of its chosen niche. "

"a beautiful and graceful fighting game that lets imagination loose, and winks before slapping Dante, Kratos and every other hero back to the drawing board".

I could go on.

And by the way, these two games are COMPLETELY different, you can't really compare them.

mastiffchild3967d ago

Ho hum.Bayonetta's a good game but, imo, doesn't even qualify as a new IP and had it been from anyone else other than the media darlings of Kamiya and Platinum we'd have seen a few eyebrows raised at someone trying to pass off their earlier work with merely the addition of a little more madness, some breasts and a tiny head as a new IP. I'm a big fan of Kamiya, Platinum AND DMC which, imo, is possibly why I liked Bayonetta so much but even I can't agree with the author here and for many reasons, too many to list even.

Mainly though, he seems to make out that GOW has more repetitive combat and the only way you can say that is by looking at the innumerable combos on offer with DMC/Bayo compared to the sleeker GOW controls on offer. However, the hard facts are if there are 200 combos in Bayo you'l;l only use five, or at the outside six or seven, with any regularity within the game as as soon as they get to a certain length of chained button presses they become hard to use in many areas and even harder to remember with accuracy for the vast majority of even experienced H/S gamers like myself(it's the only genre where I feel I have a decent skill level and never get why people have to say they're "mashers" when playing that way takes the fun out of them and means you might win, sometimes, but are fighting the design and look daft trying it at harder settings-but that's another issue entirely).Anyway, my point is you only end up using a similar number of attacks and the controls on GOW atre, imo, tighter than either DMC/Bayo or DI-plus the less is more approach actually makes you use the right tool for the right job as switching out the blades for the barbarian hammer in GOW2 actually changed the whole feel of your usual combos anyway.

Fair enough, the guy likes Bayonetta better than GOW-that's his right. However, he tries to pass a few things off as fact and argues a game that's more of a spin off or later DMC series entry than it's own game(seriously, how backwards looking is Bayonetta when you think of all the self references and old game references it has?)is somehow a more complete H/S title than GOW, I just don't see that at all and, even now, prefer playing GOW2 to Bayonetta-and, as I've said Bayonetta's great fun, funny and because it's identical in many ways to DMC it's a game I could also relate to right away but it's not a great game in it's own right and could have been a lot further removed from Kamiya's previous efforts if it wanted to be seen that way, imo.

No, for me Kratos is still the king and Bayonetta was a good game that relied too much on it's blood relation to Dante and Co to break out from the shadows cast by Kamiya's earlier genius. So, in short I just don't see what he's saying as actual truth for you when playing either game as I doubt many people use all the combo options in Bayonetta and rarely use them intentionally that often either-I quite often had felt I'd put the right chain in for whatever and got a totally unexpected end result-however fulfilling and exotic it might have looked for me!

For me the tools, though simpler, in GOW allow you enough leeway to fight in a lot of styles and fit your magic/different weapons(ranged attacks and close up alternatives to your blades etc)to areas full of smaller, bigger or a mix of enemies and is also a lot better suited to clear strategising for boss battles. It's a simple and elegant system that's worked from day one and if it hadn't it would have been altered a lot more over the course of four(nc CoO)truly great outings. When Bayonetta's found her own ID, come out from
Dante's shadow a LOT more and had three successful games behind her pert assets we can talk but as of now the number of options are too confusing for nearly anyone to use fuilly and hence most of us end up using the relatively few we get comfy with and adapt them into a range that's actually a little more similar to what GOW offers anyway.

Well, sorry about the length of the post I'm not thinking clearly but really think this guy just wanted to pick at GOW and stretched a very debatable point a little too far just to do it.

Guy1693967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

mastiffchild - "Bayonetta's a good game but, imo, doesn't even qualify as a new IP and had it been from anyone else other than the media darlings of Kamiya and Platinum we'd have seen a few eyebrows raised at someone trying to pass off their earlier work with merely the addition of a little more madness, some breasts and a tiny head as a new IP."

Sorry, but in what way can this be deemed plausible? GoW is the same 2005 game, with updated graphics. Besides I can as well say it is a Rygar rip-off..

Bayonetta is actually what Kamiya wanted DMC2 to be. It is a proper "DMC next". It in no way is a "DMC clone" or "copy" or anything like that.

Also, I don't actually want to argue about gaming preferences.. but someone not being able to master the game completely isn't the reason to downplay it's combat. That's like saying I skip everything story related, so GoW plot is on par with DMC.

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eagle213968d ago

Bayonetta needs to go fix Kratos a nice steak dinner and Dante can pour the king a tall cold drink. :)

Rockox3968d ago

eagle21 needs new material! :)

eagle213968d ago

and you need a PS3... :)

Rockox3968d ago

Preachin' to the choir, my friend.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3968d ago

According to reviews Bayonetta is a better action game.

eagle213968d ago

are you THAT delusional? C'mon man, don't tell me you haven't went and looked at things you 360 lovers crave like a metacritic score since GOW3 reviews have released. You still think Bayonetta is high as the award winning Uncharted 2 on meta?....LMAO

It only took a few weeks for Bayonetta to get knocked the cuff down on metacritic, same will be for the 360 version of FFXIII. :)

God Of War III is a GOTY nominee, bayonetta is NOT!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3968d ago

"God Of War III is a GOTY nominee" By who?

Biggest3968d ago

Jason 360 is a moron that will defend the Xbox360 to the grave. But if you base your enjoyment of a game on the review of the game, Bayonetta is better. Jason360 may be one of the 7 people alive that actually do that.

Parapraxis3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Ahh, now I understand your name Jason360.
Ignored by: 312 users
And sooner than later you'll be ignored by 360 people.
I guess that this is your goal?
Being a sad troll until you reach that landmark number.
Congrats? you are well on your way kiddo.

"eagle21 - God Of War III is a GOTY nominee"
It means, young Jason, that GOWIII is GOTY calibre game. Yet, i suppose that's too hard for you to comprehend. You are far too busy living in la-la land.

etebitan3968d ago

considering im having more fun playing GOW collection over the fun i had playing bayoneta, id say the collection could be nominated to GOTY instead of bayoneta..

TheBand1t3968d ago

According to reviews, God of War III is a better action game.

I mean, if you wanna use reviews as a basis of quality, Jason.

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Julie3968d ago

Ok now the GoWIII is "Teh Dommedz" childish "gaming" journalism start. Same as any PS3 game: Heavy Rain "Teh Doomedz" , Uncharted2 "Teh Doomedz" MGS4 "teh Doomedz", and PS3 "teh Doomedz".

It was annoying long time ago now the bias is so obvious that is not even funny ... i see these "teh doomedz" childish articles and can't help but to think that these "journalists" are too juvenile or too young for not to say another thing. Meh...

Anorexorcist3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I had hope that it was just some pathetic fad from certain gaming media channels and idiots with blog capabilities who did it to get some sh*ts and giggles, but even since August 2009 when the PS3 really started ralling for position against the Xbox 360 in such a strong way (I believe the strongest yet), the not-so-optimistic approach to everything PS3 is just as prevalent as it was in 2007 and 2008.

Sarevok3968d ago

I like gow3's combat more. However you also have to rule in witch character is more likeable.

I.e I cant stand Bayonetta.

Kratos is the #1 badass in my book.

Pennywise3968d ago

How stupid and desperate for hits can you get?

Only thing tighter about Bayonetta is her leather/hair getup.

Bea Arthur3968d ago

ha, and Bayonetta wasn't even that great of an action game. Finished it and immediately traded it in, there was no reason to go back for a second go around.

Nike3968d ago

God of War 3 has the graphical muscle but hey, let's face it: Bayonetta was never meant to replace it. Ditto for Darksiders. It was only meant to fill the void. And if it served that purpose long enough to stave off waiting for GoW 3, then props to Platinum Games.

Mr_Bun3968d ago

We're not talking about Platinum Games...We're talking about all the biased "journalists" who feel the need to comfort the 360 fanboys by down playing GoWIII

Nike3968d ago

I'm pretty sure they're just shoving rhetoric down their throats, then. Most 360 gamers either like their Gears or Halo. These journalists are comforting a non-existent breed in that case.

Pennywise3968d ago

Bea, you are way more hardcore than me. I got to chapter 8 and took it back. I forced myself to get that far.

presto7173968d ago

Just had to delete it....

That sh*t was just too messed up.

Bea Arthur3968d ago

Pennywise...I'm not that hardcore because I debated taking it back a few times before I finished it. It didn't help that a story that made very little sense in the beginning made no sense by the end. It's annoying because as you get to the end you think it's over but then more crap comes at you. I was literally sitting there thinking, would you just end already.

Pennywise3968d ago

Hahaha.... "would you just end already" started at chapter 4 for me.

The story was not even close to intriguing to try to figure it out. That horrible song still haunts me. The finish screens might work for FF, but it killed the flow in action for me.

Bea Arthur3968d ago

Pennywise...hilarious, the story intrigued me because I was constantly trying to figure it the F' out. I was intrigued to see if it was ever going to make any sort of sense.

Guy1693968d ago

It was never meant to "fill the void". That's like comparing Half Life with Fallout3, because they both have first person camera. It is a completely different game.

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