German Call to Ban Guns And Violent Games Blocked

Lukas, Negative Gamer's German correspondent, writes:

"The parliament of the German state Baden-Württemberg has released a set of recommendations on how to prevent killing sprees in the future. Most of the 100 points are reasonable, like the plan to employ more teachers and psychologists. Others are a bit much, like the recommendation to install a signal similar to the fire alarm that tells the students to clear the school or stay in the classroom.

And of course this wouldn't be Germany if there weren't any jabs at videogames in there. The left wing opposition called for a ban of private ownership of high calibre firearms and video games that have been classified as dangerous. (I wonder why they didn't say Killergames?) So once again, guns and videogames get put on the same level."

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verygoodyear3773d ago

Videogames; this century's rock 'n' roll.

JustSkylarkin3773d ago

..Stop picking on the poor gamers!