GDC 2010: True Crime Reboot

Amidst the brilliant glare of the Hong Kong cityscape, undercover detective Wei Shan joins a group of Triad mobsters to assault a rival gang, revealing a first look at Activision's upcoming True Crime. This scene would feel at home amongst the work of such film directors as John Woo, Sammo Hung, and Martin Scorsese, and rightfully so. Executive produce Stephen Van Der Mescht drew inspiration from 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, itself inspiration for the Oscar award winning film The Departed. The reason is clear. True Crime is more than a sequel to 2005's True Crime: New York. It is a complete re-imagining of the franchise.

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Ziriux3774d ago

It looks to be a lot better than the previous ones, I just hope it has a good amount of variety and does it's combat right, if they say it's like Arkham Asylums's I hope it's done well.

FamilyGuy3774d ago

It should "look better", it is in HD now after all.

I wonder if it's really exclusive to 360, there's a lot of True Crime fans from the PS2 days that might only have a PS3. (I liked the games but was never a fan and preferred GTA)

Blaze9293774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

wow I didn't even notice this was an Xbox 360 exclusive. Ironic because it's being made by the same developers making ModNation Racers exclusively on PS3. I guess a trade off for a trade off or their PS3 team is just busy with ModNation Racers.

Weird...timed exclusive at best. And NO, Microsoft did not pay for this game before people start throwing that out there.


ok so IGN fails. Says exclusively on Xbox 360 on the xbox page but then exclusively on PS3 on the PS3 page. dumbasses

So FamilyGuy where'd you hear this was exclusive? Or just saying that because this is in the 360 channel only?

FamilyGuy3774d ago

Oh sorry, yeah that was it and i thought I read it in the description but I guess not. I could swear i read it say "announced for the 360" somewhere (like a timed exclusive or like it a PS3 version had not been confirmed yet) but im not finding that now. :/

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RedDeadLB3774d ago

I still remember the rooftop fight from the first True Crime.. That was so hard I never finished it..

Ziriux3774d ago

You have not missed much, it wasn't a stand out series, sure it was somewhat open world, but it had limitations in gameplay and what you could do, I hope this one has a somewhat GTA open world feel.

Ziriux3774d ago

Have you played any of the previously played ones.

Cinotix3774d ago

The True Crime in my opinion is a poor wanna be of GTA, but does a terrible job with the open world aspect.

Ziriux3774d ago

How did you get around to that, I'm pretty sure their not trying to be anything like GTA.

Blaze9293774d ago

he's clearly never played True Crime to be even bringing up GTA...

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The story is too old to be commented.