Vooks: Red Steel 2 - Hands On Impressions

Vooks writes: "We've gone hands on with the most near final version of Red Steel 2, and it's damned good.

Red Steel is game that everyone has a differently opinion on. Most people, however, side with 'it was a bit rubbish and rushed,' including Ubisoft themselves. Instead of that getting them down, though, Ubisoft set to work on Red Steel 2, a sequel only by number as this game is a completely different experience. It's the game we all wished the first one was."

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EvilTwin3146d ago

"The first time I played Red Steel 2 I came away impressed but not astounded. This time I was blown away. It was genuinely fun to play and I just wanted to keep going and going with it. The swordplay/gunplay mashup is awesome fun and you’ll find different combos and moves that work better."

Gah, the anticipation for the 23rd is KILLING me.

Shnazzyone3145d ago

It's a damn good year to own a wii.