Valve: Don't Believe The US Press, PC Gaming Is Alive And Well

PC gaming, according to many has been dwindling since consoles started taking over. Take over? What take over? Not when 260 million PCs were shipped in 2007, and only the American market counted as viable by the US press. Valve speaks out.

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gameseveryday3970d ago

we all know that PC gaming is alive, is that Valve is talking abt?

sinncross3970d ago

Yeah so is PS3 gaming Valve... just saying...

-Alpha3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Remember that juicy flamebait "PC Gaming is Dead" video? Apparently we need to upgrade every year to get the best out of PC games and console gaming is just so much more trendier.

And yeah, so is the PS3, Valve, give us your games!


True, but I still want their games. They are great developers and it sucks that I am missing out on their games. Hopefully I can get a PC by the end of the month to play PC games. I don't mind that they don't want to work on the PS3 but I consider it a pretty big loss.

joydestroy3970d ago

welp, i'm just getting into PC gaming. the mod support keeps it alive i think. plus games look better. just sayin'

tdrules3970d ago

you need to sort that record out, it's been on repeat for the past 4 years.
this is not an article about PS3, kindly GTFO

pangitkqb3970d ago

I mostly love Valve for what they do for PC gaming. Steam - the FREE, PC equivalent of Xbox Live, but with more full games - has been fantastic for the platform. Yes, I have a 360 as well.

AKNAA3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

okay, I definitely was not aware that people actually thought the ps1/ps2 could be on par with the pc back then. their games were good, but not that good...

But as far as the PS4 goes, i still believe that it will be on par with pc games. just look at uncharted 2 & GOW3 right now! I have yet to see a game like that on a pc. Now how about naming a few games on pc that can compete with these games gameplay wise as well as visually & technically so i can check them out.

Isn't it funny that pc gamers have to pay and constantly update their pc's in order to get the best quality out of each game, while console gamers just enjoy their games, while the software quality automatically improves as every year goes by?! well, 7 more years to go...

edit: oh sh1t! I posted in the wrong spot!

Motion3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

"Isn't it funny that pc gamers have to pay and constantly update their pc's in order to get the best quality out of each game"

Its people like you...

This is one of the most uninformed opinions about pc gaming out there. You build your initial rig, then maybe every few years have to update the video card if you want to run things at max settings. If you're fine not running things at state-of-the-art quality, and are fine with it looking just a little better than consoles, you can just leave it be. Console tech out dates at the same rate as pc tech. As far as paying constantly for pc, it's no more of a money sink then buying each console generation.

Perjoss3969d ago

In one way you can compare PC gaming to gaming on the Wii, the Wii is aimed mostly at casual gamers so people that want to play games from the biggest publishers tend to prefer the 360 or ps3.

The bigger publishers and devs have also moved away from developing on the PC as the main platform, Pc gamers still get ports but there is also massive amounts of games released on the PC from devs that you may never have heard of.

Dev8 ing3969d ago

Don't forget that steam has dedicated servers unlike the P2P live garbage. Valve games don't need to be played on high end computers. I tried L4D 2 with my onboard graphics from a 2 year old mobo and it played fine and in looked better than most console games.

mastiffchild3969d ago

@motion. I agree with your assertions about people thinking you HAVE to upgrade everything at great expense all the time being so wrong about PC gaming. It's true-I upgraded for Crysis but haven't really done anything, or needed to since and a fairly average, everyday quadcore, out of the box PC will run PC games at a better/equal lick to what PS360 can mange by and large anyway.

Equally, however, PC gamers can misunderstand console gamers too. I'd say an element of PC fanboys actually make this worse(and wind up console only gamers into the bargain just as console fanboys wind up PC gamers)by being very elitist and paying no heed to why people might choose to game on a console-it's easy, convenient, your PC has other jobs to do(mine is always tied up with family doing research, homework and what have you from important stuff like the banking to bloody MSN and Facebook!)and most can't afford a gaming rig AND another PC for other stuff. also some wouldn't know how(and don't have time to learn) to build their own rig and paying for a boutique built or custom made gaming rig IS expensive and has parts that are outdated when you buy the damn things-it's a tricky business if you aren't quite heavily tech savvy and a lot of people don't have the time or inclination to learn how to be confident enough to maintain a decent gaming PC-and don't start me on gaming laptops and how much they cost! Also I can't have my rig in the rooms where we have a TV because of that causing distractions when the kids/myself or wife are working on it or me upsetting them when watching TV with typing noises so I can't hook mine up to a big screen HDTV and sit comfy on the sofa to use my PC and many are in similar situations. There's other reasons(mates being one them, controller preference(loads of people hate controlling a character with keys you know, being used to a certain make of console as well as loving some exclusives on a certain platform which goes double for Sony and Nintendo who don't make games for PC by and large)someone might game on console rather than PC even though they know PC, at the high end, looks better, has more options in game and through mods etc, etc. Just because they agree to pay more for games at a lower(but, honestly, still great looking these days)resolution/lower pixel count doesn't mean they're idiots that like being conned but just that a console is the BEST route and easiest route for THEM.

I'm lucky enough to have the best of both worlds but understand the attractions and drawbacks of both console and PC gaming whereas some people on either side seem to delight in trying to drive a wedge between these two parts of the gaming community.Frankly, we'd all be better off sticking together and being able to stick up for each other and this goes double, naturally, for those fanboys specific to a damn corporation. I'm not having a go at your good self here but just think it deserves saying that a lot of the misinformation sticks because some people have their noses put out of joint because of fanboys from the other POV making console gamers out to be idiots.

It's a two way street, is all I'm saying, and there are perfectly acceptable and reasonable factors meaning either form of gaming could be best for you in whatever circumstances. Maybe, if we'd all been on the same page console gamers would have done the right thing and stood with PC gamers over the taking of their dedicated servers for MW2 and we might ALL have them by now, eh? Unite, my gaming brothers and sisters! Unite and reclaim gaming from the Kotick's of this world-we pay their effin wages why shouldn't we demand better than we get when corners are cut that harm us and the games quality on or offline when it's only to eek out a few more cents from an already mega profitable franchise that, I might add, we'd basically already bought twice the two years prior to 2009!

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ATi_Elite3970d ago

Just look at the RAW numbers. 260 million PC in 2007 with over 250 million PC gamers online. All this with next to zero TV ads.

The PC is beyond anything that console only gamers can comprehend. Consolers only know 4 things Sony Nintendo Microsoft and Halo.

where as a PC gamer fully understands gaming involves so many companies that make BILLIONS yearly from PC gaming. So next time you idiots say PC gaming is dying just ask these publicly traded companies who make billions yearly from PC gaming.

Steam ATi AMD Intel Nvidia Antec OCz Roswell kingston Gigabyte XFX BGF ASus HP Dell Logitech Thermaltake Sapphire and so many more. plus all the silicon factories over in Tawain that are right now furiously trying to pump out as many Direcxt 11 gpu as possible.

Blaster_Master3970d ago

"The PC is beyond anything that console only gamers can comprehend. Consolers only know 4 things Sony Nintendo Microsoft and Halo."

Is that what you pc nerds think? Go ahead, stick tp pirating, playing Mods, and multiplats that are suited for consoles so you stick to gimped pc versions. BTW, the games I play you cant play on PC. Just stick to playing half life and L4D lame guy.

Kurylo3d3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

are u serious. The pc has more games then consoles... and all games that are multiplatform that come to pc.. have more graphics options to add to the game.. higher resolutions.. better frame rates... and u can still play with a 360 controller or any kind of pc controller if u want that...

Hell batman arkum asylum on pc looked WAY better then any console version... espeacially when it added nvidia physx stuff.

Besides the fact that multiplayer online is way better then the pc.. i mean what real argument do u have? that u have 3 or 4 good games that arent on pc.... when pc has almost every game at 10 percent of the cost. lol.. Right now u can buy 3 hitman games for 7 dollars on steam... thats pretty sick... i got assassins creed for 5 dollars... ghost busters for 5 dollars... mirrors edge.. 10 dollars... and they all look better then the console version!!! not to mention.. pcs have more technologically advanced games.... and power for that matter.

hoops3970d ago

You do know that 95% of multiplat games on the PC look, run and perform better then the console version? And they are cheaper by up to $15-$20 at that. When a console can run more then 10% of its games at 1080p with REAL FSAAx4 at 60+fps, with REAL HDR and not this fake stuff its doing because of limited hardware, calling a PC gimped is laughable at best.
Gimped are consoles that rub only at 720p or less with no AA. That sums up most of the games on the PS3 and Xbox360. lET THE DISAGREES COMMENCE

mcgrawgamer3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )


to generalize all pc gamers as pirates is just as bad as ps3 gamers being generalized that they don't buy games i.e it's stupid. I would chalk it up to you being a kid but your online all during the day so I have to assume your a grown @$$ man. I enjoy gaming on the pc more than I do on consoles but that doesn't take anything away from console gaming. My only gripe are the people who want the platform to die because they don't like or don't know anything about it.

Edit - I assume by your disagree you lack either the testicular fortitude or general comprehension to discuss this subject maturely; possibly a combination of both.

toaster3970d ago

Seriously, PC games have had HD what, like 7 years ago? PC games have been running at 60+ frames for a while now, and console gamers get excited when their game can run 30FPS.

Montrealien3970d ago

Did I just read someone, comenting on a videogame web site, calling out PC gamers as PC nerds?

*takes a deep breath*

PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahAHH A....*pause* gwahahahHAaHAH!

raztad3970d ago

I for one agree with Valve. Dont believe what the US media tells you.


So PC owners are teh coolerz because they have more companies to worship? Being very simplistic I would say PC realm reduces to worship Ati (AMD) and NVIDIA (Intel). I find amusing how people with a beast ATI 4870 or a Nvidia 260 are just dreaming on the new upgrade to invest another $400.

AKNAA3970d ago

I don't know about you all, but I have 2 pc's & 2 laptops at home and non of them are for gaming... out of 90 people and friends I know that have pc's, there's like only 3 who actually play pc games, while everyone else either has a wii, ps3 or 360.

Montrealien3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

no raztad, its not about being cooler, its about playing games and not jumping on the stupid PC vs console debate, its a dead horse that has been beat millions of times.

PC gaming is alive and well, so is console gaming for that matter. Why any intelligent gamer would care to diss the PC gaming community in the name of the console gaming to me is as retarded as praising one console and wishing for the other to fall. Its just plain stupid.

@arknaa who said..

(I don't know... pc gaming might really die out by next gen, when the PS4 becomes on par with the pc.)

people where saying that before the PS1 came out, before the PS2, and even before the PS3. So you are just claiming the same thing many have claimed in the last four generations, and they have always been wrong.

Lich1203970d ago


Im not entirely disputing your point... but thats a pretty big generalization. I am a PC gamer and a console gamer. The biggest problem with your point is the belief that people who play games on the PC needlessly through out money to afford their serious addiction. For one, an ATI 4870 is the card I have, which I purchased a year and a half ago for 270 dollars. Games still look way better on it than any console game Ive played.

Also, the other point to bring up is that PC's are used for a hell of a lot more than just playing games. So while I build my PCs with games in mind, its also lovely to have a computer that runs extremely fast in other regards. Having 8 gigs of RAM is wonderful for video editing, and digital artwork. So Im not just paying the money for games, Im paying the money for something that I use for nearly half my waking hours.

tdrules3970d ago

oh come on if you're gonna produce a valid argument get your facts right at least.
and who do you know who pays 400 dollars everytime there's a new generation of cards (which usually happens every couple of years).
are you just spewing consistent stereotyping again, it's like the whole PS3HAZNOGAEMS and RROD thing, no one actually takes them seriously.

iamgoatman3970d ago


"when the PS4 becomes on par with the pc."

You mean when the PS4 releases it will be on par with TODAYS tech. As soon as the next wave of consoles are out, PC hardware will already be far beyond, it's just the way it goes.

dredgewalker3970d ago

I do not understand this console vs pc games anymore. I have fun with both so i don't understand what's the problem?

raztad3970d ago


Dont get me wrong. I'm a PC gamer myself, or perhaps a casual PC gamer. I have a steam account with several games installed in my computer. I love me some xbox exclusives on my laptop.

However lets be realistic a very important factor that drives the PC market is the continuous upgrading of video cards. The latest and most powerful is always sold out regardless the price.

My comment was some sort of replay to Krayzie. I didnt mean every PC owner behaves the same, that would be a too gross generalization being a PC gamer myself. Sorry if I misworded it.

Blaster_Master3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I didnt disagree. Sheesh. Again, you guys just proved my point. Your bragging about multiplats. I dont even play multiplats, and the ones that I do play are phenomenal on consoles such as FF13. Sure you guys got starcraft, Total War, and Crysis. I dont care about those games besides total war, and even it isn't as good as Total War 2. You guys brag about graphics, the thing about you pc gamers is thats all you care about. You dont care about how fun games are. You wouldn't even know a fun game if it slapped you aside your head and called you mama.

ATi_Elite3969d ago

@ Blaster Master

this article is just flame bait so I'm going to end it.

PC gamers may not know a fun game but we sure do know quality games. When your serious about gaming and it becomes a hobby versus a 5 minute break in your life then you will graduate to PC gaming.

Consoles are cool no PC gamer will disagree but PC gamers know that the best gaming experience is on the PC where you have freedom to tailor fit your game and experience how you want to play bottom line.

PS master blaster try running ARMA II ACE Mod 2 on your console. matter of fact go to youtube and drool over what your console only dreams of doing.

ARMA 2 = PC gamer
MW2 = console gamer

RagTagBnd4453969d ago

Fun Pc exclusives i have played:
Arma II
World Of Warcraft
Warcraf 3
Rome: Total War
Medieval 2: Total War
Eve Online
Sins Of A Solar Empire
Lord Of The Rings Online
Star Wars: Empire At War
The Witcher
Dawn Of War II
Dawn Of War I
Age Of Empires 2
Age Of Empires 3
Trackmania United
Mount And Blade
Counter Strike: Source
Battlefield 2
Guild Wars

Multiplatforms who are only good on PC that i have played:
Supreme Commander
Team Fortress 2
TES: Morrowind
Dragon Age: Origins
LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth 1+2

Multiplatforms who got better graphics on PC and gameplay is equal, i have played:
Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed 2
Modern Warfare 2
BF: Bad Company 2
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Jade Empire

Want more ?

Sarcasm3969d ago

You guys sure are taking this to a whole new level.

It's games people... games...

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sid4gamerfreak3970d ago

this is NOT suprising. Of course, PC gaming will not die, who in their right mind would say something like pc gaming is dying. Oh right, jealous console fanboys...

Snak33970d ago

PC Gaming is for nerds.

RagTagBnd4453970d ago

And you are not a nerd when you go visit a site about video games? BTW nerds are not a bad thing !!!

TheBand1t3970d ago

Uh. Video gaming, as a hobby, is (well, used to be) primarily a 'nerd' or 'geek' thing.

toaster3970d ago

And what, console gaming is for people who don't like to optimize their games, play in anything over 1080p, use a less accurate input method (controllers), play with little to no AA, pay more money for games, have only 1 display at a time, pay for DLC, get infrequent game updates, and use outdated and old hardware?

Lou Ferrigno3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

yo back off man,Nerds are awesome imo .. great taste in music,games (more or less),movies (more or less) and their funny as hell and fun to be around despite looking "less" then "average" according to the boring people out there that take life to seriously.

im a nerd and not afraid to admit it,yes even to the ladies.
im not ashamed of who i am or what i do.
and NO gaming on the PC is by FAAAAAAR not dead and Consoles go the same for them too.

imo Valve is a great company but i think they can do well and be fully optimized if they relize the potential they and the ps3 have in common and could do.

HOWEVER,i think bieng a geek might be taking it too far imo but like i said never be ashamed man,we are the badazz fun and limitless of awesomness of todays society.
FVCK a 9-5 job,Fvck reality (cant really lol),and FVCK taking life so seriously..
its all about the games,the PC and the limitless imagination.
something nerds are great at :)

Pandamobile3969d ago

Console games are for children.

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Biggest3970d ago

So all of those PCs were shipped to gamers and not people that think the ultimate game is Bejeweled 2? I'm not saying anything is dead. But what the hell kind of stat is that to throw out?

mcgrawgamer3970d ago

of course it's all subjective, but one would have to assume from a pc developer standpoint anyone who buys a pc is a potential customer right? Especially considering the fact that most pc's today are coming equipped with dual and quad core cpu's in addition to pretty stable gpu's

The same theory could apply to the ps3 at launch. Look at how many ps3's were sold solely for bluray, but one would have to assume those guys who bought the ps3 for a primary bluray player have picked up a game or two since their purchase and i'm sure sony is okay with that. they just want to get the platform in homes. Same goes for pc devs get a pc in the home and half the battle is won.

Biggest3970d ago

I'd say the percentage of people buying a PC for normal, non-gaming use is a lot higher than PS3 purchases for BluRay only. But what you say is totally true. Any PC sold is a potential customer.