First in-game video from Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Today, the first video surfaces that shows the first in-game shots of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. The trailer has numerous scenes where you can see how the game looks in-game. The movie is obviously taken from the next-gen versions (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). Click the link below to take a look at the newly released trailer.

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InMyOpinion4125d ago

Looks just like the last one, I'm going with Skate.

gaffyh4125d ago

I still think Tony Hawk's will do better than Skate just because it is an established franchise and EA has a habit of making sports games suck (sometimes)

donscrillinger4125d ago

this game is tight very tight .ill buy that for an buck.

Waffle-boy4125d ago

That is pretty uninteresting! I just want to skate, and i want it to look good, i dont want to "define who i am". Argh!

SKATE for the win.