Dear Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo...

What follows are three letters from an imaginary gamer (actually he lurks in most of our hearts) to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft asking them for things that we really deserve to know the answers to, a few suggestions, and some general observations on their behavior of late.

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ArchChef5402d ago

That was retarded.

Why do most gamers feel these companies owe them something? It's like if I got indignant that I drank coke every day and they wouldn't give me the secret recipe.

CAPS LOCK5402d ago

its like the guy is sccared of them or something, he is trying to reason with them.

Lucidmantra5401d ago

Quite a difference in 50 cents to $1.00 and the $600 Sony wants you to spend. He isn't asking for a secret recipe he is mearly pointing out the thank you and the please understand of the average consumer. Will it work... UNLIKELY. But there is nothing against him posting it and I like the points in the letters.

Islandkiwi5402d ago

Those are three very good letters...I wish we did have answers to those questions. I would add this:

Sony: Could you show us some of the online service please? And how much are your games?

MS: Actually, I'll parrot here. More variety of games, More stuff on Live, ability to preview pics and themes please!

Nintendo: How much and when?

TheMART5401d ago

Sony said they would be somewhere from 69 to 100 Euro's/dollars.

And if you know Sony, probably it would be on the expensive side instead of the cheap one. BetaBluRay discs aren't the cheapest also.

So expect 79 or 89 EUro's/dollars for sure, I hope for you sony fan's it won't be 99...

Lucidmantra5401d ago

you can preview theme and picture packs at go in and look around they are in there. I look there alot to see what they look like.

hotzizzy5402d ago

"I like the idea of customising my Dashboard too, but it sucks that I can't see the theme packs first... or the picture packs... or the... why can't I see these things before I buy them again?"

You can, just go to