Sega comments about Yakuza 4's localization

Sega of America's Aaron Webber comments about what it might take to bring Yakuza 4 to the west.

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sinncross3778d ago

just bring it over to the West next year, thanks

Yi-Long3778d ago

... and the less 'localization', the better. Just add some english subtitles and maybe explain some cultural stuff in the manual or something, and we're good to go.

I won't be buying Yakuza 3 though. Sega decided to cut stuff out, and that's a big non-no for me. They should have just released it uncut.

ThanatosDMC3778d ago

They should keep everything intact and not take out anything. Also, they should properly subtitle it and not make any shortcuts. The voice and wrong subs make it too confusing.

3778d ago
zeeshan3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

And if they ever decide to release it in the West, I hope they won't repeat the mistake they just made with Y3. I hope it sells enough for them but releasing it in March alongside Final Fantasy and GOW3 was just a bad choice! They made the same mistake with Val.Chronicles on PS3 when they launced the game in busy August window back in 2008 (if I remember correctly).

SaiyanFury3778d ago

I'm playing my copy of Yakuza 3 and loving every minute of it. If they bring part 4, I'll be loving every minute of that one as well.

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callahan093778d ago

I promise that if Yakuza 4 comes out in Fall 2010 or earlier in the West, then it will sell better and review better than Yakuza 3. Nobody seems to be taking too kindly to over-a-year-old games that are coming out brand new with 60 dollar price tags anymore. Yakuza 3 isn't as well received in the west as it was inn Japan, and it's not because we just don't appreciate it as much, it's because it's become a bit dated in the past year. Same was true for Yakuza 2, why do you think it sold crappy, Sega? You took 2 years to bring it out over here and by then everybody had moved on to next-gen consoles. Get Yakuza 4 out in the West this year, and it'll do better than Yakuza 3. I promise.

Baka-akaB3778d ago

but then again why did they drag their feet with YA2 ? because the first one didnt sell likewise .

No offense but your promise isnt worth much here . For all or complaints , in this instance Sega does know better than us .

Dub or no dub , close release or a year after release , Yakuza's impact in the west seems to remain the same .

callahan093778d ago

Sorry, but the poor sales of Yakuza 1 are for the same reason as Yakuza 2. They took a year to release it. Yakuza 1 came out before the 360 in Japan, and a year later, after the 360 was already out and the PS3 and Wii were about to come out in about a month, in America. It was still too late and people were thinking about moving on to other consoles, and Sega did absolutely nothing to market the game. They've been too late with all 3 so far, and thus poor sales and public recognition.

akiraburn3778d ago

Completely agree Callahan. What most people don't see, is that Sega actually doesn't really know what is best with this franchise's western release in mind. All of what you said taken into account, and then add onto that the complete lack of marketing, and you end up with problems like this. Now, I am right about to head out and grab my pre-order, because I love and support the series regardless of it being late or missing a bit of it's original content, but Sega needs to get their heads on straight and fast.

I'm not too pissed about the cut content, but the reason why it was cut I think is more why I'm frustrated. I understand the development process of most games pretty well, and localization I have a decent grasp on, and considering they didn't need to put all the time into dubbing it (since the entire game is in it's original Japanese dub, there are only subtitles), or adding much beyond packaging in the Japanese DLC to install with the rest of the game, there really should be no reason that we get this game missing anything and them saying it was due to time constraints.

Really all they needed to due was translation into English text for menus, manual, and subtitles, so I want to know how long they actually spent localizing it, and why they couldn't have post-poned it's release by even just a month, if for nothing else than to be in a better release window, give themselves more time to market it, and perhaps add in a few of those small areas that fans wanted to remain.

My interpretation of what they are basically saying is: "Even though we messed up a ton, had to cut a bit of content, chose horrid release timing, didn't market the game outside of the light PSN videos and adverts, we still feel it's everyone else's responsibility to make sure that sales are high enough and we might consider bringing Yakuza 4 over in a year or so, and we may or may not screw you over at that point with what is or isn't included, depending on sales of this title of course."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again here, I love a lot of Sega's franchises, and I think as a company Sega has done a lot of good since they left the console side of the business, but I think they really need to work on their marketing and localization teams, and better planning their releases to ensure that their games at least do well enough to continue their localizations.

criticalkare3778d ago

Well, people buy Yakuza 3! and they probably bring it over to the west.

AngryFork3778d ago

This guy is right. Even if people are mad about some of the cuts, you have to ignore it and buy the game if you want that kind of content to be put back in, or Yakuza 4 to come to the states.

You're only hurting your own chances as well as other people in the west by boycotting the game. Everyone who cares about the series needs to buy the game for any chance of part 4, period.

Baka-akaB3778d ago

Seriously , if the people boycotting the game for the few cuts , knew how unimportant the hostess club truly is in the game , they'd slap themselves .

I would slap you anyway for botching any chance of yakuza 4's release for one fun but silly mini game

WetN00dle693778d ago

The Hostess clubs are not unimportant!
They were a fun part of the game plain and simple.

Bravo43778d ago

I completely agree. I mean really? They're calling the Western version "Half assed" When barely 1.5% of the game is cut?

Anyway, picking this one up ASAP. I want "Kenzan!" and "4" here soon.

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Hakimy3778d ago

they want the support,then don't release your games after a year or 2.and its nice to see yakuza 3 but they really picked the wrong month and I'm afraid that this will affect sales and eventually the localization of yakuza for me,I will buy yakuza 3.we need to support multiple genres or else this gen will be filled with the same crap games and fps games ;)

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