Resident Evil 5 DLC Available As One Package

IncGamers reports that Untold Stories, a cheaper compilation of the recent Resident Evil 5 DLC, has hit Xbox LIVE with a PlayStation Network release to follow tomorrow.

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thetamer3777d ago

I won't be bothering with that. The game was totally over-rated

Leord3777d ago

Well, if you are a RE fan it seems like a must?

facelike3777d ago

The game is really fun when you get the fully powered unlimited ammo shotgun and magnum. Makes the work of getting through the game worth it when you can seek revenge on those bastards who dare killed you before!

sonarus3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

The game is stupid really but if you have a good friend to play coop with its pretty worth it. Got platinum on it with my friend last yr, we played it for like 2 weeks straight everyday we did rotten egg tricks and all of that.

Does anyone know about the length of each DLC? If it can provide up to 4hrs of fun then should be worth it.

EDIT: Just googled it and it appears each episode is about an hr long. I'll kindly pass on that.

Dorjan3777d ago

well at least it is cheaper!

Maticus3777d ago

Could be the discount I've been waiting for...

Ronster3163777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

But paying for alternate outfits?

Thats a scam regardless of the price.

Both DLC's are great by the way.

LIN is quiet and creepy (hardly any enemies)

DE is loud and action packed (tonnes of enemies)

Solbadguy3777d ago

but came at a bad time. Same week as FFXIII and Yakuza 3 which are both pretty long to get through and then you got GOW3 coming the week after with Dragon Age expansion and ROF.

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The story is too old to be commented.