Halo 3 Tops Japanesse Amazon Charts

Not out until September and already at the top of best seller charts, even higher than Dragon Quest Swords in Japan.

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calderra4128d ago

Well.... now that's surprising.

FreeMonk4128d ago

Somehow I think this is not going to last too long.

With Dragon Quest arriving on the DS soon, I'm sure that will push Halo 3 way down along with the numerous Gundam and Pervy School Girl dating games arriving in Japan soon!

Nice to see Halo getting a mention in Japan, especially seeing how MS is struggling over there!

Kyur4ThePain4128d ago

NOW we're taking numbers from Amazon seriously?
It's just an hourly thing anymore, with unpredictable spikes up the whazoo?

BIGBAER4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Amazon's lists are great indicators of buying trends. The very fact that the TOP 100 Lists are updated hourly is what makes them so useful--and dynamic.

Perhaps no other source is as revealing.

And yes, Amazon is just a single source, but it is an important one. The hourly updates show movement and, if studied, they are a great predictor of overall popularity and not a simple spike.

Oblivion 360, currently ranked at #7, has held in the top 10 for quite some time now. In fact, in recent weeks, no PS3 title has yet to top it. NGS came close (#12) but did not pass Oblivion 360 in the rankings.

To get real value and sales projections, Amazon's TOP 100 lists need to be checked several times each day, every day of the week. For those with the patience to do so, a clear idea of sales trends awaits.

For the record: Halo 3 is still ranked at #1 as of 9:30 Central time.

gunnerforlife4128d ago

i see war comming lol
well wat u waiting for start the flaming allready:P

Bnet3434128d ago

Ummm .. ok ... this is most surprising

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