God of War 4 Definitely Not Planned, But...

There is definitely no God of War 4 planned, Adam Puhl (Lead Combat Designer of God of War 3) told Videogameszone. However, there is a big "but". More info after the link.

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Silellak3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I'd rather not see a God of War 4, at least not anytime soon. And I say that despite loving the series.

Let GoW3 be the swan-song of the series as-is, then wait a few years and release a new "God of War" line of game set in the same universe (think "God of War: Modern Warfare", only not retarded), with the same level of gameplay innovation found in the first two God of War games back when they were released.

zeeshan3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I can only hope that Sony Santa Monica begins working on some new IP. A good example would be how ND started working on Uncharted and then made it into one of biggest IPs Sony has created yet. Guys at Santa Monica are extremey talented and working on something new would give them a break and probably result in something totally awesome for us gamers as now they have a buttload of experience with PS3 ;)

GOW3 was Sony Santa Monica's FIRST PS3 game, imagine what they'll do when they come back with another game? Regardless if it is GOW4 or some new IP. Hollyyy s******!!!!!!!!

AKNAA3971d ago

in order to achieve what they have with GOW3... but yeah, regardless it is still impressive for their first title on the ps3. steady frame rate, no glitch or screen tearing at all! amazing.
I'm sure insomniac, ND & GG are gonna go full throttle with their next games to go on par, or even top GOW3!

Hotel_Moscow3971d ago

heavenly sword 2 bring it to me santa monica i want it now

Commander TK3971d ago

Santa Monica studios should definitely make Heavenly Sword 2 since Sony owns the rights for the franchise, but then the game would be a lot more violent...

DaTruth3971d ago

Just sometimes when great developers create a new IP, it is not always something that appeals to you(genre). So sometimes I'd rather they make GOW4, than to have them make a new IP and I don't like it and I lose their games for the next 3 games!(the rest of this gen)

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dredgewalker3971d ago

Im not interested in the meantime for GOW4 cause my sights set on playing GOW3 for now.

AngryFork3971d ago

I say work on it for like 4 years and have it as a next-gen PS4 launch title.

dredgewalker3971d ago

Im just happy with GOW3 releasing this month, but Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 would be better news for me.

omimasum3971d ago

to see god of war in another setting. can you imagine the scope if it was set in.... VENGEANCE (ill shut up now)

meetajhu3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I need a addictive multiplayer and epic singler player action FPS from santa monica if not the scale of God of War 3 but awesome graphics like Killzone

dkgshiz3971d ago

No. I would rather have more God of War. Seriously, more FPS games?! No thanks.

Biggest3971d ago

Meetajhu is crazy or funny. I'm not sure which.

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The story is too old to be commented.