Do we really want a Final Fantasy VII Remake

Critical Gamer writes: Final Fantasy VII was the defining moment in an important time for gaming. The PlayStation was breaking down barriers and appealing to a far wider audience than previous home consoles, and FF7 was the high profile, AAA title that the platform needed. It's been credited as the game that sold the PlayStation brand and is widely regarded as one of the most influential titles of all time.

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scruffy_bear3779d ago

IMO Final Fantasy 6 is a better game, if Square Enix are going to remake any Final Fantasy game it should be 6.

What Would Kratos Do3779d ago

I'm happy with my memories of FF7 the way they are.

Udidntlistenpunk3779d ago

I laugh at how to you its either the one or the other.

Didnt you learn anything these last three years.

As a PS3 owner, you dont have to chose. You get both. Thats how it is and thats how it will always be.

PS3, it only does everything.

Syronicus3779d ago

I want it to be a simple HD remake of the game. Not HD upgrade from the previous graphics but a complete overhaul off the game in terms of graphics alone. Keep the game play the same as that is a big part of my memory of the title. I just want to see the game in full HD with FFXIII graphics.

evrfighter3779d ago

If they ever remake ff7 it only means SE is scraping the bottom of the barrel while jumping the shark.

hay3779d ago

After playing FF13... HELL NO! They'll screw it up if the same team will make it.

Bea Arthur3779d ago

What Would Kratos Do...well said, a remake would only diminish what FF7 accomplished. I can see exactly how that scenario would play out. There would be so much arguing over things that were changed or left out or added that it wouldn't be able to meet expectations. Leave it in the classics section where it belongs and move the series forward with new games.

Megaton3779d ago

I prefer 6 the 2D-ish way it is now.

I honestly don't think SquareEnix has the talent to remake FFVII anymore.

edgeofblade3779d ago

I would not mind them reskinning and "HD-ing" the game, a la Perfect Dark XBLA. The best thing for these older games is to ensure it plays the same.

Danteh3779d ago

I'd only like to the Tifa's boobs in full HD :D

Joking but I think part of FFVII is in the nostalgia. If they remade it now, besides graphics, they would have have to improve the combat mechanics like in FFXIII and make new areas. Thes tory was amazing so better not touch it.

Blaze9293779d ago

Yes. I beat Crisis Core a few weeks ago and now I want to unravel the FF7 story but really don't feel like playing a PS1 game anymore.

Obelisk923779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Yes I want it.

Do it NOW.

@1.5: There is no way to screw up a remake, when it's the remake of a game of such high quality. FF XIII has top notch graphics, that's all FF VII needs, so there's nothing to worry about.

Danteh3779d ago


that type of thinking is EXACTLY why most of the remakes SUCK

FFVII in it's time was awesome,yeah.
Now it's combat it's absolutely pathetic, select action and press X, then wait... yea it sucks

AS I said before, we would need FFXIII-like combat, new areas and updated graphics

rockleex3779d ago

All we need is a graphical overhaul ala FF13 Versus.

Keep the gameplay and storyline exactly the same.

Maybe add a few extra missions or scenes that were cut out of the original version, but make it so that you'll only come upon it if you want to.

By the way, FF7's Materia system can't stand up against FF6's customizations.


gaffyh3779d ago

Yes I want a remake, and I want it to be exactly the same just HD. However, I'd add some new sidequests and some little extras here and there, maybe add an epilogue.

FamilyGuy3779d ago

That's what we all want in this remake. I want to be ABLE to play the game as PS1 games that weren't 2d don't standt the test of time so well. I can play 2d side scrollers from any generation but fully rendered/3 dimensional games are another story.

I just want to be able to play it, so touch the graphics (use FF13 graphics) and touch nothing else and millions will show their appreciation.

Pika-pie3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Just a nice remastered version would be nice. 1080p, widescreen, smoothing and trophies. I would pay for that.

To be honest, I would much rather see Versus now that im hooked on the FFXIII universe.

hetz153779d ago

I don't want FF7 remake, since SE will somehow find a way to screw it up I think(about 70% probability LOL).

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CrippleH3779d ago

Damn with the "Do we" stupidity.
I want it and I'm not grouped in your "We" group.

knifefight3779d ago

Not true. Didn't you know? All gamers have exactly the same likes and dislikes, and the exact same wishes to boot.

Jim Crikey3779d ago

Good bit of fanboy non - logic there.

At no point, so far as I can tell, does the author of this article claim to speak for every Final Fantasy fan on the planet.

CrippleH3779d ago

I'm not implying on the article, but the title. It's pure stupidity.

Mondayding3779d ago

Get your pot shot guns at the ready - they all blur into one for me, accompanied by the thought: why am I playing this?

Ready, aim...

reintype3779d ago

If it's Nomura's team, then hell yeah!

If its a different team like Kitase for example, then forget it. How could you have any faith in someone, who finds making towns in HD, "TOO HARD"? FFVII has a sprawling world with numerous towns, they'll probably just butcher it, in their attempt to remake it. Better leave it be. I don't want them sullying my cherished memories concerning one of my favorite games.


They make it like Final Fantasy XIII....

Bea Arthur3779d ago

Not a big fan of FF13? I like it so far. Of course I am not a FF fanboy purest so maybe that has something to do with it.

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