The Game That Destroyed My Soul: Clash of the Titans Browser Games Review

Have you ever contemplated what life really means? Have you every wondered what in the hell you are doing with your life? Have you ever had the epiphany that perhaps you are not living, but instead slowly dying? Well, I have. Twice. Within two minutes of each other.

If you are unaware (which I hope you are) two browser based games have been released in order to promote the upcoming film Clash of the Titans. I'm actually interested in the film, so I decided to give the games a whirl. I figured they would be an amusing distraction from studying philosophy. Boy was I wrong. What I ended up experiencing was so distressing and painful that it made me go study philosophy ten times harder in hopes that my brain would explode and I would not have to remember my ten minutes in the darkest parts of hell that was the Clash of the Titans browser games.

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