No Dpad: The Hero Review

No Dpad:

The Hero by Chillingo and Traplight Games flew into the app store this week. As the name suggests, you play as "The Hero," charged with saving the city from all kinds of bad guys, putting out fires, exterminating insects, high fiving your fans, and just all in all being a great superhero. Oh yeah, you get to save a few parachuting babies in your travels.

Graphically The Hero is a work of spectacular piece of art. Lots of tiny details are included and even on the small screen readily apparent. From the fire escapes to the signs on the buildings, nothing is overlooked. Even your fans are visually sharp as they wave to you flying by, awaiting their high five. This Hero needs to be his own public relations agent you see, and in the hustle and bustle of saving the city, needs to find the time to high five his adoring fans to keep his fame points high. Doesn't seem fair that after all the Hero does for the city he has to keep his reputation and fame high, but lose faith with the city residents and it's mission over. So those fans are what keeps the Hero going.

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