God of War III Needs No Reviews: Now No.1 On Amazon Best Sellers List

It's been said time and time again: when next Tuesday arrives, planet earth will plunge into chaos. God of War III has been hailed as the best looking game of all time, one with the biggest opening set piece of all time and now it's reeking havoc on Amazon's best sellers list.

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immortal843779d ago

GOW3 is going to be the best selling game in March.

movements3779d ago

Your statement is correct sir.

deadreckoning6663779d ago

The title is quite funny. The guy says GOW3 needs no reviews, yet GOW3 reaches #1 just one day after the review embargo lifted lol.

sonarus3778d ago

This is likely going to be the case that it will be the best selling game in march. But gamers need to stop believing that amazon is representative of the gaming market. Amazon is too small a piece of the overall gaming market to represent anything

Bathyj3778d ago

I should bloody well hope so.

-Alpha3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

GoW 1 & 2 didn't sell relatively to the PS2 userbase and that was at the end of the PS2 cycle.

No doubt the game will sell well, but I don't think it will sell deserving to its hype or score/quality which is unfortunate. The appeal is there but I wonder if the M rating limits it in anyway, and of course this gen's audience is infatuated with MP. Personally the game is too short for me to warrant an $80 purchase. It sure as hell isn't going to be March's #1 seller. Hello, Final Fantasy 13?

Btw, you people should enter the sites PS3 contest:


I'm just saying that GoW is not at all going to be the best selling game of March and I appealed to the history of the first two games, as well as pointing out FF13 is bound to beat it... yet for some reason people think this will be the best selling game and agree with immortal84.

I'm not saying the core PS3 audience wont buy it, but I heard GoW2's sales were near 2 million. I could be dead wrong though. I didn't say it wont sell well, but saying it's going to be the BEST selling of March is completely not plausible.

Bathyj3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Whats userbase got to do with it. Most PS3 owners are hardcore gamers. Probably 10-15% of them will buy this. Alot of PS2 owners at that time would have been casuals. Only 2 or 3% bought 1 or 2 respectively.

Are you trying to say the attach rate will be similar?

If that were the case GoW3 would sell less than a million.

Care to elabourate on your statment at all?

Ok, you did and edit and did elabourate somewhat. I still think it will sell well. It will have long legs, like all PS3 games.

Syronicus3778d ago

So it is safe to say that there is a core group that will buy this game but I too doubt that the game will exceed 3 to 4 million in lifetime sales. But PS3 owners understand, it does not take huge sales to claim a game a success or to even call it a great game for that matter.

sikbeta3778d ago

GOW3 will be Awesome, after waiting so long for This Game everyone will Go For It...

Gaming FTW!!!

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TrailerParkSupervisr3779d ago

I'm doing everything I can to NOT read/watch reviews. I caved in with Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 and ended up seeing spoiliers.

It's KILLING me to not watch all these videos and reading all the "Holy crap! Did you see that???" comments is not making it any easier.

I want it totaly, well, I did download the demo BUT THAT'S IT!

infamousinfolite3778d ago

I've already seen the ending...

N4BmpS3778d ago

I screwed up and watched the Gametrailers review, if there is any review you should avoid it's that one. However, G4 has a great written review that doesn't spoil anything.

A change in the wind3778d ago

Funny, I thought NO ONE CARED. Well, they do, sorry 360 sales bots. The critics have spoken, the fans have spoken, and the gamers have spoken. GOW3 is an epic masterpiece, and the 360 still doesn`t have crap :)

Sigh3778d ago

been checking out reviews, wrong thing to do! Most of em show footages of stuff I did not want to see. So far G4 review with Adam Sessler was good.

Anyways, no surprise GOW3 is at the top of that list.

N4BmpS3778d ago

Yeah That was the best review I've read so far I decided to cut the review reading short after Gametrailers, which was a huge mistake it showed me stuff I shouldn't have seen and I'm going to avoid HHG's Review as well.

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