GameStop Midnight Openings for God of War III

Find out the nearest GameStop stores that will be holding a midnight launch for God of War III.

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Mamajuana3144d ago

I'll be at the Gamestop in Edgewater, NJ for the midnight release. Can't wait.

presto7173144d ago

Cant wait for spring break to start. Will definitely play the sh*t out of GOW 3 non-f**king-stop!!!!!

morganfell3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Kevin Butler says it best...."Thanks for coming!"

DMason3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Going to be there for sure, just called my local Gamestop. My PS3 died exactly 9 days before the GoW 3 release, and I almost cried. Why is it that any game system seems to crap out right before a big game release? Luckily I followed some guide online and reflowed the cpu & gpu and it works again.

For anyone looking for a good laugh, check this out. I was reading a GoW 3 review when I found this:

menoyou3144d ago

people still buy stuff from gamestop?

EcliPS33144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Im actually curious as to what the turnout at a midnight release for God of War will be like. I've never been to a God of War midnight release. I really hope there's not a huge line because I want to be in and out as fast as possible.

Gamestop is usually good at getting people out quick, by me at least. They let you pay beforehand, and at midnight you just grab the game. I remember when I went to the Best Buy COD:MW2 release, there was about 200 people in line waiting to pay at midnight. I just left and said screw it.

But then again, if it were God of War, I would have waited.

Erotic Sheep3144d ago

Dmason, you get a bubble for that. Awesome stuff XD

Deathz3144d ago

Dam you, what has been heard can't be unheard!

All i hear are the lyrics 'hot devils pot of tea' everytime i hear the theme O_o noooo.

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slevin_773144d ago

reminds me of harry potter books...

morganfell3144d ago

Except Kratos would break Voldemort down like a shotgun.

Polluted3144d ago

The closest one to me is actually in another country according to that link. Anyone know if there are any Canadian stores doing midnight launches?

massvmunkee3144d ago

i know that they are doing this in canada for my location. i live in burnaby, B.C. and they will be having a midnight launch at metrotown.

Polluted3144d ago

[email protected] disagreed with the guy above. Wtf?

Anyway, if they're doing it in BC, they'll be doing one here in Toronto somewhere. Too bad I work the next day. Just have to tough it out, I guess.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Need to record with my Camera the epic chaos in Gamestop and epic Awesomess in the faces of the buyers.

In Gamestop, only will be chaos starting at 12:00.

-MD-3144d ago

Or it'll just be a handful of sweaty nerds walking out of the store with their game, planning on hitting up mcdonalds on the way home before settling in to their parent's basements and "pwning dem gods".

Either would be believable.


really cause last i checked every Halo midnight launch has the exact same ppl u just described their. huh, must be slow on the 360

-MD-3144d ago

Wrong usage of 'their' in your sentence, you're looking for 'there'.

Biggest3144d ago

Don't mind, Murderdolls, he just likes to add, random commas to, his sentences, when he is correcting th,e English.

Are they giving out free junk for this? If so, you can check out the Temecula, CA GameStop with me. I'll make sure to get a nice pre-game sweat worked up, Murder,do,ll,s.

weazel3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Talking of nerds and grammar nazis, nice Shatneresque speech pattern you got there murderdolls.


huh last time i checked im on the internet , so i can write however i want to rite in a gaming site. i Believe this is N4G not "Grammar 4 Gamers" G4G . man im not just cut out to be funny but at least GOW 3 will be awesome in my 60' HDTV.

-MD-3144d ago

I laughed pretty hard I'm not gonna lie.

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Max Power3144d ago

The only way I could get a Limited Edition, but there is none near me that will be open at midnight, so I guess I'll have to pick it up at a normal time.

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