Microsoft: Want blu-ray? Go buy your own

Microsoft's Albert Penello tells News10 that gamers who want Xbox 360 blu-ray capabilities should "go spend $150" on a stand-alone player.

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blitz06233967d ago

Wow that's just a slap in the face to gamers who in the least want blu-ray capabilities. How disrespectful.

BulletToothtony3967d ago

it's mostly pride that is keeping them from doing it.

but after having an HD-DVD add-on don't come and tell us that bluray isn't needed.. and that streaming it's just as good..

it makes you look like liars and hypocrites because we all know that if HD-dvd would've won they would be shoving that technology down our throats..

oh MS if you would just spend a little more on hardware you would be in such a better place instead of looking for excuses to make your decisions look better.

Greywulf3967d ago

Nuff Said.

If HD-Discs didn't matter. They wouldn't have shot themselves in the foot with HD-DVD & Paying for transformers.

I've never seen MS be humble for a moment. Its sad to watch them act childish. Oh look Bluray sold 200million...

HolyOrangeCows3967d ago

Buying a stand-alone Blu-ray player won't make my 360 games bigger and without major compression, will it?

Blaze9293967d ago

I don't know why this keeps being brought up. Even if MS introduced blu-ray for the 360, it wouldnt be used for anything BUT movies so it's pointless this far in.

@blitz0623, and how many 360 gamers do you think are really asking for blu-ray? Go find some

-Alpha3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

It is however interesting to note that 360 games are beginning to exceed past DVD9's.

The problem is that MS could have never put in Blu Ray to begin with: their whole goal is to be the cheaper alternative. If MS launched with Blu Ray the only thing they would have got them going was Halo. The fact that PS3 was so expensive was what screwed Sony from people adopting their console early and only now do we such a spike in PS3 sales. If MS had Blu Ray they would be just as expensive and that would have made their struggle to gain a foothold in the industry even harder.

I wouldn't say MS NEEDS Blu Ray, but I'm sure that if the Xbox 1 was successful enough and significant enough to gain a strong audience MS *could* have supported Blu Ray with much more confidence. But supporting Blu Ray would have simply drove up the price and I think for MS it was much smarter for them to be the cheaper alternative to Sony.

MS doesn't need Blu Ray, but they sure as hell would benefit from it now and I'm sure some part of them regrets it.

The one thing I fault with Blu Ray tech is that the focus on graphics is so strong that, especially with MP games content is always lost or forgotten because graphics tax the hardware too much. For example while Halo 3 certainly wasn't the best looking game it is easily, to this day, the best packaged experience. Killzone 2 could never do split screen, for example, and the focus of working on the graphics engine was so great that it lacked modes and options in comparison to Halo 3. In this regard I find that if graphics are pursued it can lead to games suffering in more important categories like gameplay. Look at San Andreas to GTA IV and all that content that was dropped. #4 is pretty but I still prefer the sheer variety of San Andreas.

Anyways, I don't care too much for graphics or the capabilities of Blu Ray though I am constantly stunned with what developers are doing in titles like God of War and Uncharted

SOAD3967d ago

This is the game retards play. They know it's pointless to keep bringing it up but they do so anyway because it sounds good to them.

I will never understand fanboys, 360 or PS3.

Microsoft is not going to release a Blu-Ray player for the 360, whether it be add-on or integrated.

Also, Sony probably won't allow Microsoft to use Blu-Ray next generation without a hefty fee.

So, who's really holding gaming back? In the same way, Microsoft probably patented cross game chat capability and that's why Sony can't implement it.

Both companies are hogging features. Sony with Blu-Ray and Microsoft with social connectivity.

They should just work together against Nintendo.

blitz06233967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

WOW. How naive can you get.

You took my comment too literally. Even if there is NO ONE who wants a blu-ray add-on, it was inappropriate for MS to comment like that.

Let's say I ask you, do you want pizza? Go buy your own!!!

That's similar to what MS did.

EDIT: alright alright, try and be the smart alec that you think you are. You're still missing my point. What I'm trying to say is, Microsoft could have said it in a more respectable way rather than just telling whoever wants a blu-ray compartment to just buy his own.

Blaze9293967d ago

Then I'd...go buy my own Pizza -_-

morganfell3967d ago

It's funny that a $150 stand alone BD player is cheaper than the HD DVD add on when it was selling.

lightningsax3967d ago

Whoa boy. That's like the old "Go make a sandwich" line... except that sandwiches don't typically cost US $150. Maybe he was just really sick of hearing the same thing over and over, but people this high up get paid exorbitant amounts of money to not speak lines like these. Not cool!

AKNAA3966d ago

since when did 360 owners ask for blu-ray?! thats ridiculous... and even If they did, I'm sure they would have a PS3 by now;)

wicko3966d ago

He might have well just said "Go spend $300 on a PS3" because you're just going to piss people off with that attitude.

jack_burt0n3966d ago

just remember even buying a stand alone bluray player gives sony money and supports the playstation family :)

aaron58293966d ago

LOL.... why not just get a shiny brand new machine which only does everything....


bioshock12213966d ago

I don't get how that is disrespectful it's true if you really want to watch blu-ray movies then you should go buy a blu-ray player. Blu-ray isn't really necessary right now not this gen atleast the xbox 360 is holding its own against the PS3 and HDTV are just taking off. Next gen I think it will be a necessity but this gen not so much.

DatNJDom813966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

they dont need bluray. Heres why:

1. The majority of their games are on 1 dvd. This makes life easier for dev that dont want to spend as much money or work as hard to make actual next gen games. Its like this, make a spruced up PS2/XBOX type game, market it as the greatest thing ever, talk bad about competition, voila!

2. The western media is on their side. They can make a corny @ss game on dvd and they will rate it a 9 or 10. Western media wants western console to win and finally step out the japanese shadow (for the most part they are doing it very well). Why do I say this. FFXIII got an equal score for both systems. Certain sites give GOWIII low scores. Over some bullshit. So modern glitchfare 2 looks better than GOW......... REALLY?????

3. People are actually falling for the "it isnt needed this gen" bullsh!t they are saying. I dunno about you guys, but as far as consoles go (yea pc is more advanced, we get it, now shut up), I would rather have the most advanced one. PS3 exclusive sh!t on anything 360 has. Sorry but its true. Not saying that 360 doesnt have one good game, in my humble opinion of course, (Splinter Cell Conviction, but that it really). At the end its all about West vs East. Americans (and most western countries) want the Western game system that is made in AMERICASZ to beat the big bad Japanese guys. One guy actually told me to buy American at a gamestop. I could have sworn that 360 is made in china and other parts of the world, just like PS3.

It all comes down to preference eventually. I just dont understand why someone will choose to move backward instead of foward. Ah well, back to GOW Collection. Gotta get ready for the beast!

kneon3966d ago

I agree there is 0 chance of bluray on the 360, it's too late for that.

But Sony won't be stopping Microsoft from adopting blu-ray in the future and won't rip them off on the fees either. There is a separate JV company that handles licensing and the fees are set. Last I saw it was $9.50 for a player. I think that covered all the licensing except perhaps with the exception of Java, that might be separate, I don't know.

MS has no valid excuse for not adopting Bluray in the next Xbox. Unless they really believe that in just a few years ISPs will suddenly be providing super high speed internet to everyone at reasonable cost with no download limits. I'm not holding my breath waiting for that.

thesummerofgeorge3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

They should go buy a standalone player, it's called a PS3. Although you might find yourself playing more games than watching movies.

Consoldtobots3966d ago

"Buying a stand-alone Blu-ray player won't make my 360 games bigger and without major compression, will it?"

obviously MS feels bluray is just for watching movies and of no benefit whatsoever for gaming. Oh wait, thats what the MS fanboys have been saying word for word for the last 3 years. Cheesus they sound like the Borg all taking their directives from the hive mind in redmond.

Millah3966d ago

So basically what he's saying is "go buy a ps3"

nice one Microsoft

pixelsword3966d ago

I'd love for the 360 to have some type of HD attachment. I even hate downloading things to my HD on my PS3, let alone something that takes gigs and gigs to use.

I also hate downloading games that I buy because I CAN'T RESELL THEM; they're just some digital imprint on my NDD that I cannot sell; unless I sell everything and get a new HDD.

-Selling a rare game for $400? forget about it; won't happen.
-Trading a game for a game to a friend? Nope.
-Interesting art designs for the covers, discs, and booklets? Extinct.
-Bringing a game over to play for Thanksgiving while the womenfolk are cooking up delightful treats? Nada.
-giving a game to a kid and watching him cheer while he opens it up on Xmas? Not if you have to download it.

Not to mention that if the HDD or console goes belly-up, you'll be gameless, and not even able to play your HDD games on another console.

Those are a few reasons why I'm a advocate of physical media. I'm not knocking downloads, but I see the freedom and sense of having physical media, and I see no advantages over a Blu-Ray or disc versus having all of my games on a HDD.

pixelsword3966d ago

v v

LA Noire's Future on Xbox 360 Again in Question Because of DVD

^ ^

JasonPC360PS3Wii3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

The disc is a dying format you cant stop it. The only people clinging to this are PS3 fanboys who think if MS added Blu-ray it would extent Blu-rays inevitable death.

madjedi3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

@1.16 The 360 is only holding its own with multiplatforms game, but when it comes to exclusives the 360 is way behind atm, even alot of multiplatform games get trampled going up against some the ps3's exclusives.

And let me correct your statement for you, blu ray is not needed if you are a 360 only gamer or you only play multiplatform games.

However for most ps3 exclusives blu ray is needed, gow 3 is 35 or 45 gigs, i think that proves blu ray is needed for ps3 exclusives right there, it's a non issue for the 360, since it wouldn't be used for games.

And people should be glad the 360 isn't gettinga br addon, it would be a waste since the 360 doesn't even support hdmi 1.3, and every standalone br players supports hdmi 1.3, so ms's addon would inferior to every br player out there.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3966d ago

madjedi Alan Wake and Metro 2033 look better than anything on the PS3 and they use DVD, not to mention both games are longer than GOW3.

captain-obvious3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

"Alan Wake and Metro 2033 look better than anything on the PS3"

Metro 2033 looks like sh1t on the 360
i got it, i played it
it looks like you guys got it mixed up with PC DX11 screen shots

while anal wake looks nice
you cant deny it got all this fog and darkens in it, add to that being downgraded from open world to story driven

"not to mention both games are longer than GOW3."

wrong agian
i dont know about alan wake
but metro 2033 toke my like 7 to 8 hours, while they said something like 10 hours
i dont know about god war 3, i'll get it later this day
but they already confirmed its 10 hours in length , same as they did with metro 2033

so yes blu-ray is needed for big games with big world's
and no disc format is not dying, not any time soon too
but what can i say a xbox fanboy always stands for what MS says

JasonPC360PS3Wii3966d ago

It's funny to me how the PS3 fanboy excuse as to why Alan Wake looks better than any PS3 game is that "it's dark and that hides everything" they seem to forget that the game has day and night cycles. :)

Nice try guys

Blu-ray has offered no advantage in graphics in any way. Crysis still looks better than any game and now Alan Wake and Metro 2033 look better than any PS3 game and they all use DVD.

The only advantage Blu-ray has is space. However on the PS3 with the slow drive speed gimps that because many (MANY) PS3 games have mandatory installs.

pixelsword3966d ago

It won't likely be on DVD; and if it was, it will be more than one.

Udidntlistenpunk3966d ago

Reporter in the room: "Microsoft, I really dig my 360 but I soooo want a Blu Ray drive. Can you finally confirm the date for Blu Ray drive? I have been a supporter of the 360 and I know you have it planned"

Microsoft spokesperson: "umm"

reporter in the room: "just say the date"

Microsoft spokesperson: "GOODBYE, YOURE OWNED!"

*runs away as fast as he can*

kneon3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Obviously you are not well informed as to the merits of blu-ray. First off it is not dieing, in february alone blu ray media sold more than all the downloaded movies for all of 2009. Secondly bluray capacity can already do 66gb on a dual layer, and can go to 500gb+. Expect the PS4 to support at least 100gb Bluray. Try downloading that in a reasonable time :)

As for the "slow" bluray drive in the PS3, it is about the same speed as the "fast" DVD drive in the Xbox. The DVD average read is about 10.5MBps versus about 9MBps for the bluray drive in the PS3. The bluray read speed is constant but the DVD read speed varies depending on where on the disk the data is stored, so it can be faster or slower than the average. Also the second DVD layer can only be read at an average of about 6.5MBps.

So when they create the games on DVD they try to put the important stuff on the sections of the disk where they can approach the maximum speed. That helps give a better load time, that and there is just a lot less data to deal with.

Current and future bluray drives are many times faster than the fastest DVD drive. The PS3 drive is only 2x. By the time the PS4 ships you can expect at least a 4x as there are already 12x drives now. But there is an upper limit for both formats and that is because once you get over a certain angular velocity the disks start to wobble. That is a bad thing and not easily fixable given the current physical media format. They would need to be made thicker and stiffer to withstand higher rotational speeds. But then we could end up with the same noise issue as the XBox if they go for a high speed drive.

pegger243966d ago

why on earth would anyone think a bluray add on from microsoft would be better quality than a stand alone player. and it just cannot be used for games this gen on the 360. I know I bought a stand alone player and am very happy with it, I cannot imagine it would have been better to buy one that hooks up to my 360, sometimes I do like quiet during movies.

wicko3966d ago

You know, at first I thought you were just misinformed, but now I realize you're just being a fanboy, the unreasonable kind.

catguykyou3966d ago

I'm pretty sure Microsoft was only referring to Blue Ray disks being used for movies. That's why they mention streaming HD in 1080P.

In gaming sense though, they can't use Blue Ray now. It would split their user base too much. That time has passed. They will either use Blue Ray or some form of High capacity storage next gen. That I'm sure of. They have to. The DVD format is definitely reaching its limits.

Inside_out3966d ago

This has everything to do with money...Microsoft will never pay Sony, the sworn enemy of the empire, royalties for blue closed, end of story!!!...They didn't want to pay for Sony backed movies on net flix either...LMAO...Sony developers obsessed with long cut scenes...You spend more time WATCHING UC2 and MGS that playing media is the future, no doubt...Only the maker of blue ray can't see it...worlds biggest software maker does...real simple...

kneon3966d ago

@cez of rage

I guess you're ignoring that Sony and Microsoft already send each other money all the time. Sony sells PCs with windows and Microsoft sells software that supports DVDs and CDs so that probably requires some sort of license, which will mean money in Sonys pocket as they have patents for both media formats.

Besides, any serious business won't be concerned about paying a competitor royalties. This is quite normal in tech. As long as it provides a net benefit for Microsoft then they will do it.

pegger243966d ago

they are at war!!!!!

some of these kids are ridiculous,

Inside_out3966d ago

" any serious business won't be CONCERNED about paying a competitor royalties "...Really???...that kind of thinking would get you thrown out of alot of boardrooms...LMAO...seriously. Sony vs Toshiba was all about royalties...Look, this is all about making money, always was, always will be...You make a PC, you have to run windows, plain and simple. Would be suicide to do otherwise...Blu ray will not be coming to 360...Sony needs to move on, and so does the Sony fanboys... Maybe next gen but I doubt it...

BYE3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Proof right here that Microsoft doesn't understand the problematic that games suffer from DVD.

kneon3966d ago

@cez of rage

Actually I've sat in a lot of board rooms evaluating decisions just like this. You chose to ignore the second part of my statement. It has to make business sense. If you will make money then you will pay the required royalties and licensing fees. If you can't then you won't.

tech companies pay each other royalties all the time. They work out patent cross licensing agreements with competitors all the time as well. It just makes business sense. You seem to believe that businesses should be run based on emotions.

Samsung and Toshiba are now shipping Bluray players even though they were big backers of HD-DVD. Why? Because it makes good business sense, something you apparently don't have.

Inside_out3965d ago

...LMFAO...well, that explains everything...Thats why a company that outsold both its competitors COMBINED last gen is in the BOTTOM this concept, bad business model, bad results...No blue ray for wii or 360...Sony camp just don't get it...sad really...

kneon3965d ago

My "ignorance" has kept me working in the tech industry for 25 years and put me in the upper 3% of income earners. I wonder what would have happened if I actually knew something :)

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Valdass3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Not again

Parapraxis3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Okay, now show me a 150$ player that is as good as the one you get with a PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3967d ago

Now tell me of anyone that spends $150 and expects $300 features?

So what is your point?

aaron58293966d ago

another 150 will get you a better machine which only does everything.


I'm sure anyone with a decent job can afford a ps3 now...
oops, i hope i didnt upset the kids... :P

mrmikew20183967d ago

I know it's too late from them to adapt to blu-ray right now. But how are they going to help third developers with the storage issue?

Narutone663967d ago

will start singing a different tune when third party developers start developing games exclusively for the PS3.

3sq3967d ago

Haha MS is mad because they lost the format war. :P

Deadman643967d ago

lol blu-ray is all great and dandy for the moment. But I would really like no physical media in the future. I shouldnt have to drive/order a movie or game. I should be able to press buy & download.

And microsoft can easily use HDDVD for the next xbox. Size issue solved. Blu-ray's loading is kind of annoying as well. (although i believe this gets improved with every gen of player...)

SactoGamer3967d ago

I wonder if Sony was like this when they lost the VHS/BetaMax war three-plus decades ago.

Dev8 ing3966d ago

No because Sony started releasing VHS players. If they acted like MS does they would never have made any VHS players. Actually if they acted like MS they would not have made anything until someone else proved it was viable.

infamousinfolite3966d ago

"Microsoft: Want blu-ray? Go buy a PS3!"

JasonPC360PS3Wii3966d ago

3sq Microsoft never had a format war with Sony that was Toshiba. Droids are as dumb as retarded circus monkeys.

Udidntlistenpunk3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Even though I told them Sony owns Blu Ray and they already gave the middlefinger...

Also I think there has been a translation error in the article.

Article says "MS: Go buy your own!"

In fact, I think Microsoft actually said (when some bot in the room asked whether 360 is getting Blu Ray): "GOODBYE, YOURE OWNED!"


dustgavin3966d ago

Tell that to all the sad 360 fans that invested in the HD-Dvd drive.

avengers19783966d ago

The war was with sony over format seeing is the first things avalible with either hddvd or blu-ray were the video game consoles. Plus sony owns blu-ray. As far as microsoft putting HD-DVD into there next system that would mean they are the only people using dead tech. They could have done that this gen, but they are more interested in tring to make money then actually delievering the best console they can. And until they increase the speed in which you download games and hd movies digital is not the way to go.
It's funny for they last 14 years of heard that digital media will take down physical media but it still hasn't happened(except music)

EvilBlackCat3966d ago

"It seems that rather than listening to the growing demand of gamers who want to have a blu-ray capable gaming machine that isn't Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft would rather not deal with the issue"

to the growing demand of gamers???



GO MAKE A SURVEY whoever disagree with this and you will find out that is true.


WOW apparently those who are playing on PC using DVD drives and those using Xbox360 are not part of that HUGE community of gamers demanding BLU RAY!

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