Donkey Kong's World Record High Score Has Been Broken (Not by Wiebe)

Billy Mitchell has had the world record for 3 years, and Steve Wiebe was only 1,100 points behind. But a new challenger, Hank Chien, has stolen the world record with a nice 11,500 point lead. Chien says he was holding back and can do even better.

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BeardedGamerShow3778d ago

Holy wow. I'm seeing a new King of Kong sequel...Emperor of Kong!

FreeMonk3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

this story screams out a King of Kong 2.

Maybe a Donkey Kong stand-off would be great. 1 competition, 100 best players in the world.....Wiebe vs Mictchell vs Chein. It would be superb!

It makes me wonder though if Mitchell will come out with yet another video of him beating Chein score!?

Braineater24483778d ago

The image is what makes this article great.

Polluted3778d ago

Awwww. I wanted Wiebe to get it back. Maybe this will light a fire under his ass.

GiantEnemyCrab3778d ago

Yeah, Wiebe is a real nice guy(met him a couple times) and if you've watched King of Kong you really feel for the guy.

He does still hold the record for DK jr.

br41n5c4n3778d ago

We got a kill screen coming up

hatchimatchi3778d ago

lol, i was gonna post the same thing.

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