Lens of Truth: Final Fantasy XIII Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "Final Fantasy XIII is easily the most anticipated title of the year. With last year's announcement that Square Enix would develop for both consoles, fans of both systems were tossed on their heads for which console would hold the better version. Square Enix is renowned for their high quality games for both systems, and this could only mean that the Lens of Truth was staring down one the most interesting Head2Heads to date. So read on and watch the video to Final Fantasy XIII's Head2Head."

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lokiroo4203967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

The PlayStation 3 is the “clear” winner in this category with a higher native resolution, smoother hair, consistent shadows and vastly superior video quality when compared to the Xbox 360.

While both games performed close and neither had frame tearing, the PlayStation 3 did it all at a higher resolution.

Even without a mandatory install, the PlayStation 3 consistently loaded faster than the Xbox 360. Apparently Square didn’t get the memo that Blu-Ray is supposed to be slower.

If you have a choice on which system to play Final Fantasy XIII on, you will want to purchase it for the PlayStation 3. While the in-game visuals are close, the differences in the prerendered cinematics are night and day.

Bu bu bu bu....

Udidntlistenpunk3967d ago

"but but bu I went to my friends house and damn it looks good on the 360"

Except that it looks five times better on the PS3...

Chris3993967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Blu-ray reads at a constant speed across the disc, whereas DVD does not.

Anyhoo, Amazon left me a FF turd in my mailbox today, so I'm off to play this f'n game now and see if all the hysteria and drama actually amounted to anything.


Edit: These videos do the game no justice at all. It's FVCKING beautiful in motion (PS3 version). I imagine the disparity in quality would be much more evident on a 40+ tv. Similarly, you could really tell that Star Ocean 4's battle scenes were sub-HD when you saw them on a large screen. They literally looked like upscaled PS2 shots with AA.

Sony Always Wins3967d ago

How come a game of this magnitude is getting average ratings like 7 and 8?

Hakimy3967d ago

you know when I watched the gametrailers comparison,I noticed something but I thought maybe I imagining stuff.but looking at these pics confirmed what I noticed.the prerendered cinematic (and some environments) in the xbox360 version really hurts the eyes.I'm not trolling or anything but I really mean's like someone put something on your screen or your eyesight is getting worse.I'm glad this isn't the case with ps3 version or this could have been a disturbance for right eye still hurts from that video and these pics ;)

snaz273967d ago

i know exactly what you mean mate, i felt that too, it really does hurt your eyes, maybe its cos your trying to get focus but you cant because its blury.... i was just reading another thread, of a vid comparison where 360 fans were jumping up and down saying it was all for nothing and there was no difference! oh please! there are shadows missing! blurry images, slight framerate drop (jokes on you told me the other day the ps3 had a slightly worse framerate, hmmmm lol), longer load times... im not gonna get this game anyway lol, but hey its a bit dry on news at the mo... i thought it was me though (this hurting eyes thing) but i guess it isnt just me afterall.

evrfighter3967d ago


from the way the ps3 fans were going on in the reviews they made the 360 version out to be the most horrible thing since osama bin laden.

If you were to compare these in terms of pc settings the ps3 would be at medium (high reserved for pc) and the 360 version would be at low

textures settings a notch higher and soft shadows enabled on the ps3....It's pretty sad how they wanted the 360 to fail in the reviews because of that lol

3967d ago
SullyDrake3967d ago

We would like our money back.

Yours truly, Microsoft.

Biggest3967d ago

You guys are STILL trying to find a way to say the 360 version looks the same/better? I've met more intelligent potatoes.

RememberThe3573967d ago

I think there is still a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of PS3 fans after losing FF13 as an exclusive. There is probably a lot of people who really want to see the 360 version fail just so they can look at Square and say, "I told you so."

gta28003967d ago

After Lens of Truth did a thorough review and after their conclusion, it doesn't justify any of the same reviews some sites gave out. This game should have been reviewed separately on all sites and they all should have pointed out who the clearer winner is. But nope, they'll do it against the PS3 but not xbox.

Will-UK3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

all points to ps3, but reviewers gave both version the same score what is going on here.

1080P vs 576P

And using a SDTV isnt really good for comparing hd consoles.

van-essa3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

...and unless you pause the screen and start looking (really hard), you won't be able to tell any difference. Especially if you're playing on a SDTV.

snaz273967d ago

lol i take it you saw it on an sd-tv then? else why would you mention that? lmao... sorry but this is meant to be played on a hd-tv, hense why the ps3 cut-scenes are 1080p... i know money can be tight and all that, but seriously i wouldnt have even bothered getting a next gen console if i didnt have a hd-tv, i would have saved up for that first! lol, the difference is night and day! like dvd vs blu-ray, there just isnt any competition.

Somnipotent3967d ago

why do they both rate the same on met-critic when one is obviously gimped compared to the other? damn biased games journalism is why...

van-essa3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

My comment was directed towards X360 only owners.
I read somewhere that about 80% of them game on SDTVs so, it doesn't matter if the game is sub-HD since their TVs can't display resolutions higher than 576p anyway.

"lol i take it you saw it on an sd-tv then?"

Actaully I went to GAME this morning and that's where I saw it.
It was funny because the clerc (PS3 fanboy) was having an argument with a customer (X360 fanboy) about which console was superior... I laughed and instantly thought of N4G.

_______________ BTW Snaz, I have 50" Panosonic V10 and both HD consoles__________________ and the only game I'm buying this month is Perfect Dark

snaz273967d ago

no no no your not allowed to say the media is bias! lmao oh and your wrong also! according to metacritic the 360 version is better! 84 for 360, 82 for PS3.... also ME2 360 96, ME2 PC 94, the pc meta has 52 reviews with 8 scores of less than 90... the 360 version has 96 scores with 1 less than 90! oh but nooooo there is no bias! the media do not love MS (or their money!) lol.

shawnmelo3967d ago

I have both consoles and got it on the 360 because the difference to me is so minimal that i dont even care. The game lays the same on the both consoles plus I can cross game chat with my friends when i play. Also I like to get achievements and I just dont care for trophies much, That was my decision for getting it on the 360. Honestly i really dont care about the graphics debate it plays the same way people except the ps3 looks a better.

AKNAA3967d ago

"If you were to compare these in terms of pc settings the ps3 would be at medium (high reserved for pc) and the 360 version would be at low "

Oh please man, shut the [email protected]#K up!! we don't give a sh1t about the Damn PC for crying out loud!... This is between 360 & PS3(Consoles!!!). we know which one is superior. end of story.

OnlyOnN4G3967d ago

Ps3 performance:
Global percent of torn frames: 0.00
Global average FPS: 29.95

X360 performance:
Global percent of torn frames: 0.00
Global average FPS: 29.92

Pretty much the same, unlike DF who were suggesting the 360 had the edge with therir cherry picked video.

snaz273967d ago

its lovely to know what tv you have lmao.... now could you tell me what tv you saw the game being played on? what size screen was it? was it 1080p? was the ps3 set-up on 1080p? i mean you dont really give much information for people to respect your comparison... i mean there have been lots of comparisons that say there is a difference, a big diference, especailly during cut-scenes... but people are supposed to believe a random on N4G?.... oh and erm excuse me but did you say the only game your gonna get thisi month is perfect dark?? so no god of war 3 then? lmao sorry but that right there shows you either dont have a ps3, or your just crazy! lol

working4games3967d ago

Nothing against you buying the 360 version, but you have both consoles and you bought the lesser version just because?!? Do people buy stuff using good judgment (logic) anymore or just to say that I bought that version of it instead?

CernaML3967d ago

"...and unless you pause the screen and start looking (really hard), you won't be able to tell any difference. Especially if you're playing on a SDTV."

Just like every comparison. Yet when the 360 has a very SLIGHT edge, the PS3 gets all the hate. Tables have turned and there is damage control all over the place defending the 360.

shawnmelo3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

It might be the lesser version in terms of graphics but like i said its so minimal that I dont even notice.The gameplay is still the same doesnt change so i couldnt care less. I enjoy games for gameplay not slightly better graphics and in this case both games are pretty much identical except for the 3 discs and some hair textures. So not that big of a deal to me.

van-essa3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Well, the game was demoed on a 23" lcd for both versions, I don't know if they were set on 1080p.
I'm not asking you to believe a "random" on N4G, I was just stating what I saw today and reassuring the people that are going to get the game.

"no god of war 3 then? ... dont have a ps3... your just crazy"

I've always been a Devil May Cry fan and in the PS2 days I tried GoW1 but didn't like it, so I'm not getting 3 for that reason (same reason I didn't buy 2 either).
Next games I'm getting on PS3 are PES 2011 and Gran Turismo 5 (can't phucking wait)!.

snaz273967d ago

well there you have it then! any game put through a 23" screen will not show a difference! and you dont even know what setting they were using! try playing the game on the 360 through your 50" and tell me you cant see any difference or jaggies! lmao... come on your not telling people its ok, your liyng to em! or atleast not telling the whole truth! and so if you dont like 1 game of a series you count all other games of that series out? lmao way to go! did you eventtry the god of war 3 demo? i played it with a couple of friends round the other day (not big gamers) and they were blown away! and that was just the demo! they improved it since then! lol... but whatever your loss... you know what too its strange i come on this site like everyday, and ive NEVER seen you post anything in the ps3 section, you know saying you cant wait for a game or anything like that, i wouldnt know about the 360 side cos i dont go there, well i dont have a 360 so have no need. just a bit strange.

IHateYouFanboys3967d ago

playing FFXIII in 1080p is a catch 22.

if you do play it in 1080p, you get to watch the 1080p cutscenes in all their glory..........but then you have the games native 720p being upscaled to 1080p, which is a big upscale. personally i would prefer to see the in-game graphics in their native resolution, so i would play it at 720p.

on the 360, anyone that plays it in 1080p is just stupid. nothing in the game is native 1080p, so theres literally no reason to play it in 1080p. the game would actually look best playing it on an SD tv, but if youve got a HD TV then 720p is the way to go.

either way, realistically, from those shots theres not much difference in the in-game gameplay graphically. PS3 has better and more self-shadowing, and everything is slightly sharper, but its nowhere near as bad as the PS3 fanboys make it out to be. where the 360 version falls down is in the pre-rendered cutscenes.

van-essa3967d ago

Ok Snaz, obviosly it's pretty much impossible to have a reasonable discussion with you seeing as you keep posting the same crap over and over.

I have the right to not like the same game as you (shocking hein)...

And the reason I don't post on PS3 threads quite often is because of people like you forcing their opinions into others.

boodybandit3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Now I have truly heard it all on N4G.

This is the HD era.
This game is made for the HD systems (PS3 & 360).
This game isn't made for the Wii.

Okay everyone hook up those analog cables and break those old CRT tube sets out of storage so we wont see the differences.

On another note all I will say is the gaming media really showed their true colors this week.

evrfighter3967d ago

"Oh please man, shut the [email protected]#K up!! we don't give a sh1t about the Damn PC for crying out loud!."

shhh grownups are talking

AKNAA3966d ago

"shhh grownups are talking"

OOOh, my apologies. I wasn't aware grown-ups talk like you:/
I mistook you for a 360(with a side of PC) Fanboy... ooop!

DaTruth3966d ago

You guys are idiots! What I just witnessed couldn't possibly be displayed in 576p!

You guys really have to see the game on PS3! It is epically beautiful!!!(Can't believe epically is actually a word)

BattleAxe3966d ago

The 360 version looks like complete s**t.

Dannagar3966d ago

It's a good comparison. I enjoyed seeing the differences. The PS3 is the clear winner. Now I'll get back to playing FFXIII on Xbox 360.

evrfighter3966d ago

"I wasn't aware"

that seems to be your problem :)

vhero3966d ago

quote of the day "Even without a mandatory install, the PlayStation 3 consistently loaded faster than the Xbox 360. Apparently Square didn’t get the memo that Blu-Ray is supposed to be slower."
One of the staff has bought a PS3 for this game from the site who only owned a 360 so people are going dual console for this game..

Sarcasm3966d ago

Thank god Microsoft invested in quality hardware, a new disc based medium that holds up to 25gb per disc, and outputs in true 1080p video. If not, we might have ended up with a 576p game, compressed audio, compressed cutscenes, and have to split it into 3 discs.


sikbeta3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

FF13 for PS3 is The SUPERIOR Version, now don't try to spin this crap and just DEAL with it, like PS3 Owners did with the whole Bayonetta [meh] Blow-out

Gaming Magnitude:

Bayonetta = LOW, just DMC with a Chick... it isn't what some sites were claiming to be...

FF13 = HIGH, Years Waiting For This Game, everyone was Expecting something HUGE, thanks to greediness, now we have to Wait More For FFvs13

MmaFanQc3966d ago

dont be ridiculous, even my grand ma have an hdtv.

CimmerianDrake3966d ago

no one here cares about the PC but you. and there is a section titled PC. so why aren't you there?

OT: We all already know the PS3 version is the superior version, this is just beating a dead horse. The 360 is bringing down the PS3 versions scores everywhere, but thankfully there isn't a game called "Scoreplay" where you literally play the scores. Microsoft really is like the viruses that plague their OS it seems.

catguykyou3966d ago

I'm surprised no one has commented on the fact that the 360 version has trimmed in game movies to compensate for the longer load times. They mention it in the comparison.

They notice the 360 had about 4-5 sec longer loading time however when the video was playing they were only about 1 sec difference and they couldn't figure it out until they realized the 360 version had cut 1-2 sec of footage out of the video. why? No clue.

DevastationEve3966d ago

The PS3 fanboys just won't leave it alone. It's already been proven that the game looks identical on both consoles minus CG quality (1080p vs 720p) and differences in how your setup makes the game look.

It's $60. You pay, you play, or you pray. Leave the discussion there.

Sarcasm3966d ago

"It's already been proven that the game looks identical on both consoles"

Right. Let's all just forget the loss of texture details, no self shadowing, and half the resolution on the 360 version. And no it's not 1080p vs 720p cutscenes, it's 1080p vs 576p cutscenes.

Butthurt much?

It's like someone offers you to buy a 400hp car versus a 300hp car for the same price, and like an idiot you're saying "300hp is the same as 400hp"

Rockox3966d ago

All this worry over a sub-par Final Fantasy game? Wow.

HolyOrangeCows3966d ago

Look at how awful the cutscene images look on the 360. So much for compression supposedly not hurting the video quality, eh, xbox fanboys?

IHateYouFanboys3965d ago

compression was always going to hurt video quality. what compression DOESNT hurt though is the in-game assets.

the lower resolution hurts that lol.

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Shogun Master3967d ago

Now that LoT has said it its official - FFXIII on the PS3 DESTROYS the 360 version. Awesome H2H as usual.

wicko3967d ago

I knew PS3 would be the better version, but I was still surprised to see the lack of shadows on the 360 and the retarded compression on the cutscenes. Plus some sections of video were cut? I mean they were not important scenes but come on, they really should have used a 4th DVD to get some quality back and keep content cuts to a minimum. I'll be enjoying my PS3 version thanks..

JOLLY13967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

You can tell the difference a lot better in these screen shots. I still wonder what this looks like in motion. Other than the floor texture on the first hover picture, the ps3 verion looks more crisp.

*edit* oh crap, I was supposed to say something in favor of the 360. Wait, I am not like the fanboys on this site. I call it like I see it.

stealyrface3967d ago

watch the video in the post on the LoT site. You can see it in motion there, or download it from the link

green3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I own the 360 version of the game and my flatmate rented the ps3 version. The ps3 version is a clear winner but if you never see the ps3 version, the 360 version still looks great.

Lets forget graphics but the biggest problem for me with the game so far, is the combat, story and at times cheesy dialogue.The game is just a button masher so far. All you do is tap A, A,A,A everysingle time you see an enemy to attack. It is not as deep or as satisfying so far as the ring system of Lost Odyssey.

As for the story, it is not bad but without looking at your datalogue, you will consider it boring and confusing.The voice acting is cool but the lines that some characters have are just cringe worthy.

I have only played the game for 3 hours so its still early times but IMO, Lost Odyssey is a better FF than FF13.

mastiffchild3967d ago

LO is also a much more trad jrpg but is another that has an immensely protracted start that bores you just as badly as FF13 can! IMO, a lot is made of LO because of the lack of quality elsehwre this generation. I played it right after playng the last two PS2 Personas back to back and found LO, next to them, almost devoid of inspiration even though the story has miles more promise than it ever delivers on. Don't get me wrong-it's a good game but it just isn't the game many make it out to be and I feel it gets a light touch and has failings(like the way a lot of ideas-even in combat options-feel under investigated like they started running out of cash and couldn't finish the game they wanted to when they began development.

Whatever, I'll be shocked if FF13 isn't feeling like, aat least, as good a game as LO by the time everyone gets to see all of it-I'm already in that position myself and while FF13 isn't a great FF it's certainly the equal in terms of fun and game play of anything else this generation on the HD consoles. I can understand more traditionally turn based fans liking LO a nit more, mind, but overall I'd prefer to play FF13 over it 7 or 8 times out of ten. Should be better than we finally got though-and on both platforms.

As for the differences? Yeah, they're noticeable but won't affect you at all if you don't have the choice and even if you do it's not an insult to play the 360 version if, say, you just don't like the PS3's pad or something just as Bayonettas differences were made way too much of and were outweighed, for me, by my preference for Sony's DS3. Is annoying that some sites who docked BayoPS3 points haven#t done so for the 360 version of FF13, however, if only for reasons of the Metacritic fairly showing which is better of the two and tthe sites not looking biased at all.

Anyway, LO is a good jrpg but, imo, no more than that when it really COULD have been and I'd say similar about FF13 but think it's just a bit better to look at AND a little more fun. Only personal taste, mind, but I often think LO is loved more because the other games have been pants than for any of it's own greatness. Cool story and premise in it, though, really good and could have been more involving and better developed. But that's the whole story of the HD gen jrpg isn't it? Could do better?

green3967d ago

just opened up a lot more battle options so it seems like the combat is going to be much better than i taught.

iceman063967d ago

You beat me to the punch. I was just about to inform you that the battle options, and the battles themselves, become deeper and more involved as the game progresses. I heard that it might take about 10 hours to get to the point where battles become challenging. From what I hear, it takes a bit of patience to get the best out of this game (most of the open content is at the end, the battle system is not fully realized until after the first several hours, etc).

green3967d ago

Yeah i also heard that the 10hour mark is the magic number.Still playing it and beginning to enjoy it a bit more.Got to be patient with a JRPG.

maximus19853966d ago

i was just about to say that too but you found out for yourself. because the its by no means a button masher

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3967d ago
InLaLaLand3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

DF, let's wait for Lens O.. IT DOESN'T MATTER ya jabronis. lol. Funny how some people were waiting for this. Now the time has come.

maximus19853967d ago

was that supposed to be funny? jabroni?