PS3 Reigns Supreme At Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event; 3D Support Inbound

Mike Hartnett at PlayStationLifeStyle writes: "The Final Fantasy XIII launch event in San Fransisco has come and gone, and despite an awesome sense of unity amongst all the Final Fantasy fans in attendance, one console definitely stood out amongst the rest, and that… was the PlayStation 3."

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Trexman893969d ago

im hoping they will go back and add 3D to Avatar the game :P

NJShadow3969d ago

It's funny, but based upon what I've seen, Final Fantasy XIII is like the Avatar of games. It's just so... pretty. (And yes, I did use the word "pretty", lol) If they added the 3D touch to it, I would be overjoyed.

Udidntlistenpunk3969d ago

that the PS3 version will outsell the 360 version by 4:1

That means I think the PS3 version will sell four times more.


sinncross3969d ago

Funnily enough Trexman, Sony showed off Avatar the game in 3D recently as well as Super Stardust HD ands Gran Turismo.

wicko3969d ago

At my local EB (canadian gamestop equivalent) they told me that they had ~20 people pick up a copy of the PS3 version, and only 1 360 copy (this was about 11am EST).

FamilyGuy3969d ago

It's already gorgeous, can't imagine what it would look like coming out of the screen as well...

AAACE53969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I can't argue with you. I found myself stopping to admire the different environments and their detail!

I love this game! I got it at midnight, got home and started playing by 12:30, said I was going to play for an hour.... finally turned it off at 4:30am.

I don't usually play games for long periods of time. As much as I like MW 2, when I first got it I only played for about 45 minutes and still only play for about 45 minutes a day.

@Udidntlistenpunk... I was at a Gamestop for a midnight launch. There were about 70 people there. I was probably around number 50 in line. I didn't pay close attention, but it seemed like the pick up ratio was almost split in half. Only 2 people got the special edition console though as they were the only ones who preordered it.

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Sevir043969d ago

But that ps3 bonus with the. FFXIV beta certified my purchase this weekend.

-MD-3969d ago

It's actually just a chance to be in the beta.

Dev8 ing3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

A chance at the beta is better than some wii avatar clothes. Well anything is better than those stupid avatars.

Godmars2903969d ago

That word you keep using, I don't think it means what you think it means...

BTW: how many fingers do you have...?

-MD-3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Look at how defensive that guy got ^^ lol! It's amazing that I point out a simple fact and you people instantly raise your E-fists ready to defend your precious PS3.

12 disagrees and it's a fact, clearly the agree/disagree system is working as intended.

Godmars2903969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

So glad you're happy with yourself...

@The Maxx:
Bubble+ :p

More like everytime he makes a comment to expose PS3 fanboyism, he exposes hos own all the more.


Poor Muderdolls, everytime he comment, he is getting Owned by many users.

-MD-3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I've yet to get owned yet, In fact it's been like months since I've found someone funny/intelligent enough to humble me.

PS. Just got home with my 360 FFXIII copy! =)

AKNAA3969d ago

"PS. Just got home with my 360 FFXIII copy! =) "

Hahaha!!! sorry man, that just sounds to funny! I couldn't resist laughing for some reason?!?! anyhow, enjoy;)

presto7173969d ago

It would definately be nice to get into the beta. I hear it will be on pc too. If the ps3 bonus is just for the beta, then how do pc gamers sign up?

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user94220773969d ago

This is awesome, 3D would be great.

mcgrawgamer3969d ago

of course the PS3 reigns supreme. MSFT secured Final Fantasy simply to prevent many of their current userbase from buying a ps3 to purchase the game. I think they know they won't sell more than the ps3. A skunk doesn't spray it's attacker to kill it. It sprays it because it knows it can't win and simply needs a means to slow it down while it makes a getaway. If your from the south you can decipher this analogy if not...move down south.

BBsin3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

So, microsoft is a skunk and their attempt to slow down PS3 sales is equivalent to anal spray.... it all makes so much sense now.

TheTwelve3969d ago

HILARIOUS but true analogy. Bravo. Bubbles. :)


Bathyj3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I like to think I've been profound and insightful from time to time here at N4G, but that might be the best truism I've ever heard.

And yes, some of M$'s tactics, (which is what I REALLY hate, not the XB itself as many of you no doubt believe) are the equivilant of anal spray.

Godmars2903969d ago

And yet, MS's move is pretty much rendered pointless and ineffective. What with GOW3 likely to tempt as many as if more 360 owners towards the PS3.

Not that FFXIII vs isn't going to do its damage if it stays exclusive, and makes up for all of FXIII's shortcomings besides.

NJShadow3969d ago

Wow, that analogy was really spot on. Not even from a PS3/360 fan perspective, but that really does seem to be the case here.

I must say, it obviously, at least most of the time, is a good thing for game companies to make their games multi-plat since they typically show a greater return, but when a game like Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 outsells the 360 version by this much... I'm left wondering, aside from Final Fantasy XIV, if Square really sees it necessary to deal with it again and just go back to an exclusive deal with Sony.

Additionally, it really does seem like blu-ray is starting to deal a crushing blow to its competitors when it comes to storage space. Games are getting bigger and bigger which leaves one to wonder, is this going to push Microsoft to release their next console sooner rather than later because of the fact that the PS3 is showing itself to be relatively future-proof?

SJL4803968d ago

Yep ps3 is like a Toyota you just cant stop it.

In before rrod and e74 completely ignored to make a Toyota, ps3 quality comparison.

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Bot Smasha3969d ago

Still wont be buying it.

Anorexorcist3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

STFU and move on then. You troll, therefore you are! No time for games.

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