Killzone 2 and Lair: More Rumors from supposed Sony Employee

Here comes speculation from a previous employee of Sony about Killzone 2. Note his credentials cannot be validated, but he provides this evidence for the truth of his words:

"Just thought I'd post in response to people asking for proof. I'm just passing on information from one of my best friends, who works at Sony. If I had proof, you would have proof.

I agree that it sounds almost unbelievable, but I obviously believe it because I know that he wouldn't lie and works in the environment where this information is available.

For example when I worked there I played on heavenly sword, which was 18 months ago (very early code running on a dev kit, the enemies where either blue or pink), and i played on the PSP well before its release.

But as I said I'm just passing info on..."

This is what he claims to have heard:

"As some may know I used to work at Sony, and I was speaking to a friend still there last night, trying to get some details out of him over a few pints. Now he isn't working on Killzone 2 but he's been told and shown a few things. Here's what he said;

1. He seen a gameplay video. Graphically he said it was better than the E3 trailer, but personally I think he was just a bit over exited because it looked amazing.

2. NPC's react realistically to where they are shot. The example he said is that a Helghast was hit in the hand and it shook its hand as if in pain, and also if shot in the leg blood seeps out of the exact area shot.

3. For multiplayer each server is like a world, with villages and towns, and your battling for control. If Helghast controlled it looks run down, if ISA controlled it looks nice, with residents living there.

He said the game is very far along too."

This previous employee also claims that Lair's GFX are spectacular but the gameplay is lacking.

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kingofps34129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Now, only 9 days left till the KILLZONE presentation. Soon... it will be all over for the XROBOTS everywhere.

Edit: @ power of Green
Funny proverb, "Man who run behind car get exhausted".

Car ------------ Man
Kingofps3--------power of Green

Mycococo4129d ago

this site has sooooooo much 360 bias that if i were a 360 fanboy i wouldnt say sheeit at all!!! i like all consols because they ALL PLAY GAMES! but after saying that i hate how bill gates got his money so i personally would never root for microsoft to win anything at all. he is scum and nobody cxan denie that if they already know the story of his rise to power...
onto the point of this "NEWS"(lol)... e3 will tell(of cours so no need to mention it again.

points 2 and 3 seem soooo plausable it seem true. point 3 in particular... with a game that is going to try to rival halo 3 there has to be something unique in the multiplayer match that stands out and as sony hopes will be better that halo's way. point 3 is so simple but relativly groundbreaking. it brings more single player elements into multiplayer with more dynamics thrown in.

point 2 seems very plausable considering that sony has already touted the physics of the game. if things explode realistacally how can they not make the enemy react after being shot in the same way as a building being exploded would react?

and point 1... if points 2 and 3 are true point 1 could be true. but! i am STRONGLY scepticle of this. and like the poster said..."but personally I think he was just a bit over exited because it looked amazing." its going to look amazing no matter what and i remember phill harrison saying that some elements of the e3 trailer had already been surpassed in the actual game development. sooooooooo........

in conclusion who knows? only sony now. SO LETS ALL JUST WAIT FOR THIS EPIC E3 TO COME!!!(for nintendo fanboys, 360 fanboys, and ps3 fanboys alike)

Omegasyde4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Come on now.

This site keep's getting "news" from "undisclosable" sources. This has got to stop, because it is getting really lame. There is more than 1 way to win the prize.

I know it is a weekend, but still its no reason to post non sense like this crap. Discuss this in forums, don't use N4G as a tool to spread a person's make believe concepts.

Deep, try reliable sources next time because N4G is news for games, not Forum Posts for games.

QuackPot4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

This is so much fun to speculate.

And in a few days we'll finally find out once and for all who's was right & wrong.

Have your hats at the ready. I'll get the napkin and cutlery.


T or F?

"...This previous employee also claims that Lair's GFX are spectacular but the gameplay is lacking."

Hey, I've always said it. Lair looks good but the gameplay/AI seems sh11te.
Maybe some credibility in this rumour afterall...BUT I'M SPECULATING!!! LOL.

power of Green 4129d ago

We both have one bubble but i hope my comments have alittle more facts, proof, common sense and logic to them. lol

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4128d ago

notice how you stated nothing and people are still disagreeing with you.

kspraydad4129d ago

...she knows a guy who's midget half brother works at Sony...he says KZ2 is incredible.

Come on...can't we just wait until we get a leak from a reliable source OR the E3 presentation.

nextgengaming184129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )
This should get approved as well as a rumour. That r6v was massively downgraded on ps3. and this should be posted
xbox 360 version of the darkness is better then ps3 version. When both aren't true at all. These would be considered rumours too.

TriggerHappy4129d ago

ok post that and tag it as rumor and it will get approved

techie4129d ago

I feel that this response is legitimate to both of those: "However, this is harmless, for there is no console bashing"

techie4129d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Well let me enter the debate here, since i stared at this link for nigh on an hour...thinking "IS this news worthy?"

I concluded it is NOT news worthy, but that it could be posted as a rumour. I then remembered what N4g was....a social website, to discuss and speculate, and not only for reliable news. Now this does not mean all rumours can be posted, or all forum many of them breed confrontation and deliberate mistruths...

However, this is harmless, for there is no console bashing, plus I have painted it as a rumour, and said that he cannot prove the legitimacy of his comments. All this "I know my auntie" stuff is a poor reply, for he CLAIMS to be a previous Sony employee, and also sounds sincere.

Waiting until e3 is wise, but since this is a social site, conversations and speculation could pursue....what I found interesting was not point number 1, but points 2 and 3. Could conversation not remain there?

thanks, deep

"I just dislike that joystiq, destructoid, 1up, and kotaku take information from this site as if accurate."

I am unaware of this. Plus, is that not their problem for misunderstanding what this site is...submitted by gamers, as well as misconstruing the rumour into fact?

In addition, it depends how the rumour is framed does it not? I feel I have made the context of this rumour very clear (and clearer thanks to kspraydad and kingofps3). If someone was to take this as fact then that is their failing, and not this websites. Deep

*edit* Captain Tuttle - nice story, but I don't need degrees to increase my score. All I need to do is post 18 stories in 24 hours. Very doable.

nextgengaming184129d ago

This site is being hampered by the places where we get are info from. Not one of hundred's of rumours reported came out true. I just dislike that joystiq, destructoid, 1up, and kotaku take information from this site as if accurate. All the mgs 4, tekken 6, and ff13 rumours were mostly based on these forums and usually spreads becasuse of this site.

Captain Tuttle4129d ago

Please. You just wanted to increase your score and you knew this would generate alot of heat.

Admit it.