Xbox 360 Tops Bad Company 2 Sales

According to new UK sales charts released this week, Xbox 360 has officially accounted for the most of Bad Company 2's sales, making up 53%. The PlayStation 3 was the second biggest, with 31 percent coming on that platform, while the PC contributed 16 percent.

On top of being on top of the sales chart for the week, the game has now officially become the fastest selling game in the UK in 2010 - outselling the original Bad Company title by a ratio of 3:1.

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Alcon Caper3969d ago

My my, that's quite a wide margin.

JeffGUNZ3969d ago

I honestly thought the PC numbers would be higher.

Bot Smasha3969d ago

The bots have nothing else to play so what if a bunch of cheapskates bought the 360 version the real players will be playing it on pc and ps3

deadreckoning6663969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

It's great that this game is selling so well, but I hope more PS3 owners to notice. BC2 is the BEST FPS on the PS3 by a mile. And yeah, its better than KZ2 as well(I have em both so I know). I'm sorry but, compared to BC2, Killzone 2's online play doesn't have that "WOW factor" anymore.

Edit: 8 disagrees already! Man, u guys work quick. Look, several reviewers(Games Radar is one that comes to mind) have said it and many people who have both games have said it as well.

"The reason PS3 gamers don't necessarily play FPSs all the time is they have other games to play as well. Xbox is basically dedicated to shooters."

LMAO...umm so why was Modern Warfare 2 the best selling PS3 game of 2009???? PS3 exclusives are DEFINETLY more diverse than that of the 360, but that doesn't mean PS3 gamers are diverse themselves.

3969d ago
PR0X13969d ago

bbbuu but but but 360 is all piracy :'( oh noes my life is over. 360 still selling almost double of ps3 :(

young juice3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

lol dude you need help, i haven't seen one comment about 360 piracy in all of the months i have been on n4g.

anyways, its only natural that people would buy it on xbox 360 because its an online game. if i was paying 50 dollars just to play online i would wanna buy it on the 360 as well.

AKNAA3969d ago

A FPS that has more sales on the 360!?!?! GTF ooooutta here.....

BlackTar1873969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

and im here to tell you that this game is way better then the others /s

I mean come on dead you u are so obvious why hide it.

On another note im enjoying this game alot but i have to say this is my least favorite BF and i have played i have been playing since 1942. Now the game is still fun im a lvl 12 right now but i honestly like MAG more.

LOL at Dead its that line of thought that gets you 14 disagrees so funny that you think you can tell people which one is better.

Ohh NOezzzz i like MAG more then all of them. But lucky for me i can play more then one game at a time.

Shadow0173969d ago

I wanted to get bad company 2 but had to choose between that or god of war 3 i'm sure you know which one i'm going for.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3969d ago

It's been obvious since 2005 that Xbox owners buy lots of games. 360 owners are more like game collectors and they buy more than the PS3 and PC combined.

deadreckoning6663969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

"LOL at Dead its that line of thought that gets you 14 disagrees so funny that you think you can tell people which one is better.

Ohh NOezzzz i like MAG more then all of them. But lucky for me i can play more then one game at a time."

Logic doesn't apply to N4G anymore. If PS3 fanboys can spout garbage about how GOW3 is better than everything else, then I can say whatever I want as well. Its very liberating to realize that you can't use logic with these fanboys.

Btw if you like M.A.G better, hey, good for you. But the general consensus among gamers is that BC2 is better, the same way that the general consensus of gamers don't think GTA4 is the BEST GAME EVER despite metacritic saying it is.

@va-nessa- That would actually be a very smart choice. 60 bucks for 8-10 hours of gameplay is a no no for me, no matter how good the experience is. I'll get GOW3 in the bargain bin, rent it, or borrow from a friend.

van-essa3969d ago

You could just rent God of War 3 and buy BF:BC2.

BlackTar1873969d ago

I know its annoying on both sides its not one worse then the other. They are both at the bottom. but saying your doing something in direct reaction doesn't make it alright but fair enough

BTW im just busting your balls man i dont take this stuff to serious I take gaming serious but not this water fight of a console war.

anyways like i said im just F'en with you game on.
but i wasnt lying i give this game a 8.5 but its my least favorite of the entire Bf series. Seems they kinda took away what made bBF's for me which i cant explain if asked. I mean the vehicles are there and the maps but the maps either seem not as well put together so there is alot of room but most of its worthless etc. anyways all great games but im not gonna lie i didn't like Kz2 at all.

Game on

BulletToothtony3969d ago

i mean even in europe forza did bad.. and now that ps3 is getting some awesome fps a lot of 360 only owners can't help wanting to buy the ps3..

i like shooters but i rather have variety..

that's why i bought the ps3..

best franchises..

the only game i truly wish that the ps3 had would be the fable franchise.. besides that.. there is no other game i really want from the 360..

for the mean time.. we'll just keep hearing about how sales are more important than awesome AAA games, keep dreaming haters

AKNAA3969d ago

"It's been obvious since 2005 that Xbox owners buy lots of games. 360 owners are more like game collectors and they buy more than the PS3 and PC combined."

Dude, I'll give you that one, LOL! I have a social Life and things to do outside of gaming then to have all this time to buy and play a Lot of video games like you 360 owners.

TheIneffableBob3969d ago

The US and UK are primarily Xbox 360 dominated. The PC is the top seller in other countries in Europe such as Germany.

Blaze9293969d ago

well what can you say, xbox gamers actually BUY games this gen...

van-essa3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Forza 3 has outsold Killzone 2 which came out earlier and is now at 3 mil, so by your logic Killzone 2 "did bad"? You know that's not true, don't be a hater.

Oldsnake0073969d ago

WoW a shooter sells more on the 360 . Never seen that before. Also there are 2 times more 360s than ps3s in UK.

Bigpappy3969d ago

You are saying that PS3 owners have other games to play and that 360 owners love shooters. I call you on that, because all the top selling games on the PS3 are shooters. There is no evidence to support your claim. I think the fact that more Games sell on 360 in Americas and UK, is simply because there are more 360 in those areas than PS3's, and that online play is a bigger part of the 360 DNA (People who see this as a major feature own 360). Getting your friends to join an online event on live is made as easy breathing.

JeffGUNZ3969d ago

Thanks I didn't know that. It's nice when someone answers me other than giving me 5 disagrees. hahah I don't understand some of these people. I put a sentence of something I believe and I got 5 disagrees. So, that means you disagree that I thought the PC would have a little more units? Come on people.

darkmurder3969d ago

PC doesn't have 16 %, thats just in retail its selling like crazy on Steam. I read an article yesterday saying it exceeded DICE's expectations and theres more users online playing it than 360 and PS3 combined. How's that for a community!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

The top 20 games on the PS3 and 360 have the same number of shooters



Notice the huge difference in sales between the 360 and PS3. Most of the time the 360 outsells the PS3 2 to 1 even 3 to 1 in multiplatform. The highest selling exclusive PS3 game is on par with 360's 4th best selling exclusive. The biggest selling exclusives on both platforms are MGS4 is 4.59 and Halo 3 is 10.86.

UnwanteDreamz3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

LMMFAO so this is what it has come to for the mighty 360 crowd? Pathetic back patting about the sales of a multiplatform game (that BTW I love and agree is funner than KZ2)? Man this is so phucking sad words can't express. This is all you got? Really you guys can't come harder than that?

No one cares how great these multis sell on that box. Do I get to play it? That is my only question and the answer is yes. So stand up and be proud 360 has sold more then PS3 but I got 10 friends playing it now on PS3 so what should it matter? Really why do you care so much about the better sales on the 360 they havent stopped millions of PS3 owners from playing these games. What is your point.

You kids aren't gamers you are pathetic trolls. I'm off to actually play the phucking game you lamers. lmao

kneon3969d ago

It's ok but nothing special. I finished the single player in just a few days on both normal and hard and it was a walk in the park, got all the single player trophies with little difficulty. At least the story was ok and coherent, unlike MW2 :) The destructibility was cool at first but everything just blows up too easily and the novelty has worn off.

The online is also just ok, so far it's kind of dull and slow and again too easy. I think I'll be back on MAG in a no time.

JokesOnYou3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

"This is all you got? Really you guys can't come harder than that?"

-What do you mean?....The topic is UK sales and its apparent 360 has had a strong showing for what is *arguably one of the best FPS available over the last 2yrs. I'm sure 360 owners are playing games just like you are. In fact I'm currently taking my time on my 2nd playthrough of ME2, mixed in with MW2, and I'll be picking up GoW3 for my ps3 soon. I bet your comments would be much different if the shoe was on the other foot.....I definitely remember sales being a major point of reference during ps2's dominance.


solidjun53969d ago

So does PS3 owners. So what are you trying to imply? huh?

captain-obvious3969d ago


It's been obvious since 2006 that wii owners buy lots of games. wii owners are more like game collectors and they buy more than the 360, PS3 and PC combined.

nevimkdojsem23969d ago

1) there are more xbox than PS3 owners in UK
2) FPS is the preferred genre on xbox
3) xbox owners have only a few other games to buy/play while there's already been several PS3 exclusives this year - Heavy Rain, WKC, Yakuza 3, superior FFXIII, GoW3, MLB the Show, MAG...

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3968d ago

WTF why was my comment deleted? All i said was BFBC2 was better than MW2 and that there was an article on 360 piracy ages ago. I wasn't aware N4g comments section ahd turned into Nazi Germany or 1950's Russia.

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borgome3969d ago

It's because 360 owners buy games not blu-ray movies.

Jamie Foxx3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Furthermore as a 360 cheerleader you should be ashamed of such a 2007 comment,things are that bad huh?

Bc2 good sales I hope the game does well on both consoles,personally I think 31% ps3 sales is amazing considering many gamers are saving their cash for gow3.

Devil MAY KILL3969d ago

It's because 360 owners don't have any AAA exclusives to play,nothing

but facked-up games(FINAL FANTASY XIII sd).

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3969d ago

I think people are putting to much weight into the argument "people are buying GOW3 instead." Everyone i know is either getting both games or (the less hardcore gamers) are not buying BFBC2 or GOW3 because they have MW2.

Silly gameAr3969d ago

Hey borgome

I buy blu rays and PS3 games. What about you?

AngryTypingGuy3969d ago

"It's because 360 owners don't have any AAA exclusives to play,nothing" -- Yeah, we only have the highest rated exclusive of the year so far, Mass Effect 2 (96, the same Metacritic score as Uncharted 2). Splinter Cell will be here soon as well, likely to great reviews also.

Dev8 ing3969d ago

360 has only had one decent game come out in 4 months what do you expect?

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nilamo3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Dammit why do I keep ending up in the **** zone

nilamo3969d ago

Well shooters always did have a bigger audience on the 360 so this is no surprise. What is surprising is that DICE seems to favor the ps3 version (beta release, patches etc.)

table3969d ago

I don't think it is the 360 shooter audience theory, the numbers probably just reflect the fact that there are a lot more 360's in the UK.

BlackTar1873969d ago

I am on live all the time and my friends play a diverse library. although i agree xobx is a more shooter friendly console i dont think that was a way of proving it or anything is correct.

mastiffchild3969d ago

Yep. Numbers are directly in line with what you expect from the market share in the UK-maybe the 360 has sold a little more than it would expect to but not by any great margin and there's been a lot more exclusves out on PS3 so far this year as well as the mulitiplats so you'd expect the 360 to sell a bit better without even touching on the effect having so many Halo fans has on selling shooters on 360.

@Jason360-don't just cherrypick. look at the whole picture and you won't come across as someone desperate for a faceless corporation to look better than it does. Seriously, mate, your love is totally unrequited as MS only care about the lost dollars if you were to cark it-even though you might cry rivers should they nosedive. Same for anyone imagining Sony love them back.

Fact is, and it makes your argument a nonsense(as does forgetting that the PS3 didn't start off with a level playing field in numbers of sold consoles and is STILL only catching up a bit now-and the UK is more dominated by the 360 than anywhere else I can think of including the US!), a lot of multi platforms sold BETTER worldwide on the PS3. RE5 sold best on PS3, For attach rate DMC4 did better, TR:U sold better on PS3 even without the DLC and so did SF4. FF13 will too-even if you take away Japan's figures. If 360 gamers buy so many more games then how do you explain these instances of the console with fewer sold units outselling the 360 versions of certain games?

Personally, I rarely, if ever, trade a game(RE5 was the last-in and out of the house with that muck in under three days!)and have way more PS3 games than 360 games-do I not exists? you can't make huge generalisations without looking into EVERYTHING first or your argument will end up very full of holes. there's also a faction among PS3 gamers who feel they're best served by the exclusives they get and as such might be a factor in the sales of some multis as well. There's tons you haven't thought of-hell, I've thought of more and still wouldn't like to say whether 360 gamers buy a lot more, whether it's the same or whether it's changing as the lead the 360 has drops.Could also be that this is a heavily on line title and people paying for their on line service surely want to make some use of the cash and might go for the 360 version because of that, no? With shooters it could even be that a lot of people prefer the 360 controller for this kind of game(personally, I think the 360 pad is the worst thing about gaming on the 360 but accept that a lot if people really love it)-so why isn't that taken into account, at least for this game?

Whatever, I think it's an unwise argument all round and one I don't understand anyone being very interested in to begin with-how does it alter your enjoyment of any game anyway? It's a kind of desperate, grasping looking thing to do, imo.

table3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I'd go further and say it is a western/eastern split as opposed to a ps3/360 split. The same genre sells well in the states on both the 360 and ps3 whilst it is the opposite games that sell in asia, europe being in between. This is going to create a difference in numbers for FPS and RPGs on the 360 and ps3. 360 is admittedly slightly more popular for shooters in the west mainly as a result of the system being succesful as a result of Halo, but even still it creates this false illusion that ps3 games don't sell. If the install base was equal between the consoles in both the UK and US the sales numbers for FPS would reflect this.

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DJexs3969d ago

from what I have been reading it is better on the ps3 graphic wise.