E3 2007 Live Conference Coverage

E3, the game industry's annual trade show devoted to showing off the hottest games that haven't hit shelves yet, is changing a great deal this year. GameSpot will be there to report on it all starting July 10.

This page shows the time and dates for the 3 major press conferences from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Make sure to add this as a bookmark so you don't miss the live feed.

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MK_Red4129d ago

Will it be free or requires GameSpot Total/fee-based account?

gaffyh4129d ago

Its always free, I never pay, I think all you need is a free account because I was able to watch MS and Nintendo conference last year, but I had to use VLC to see the Sony Conference. They don't charge for the live coverage, they just have a low quality feed (but good enough)

Omegasyde4128d ago

Free, but low quality.

Other sites might do the same thing (IGN, Cnet, even youtube)

The only bad thing about game spots is that since its low quality, and the lighting of almost every E3 is someone what dark, you can't see too many details.

Rhezin4129d ago

Probably, I hate that site anyway, bunch of little gurly-men.

highps34129d ago

I hate gamespot but as far as E3 coverage they are usually one of the best. They cover all the conferences and have the bandwidth to handle all the visitors as well...

TheMART-sucksdick4129d ago

For live Coverage.... I only have the basic.

gaffyh4129d ago

Yeah they always provide a free download later, but as far as I know they also allow free live streaming but low quality.

Daxx4129d ago

I f*cking hate this site. I'm deleting my profile and never coming to this battle zone for flamers ever again. I remember when I used to go to but now that is gone because it merged with this N4G. It should be renamed Sales Stats 4 Gamers or Flamers 4 Gamers because this is all it has come to now. Every PS3 owner and 360 owner battling over a retarded subject like video games. This is not Politics people! Videos games are a form of entertainment. Goodbye flamers and good riddance to this f*cking site.

Mighty Boom4129d ago

This site is entertainment just like videogames dude. Take the stick out of your ass...

Premonition4129d ago

They charge for live coverage but later they upload them for the free account people to view them.

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