Microsoft: Xbox doesn't need Blu-Ray

Microsoft has told CVG that it considers digital media - and not the Blu-Ray disc - the 'future of home entertainment'.

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mrv3213782d ago

Hmm... Microsoft remind me again how many discs the EXCLUSIVE 360 game forza 3 is on? Or ODST. Blu-ray not needed? HA!

TheXgamerLive3782d ago

NO, the Xbox 360/ms does not need blu ray.

when the next Xbox comes out being 2013 or whenever there still will not be blu ray addition as that media will of become old news. Digital distrobution and possibly and newer larger hard disc type media will be out. blu rays 25/50 gig storage wasn't a huge jump forward. Pioneer is working on one that starts w/a minimum 100 gig storage and is a new ultra DVD. So who knows what the future will be using, but chances are it wont be blu ray.

ExposingLames3782d ago

lol @ disc switching in 2010 bot

what do you think this is the PS1 days with FF7? get real

bujasem_893782d ago

ow soo the pioneer's 100gig is going to be the future awesome , good to know that sony already stated that there will be a bluray thats 320 gig's that will be compatible with the ps3 so i guess bluray will be needed now and in the future , good to know then ^_^ i mean since 320>100

Trebius3782d ago

They stay stuck in the stone age banging rocks together while we're experiencing the future of gaming on the PS3.

The Iron Sheik3782d ago

I bet if M$ told you that you didn't have a d!ck you would never piss again.

M$ is just as delusional as its fanbase.

TheXgamerLive3782d ago

SO who knows what we will be using in the future, but 320 gig blu ray, lol, nope.
Digital Distrobution won't have a storage limit. Every game 1080p if desiered. but, blah blah blah, it's a few years a way so we'll have to wait and see.

Comet3782d ago

I expect the Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) to premiere on the PlayStation 5 in 2020 (Another 6-7 years after PlayStation 4) while the Xbox "4" will finally come out with a Blu-Ray drive by then...

avengers19783782d ago

What about blu-ray movies. Unless MS starts making huge HDD mandetory in there consoles then digital downloads won't be able to take blu-ray's place. If you had a 250 gig HDD and games started being 35 to 45 gigs you'd eat that harddrive in no time, so you need Terabyte or better. Plus downloading massive amounts of data still takes a long time, what happens when your 12 hours into a download and your power goes out. What happens when your system crashes now your out a console and all your games toboot.

Rusco873781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

"when the next Xbox comes out being 2013 or whenever there still will not be blu ray addition as that media will of become old news. Digital distrobution and possibly and newer larger hard disc type media will be out. blu rays 25/50 gig storage wasn't a huge jump forward. Pioneer is working on one that starts w/a minimum 100 gig storage and is a new ultra DVD. So who knows what the future will be using, but chances are it wont be blu ray."

the disc being devloped by pioneer is a blu-ray disc and will work on all blu-ray players including the playstation 3. Its not a DVD. blu-ray is now looking like the format to take us into the next generation aswell, with blu-ray3D coming in the summer aswell.

DD is not the way forward, people will always want a hard copy of a game. for small games on xbox arcade and psn, yeah its great. but i want my games and films on a hard copy.

for DD to work you will need atleast a 2TB harddrive. think about it. lets say games are a standard 35Gig and you keep buying games that are 50gig+ space will run out and you will delete games and only be able to reactivate them 5 times. this harddrive would cost a fortune, and take an age to download. avg broadband speed in the UK ranges from 2mb to 10mb and can you imagine the release of a Final Fantasy game via DD only everyone will be downloading it and it will take about 2days to get it done.

Heres a better idea - WALK TO THE F-IN SHOP YOU FAT F**KERS - jks and you can play it on the day.

DD is good for one thing and thats to stop people trading in games.

avengers19783781d ago

pioneer's ultra dvd is still utilizing the blu-ray. They are just attempting to improve upon it.

sikbeta3781d ago

"Digital Distrobution won't have a storage limit"

How About [email protected] Hard Drive Storage Limit? So yes, IF for Digital Distribution you need HDD, it has storage limit...

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FangBlade3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

It's no secret that the DVD capacity is becoming an issue for the 360.
One of the latest issues is Lost Planet 2, which beeing compromised to fit the 360's DVD capacity.

blitz06233782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

really? After Lost Planet 2 lost content? After FFXIII compressed the audio and video and settled with 3 DVDs? After LA Noire just mentioning having trouble with DVDs?

Why can't Microsoft just suck it up and realize they do need blu-ray? Is their ego that big they refuse to succumb to blu-ray? If they don't, then at least introduce a new format, like HD DVD. Oh wait a minute...

You're right. Most games don't need blu-ray, but that is what was mentioned 1-2 years ago. Games are also evolving, which means consoles need to adapt. Sony already got ahead, which didn't really work out in their favor at first, but look at them now, standing firm and selling well. Microsoft did the right thing and went cheap, but they need to realize in the coming years DVDs will be outdated.
Halo is their biggest game, and it doesn't need blu-ray. But look at the other side of it, imagine Halo in 50gb of blu-ray space. There is so much Bungie can make out of it. The next coming years games will be needing more than what one DVD9 has to offer, and Microsoft needs to realize this.

-Alpha3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

From a business point of view MS has succeeded in gaining a foothold in this industry by being cheap.

Blu Ray is not needed for MS's games. Halo didn't need it and that's it's biggest game. Most multiplat titles also don't need Blu Ray.

However, from a consumer's point of view today with the PS3 at equal pricing to the 360 Bluray clearly is a luxury, and PS3's games have demonstrated that.

Also, today, games are getting bigger past MS's DVD9's. Mass Effect and Forza are good examples, and now even third party games like FF13 are starting to go past MS's DVD capabilities.

I still don't think MS needed Blu Ray in the beginning. I certainly don't want it now as another add-on for the 360, God knows how expensive that would be. MS's focus is on Natal and they are using that as their next step.

BulletToothtony3782d ago

Just look at IGN and Gamespot.. we pay for some "Advertisement" and they gave FF13 the same score as the obvious higher resolution graphics and better sound ps3... so NO we don't need bluray.. (just more money)

kalebgray923782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

they can still say that with a straight face .... and 4 years ago it was hd dvd ..... come on now M$

Mr_Bun3782d ago

This is the same company that launched the 360 without HDMI and still offer a model WITHOUT a hard drive

The Wood3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

are wireless pads needed

are usbs needed

too much focus on the word...'NEED'. Its deflecting from the point. We made use of ten button pads but they aren't needed...same as usbs and wireless pads. blu ray can make game development and games better...'need' doesn't need to come into this just the word 'progression'.

R_19933782d ago

Digital media is the future is it? Funny, because some xbox's don't have hard drives at all.

Christopher3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Well, they need something.

More importantly, us gamers deserve something that won't continue to lead to content cutting just because of the limitations of the DVD9 on the 360.

Oh, and DD is far from the future. Look at all the issues that have come up with the current digital market. iTunes media can only be played on iTunes players, Amazon Unbox is encoded and can only be played on the PC and not WMV capable devices like the 360.

Combine these issues with transfer file sizes, data corruption/storage limitations, DRM, and the lovely issue that's popped up with Amazon's Kindle where purchases can be deleted if the content is found to be from an illegal source.

Pennywise3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

LIARS. Why do people still believe and defend this company?

If DD is the future, why would they have a no mandatory install policy? Why would they sell 360's without any type of significant HDD? I see right through the BS.

shadow27973782d ago

I find it funny that Sony posted this on the same day...

So digital distribution is the future, but Sony's way ahead of MS on that too.. (See PSP Games, Wipeout, Burnout, Warhawk, etc.)

Cartridges are the future! ;-)

HolyOrangeCows3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Among stories of Lost Planet 2 being cut up because of DVD, Blu-ray prices on their way down, LA Noire possibly seeing issues with DVD's lack of memory (And with it being a sandbox, how would they cut THAT up onto several discs?), and God of War 3 taking 35GB of Blu-ray, etc., Microsoft STILL arrogantly tries to downplay Blu-ray and tout DD onto their over-priced Hard-drives, as the future.

That's pathetic.

Mr Logic3782d ago

Say what you want, but the 360 does NOT need Blu-ray. Why? Because it's too late. At this point they can't just make a BD add-on and expect developers to put games out on BD. All 360s have a DVD drive, so that will be the lowest common denominator just like developers can't use the HDD since it is optional. The only reason they would make a BD add-on is for movies, which IMO is stupid since the 360 doesn't support highres audio.

joydestroy3782d ago

i'm personally hoping that this issue is going to cause more devs to go exclusive towards the PS3. time will tell. something needs to happen though.

eagle213782d ago

Anyone who seriously defends them tooth and nail, loses my respect. :)

cereal_killa3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

It's too late in the game right now for them to implement Blu-Ray into the 360 so allot of developers who want to make big games will be complaining from here on end about disk space and many of them are starting (R*,Capcom,John Carmack,Kojima,) There only choice is to make multiple disk games for the 360 or implement DLC before the game even releases because of disk space.

Alpha Male you half right as well, sure games like Halo haven't had problems but you would expect an exclusive developer to complain about there bread and butter?... NO, that's why most of the people complaining are multiplat developers because there not tied to one system and they see all the freedom that could possible be done on the PS3 that stops them dead with limitation on the 360 ie DISK SPACE this is just the beginning and will soon start to hurt all gamers in the long run (both PS3 and 360) because developers will be forced to gimp games due to disk space to ensure both system get the same experience. But in some ways could be beneficial to developers by having to put out more DLC and giving them a little more profit to there game by selling it for more money if you want the full experience of the game.

Anorexorcist3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

They obviously now whole-heartedly discredit blu-ray and the concept of advanced HD formats simply because it is the primary technological asset the Playstation 3 has.

If they were so damn confident in the advent of digital media, why the hell didn't they just pick up that ball from the beginning and run with it? Instead of pickup up HD-DVD, which obviously has left a very sour taste in their mouths, and failed to score a touchdown with that?

They are still sulking over the failure of HD-DVD. If they maintain this ridiculous, sanctimoniously-stubborn attitude, The next Xbox is going to find itself trailing the PS4 (and maybe even still the PS3.)

Montrealien3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

oh no, I will lose the respect Eagle21? shux.

fact of the matter is, the 360 is doing just fine, and that is without the need of blu ray. I know right, who would of thought? At this point in the current gen it would be stupid to jump on board and use Blu Ray. and in the next few years it wont even matter anymore.

and yes kids, FF13, A game I bought for my PS3, would of been the same game if it was a PS3 exclussive.

TheTwelve3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Montrealien, your pic suits you well. You're like Picard who couldn't even think right because the Borg had his head jacked-up. Except for you, Microsoft is that Borg.

There's no way in the world Microsoft is doing "just fine" enough to sit back and do nothing. I used to think Natal could be of some hope for them but that's before I saw that it would use 33% of the 360 to even function.

This isn't about "right now" it's about being hot for many years, and let me tell you, I don't see Microsoft doing well after 2010 if they don't spark some impressive innovation.


gaffyh3782d ago

Of course MS is going to say this now, but it has become a major issue for developers, and anyone that can't see that is either blind, stupid or both.

But IF MS uses the same strategy they used this generation, then the Xbox 720 will be using Blu-Ray for definite. And I personally think that the PS4 will too, because it seems to be the only disc format since CD that actually is future-proof due to the amount of layers the laser can read.

DatNJDom813782d ago

I partly agree with ms on this. Digital distribution is going to replace bluray sometime in the future. That is why the PS3 is the console to own. You can download all types of game and switch the hard drives. So basically its ready. 360 on the other hand........ well I dont have to say anything. We already know that story. I still cant believe I fell for the hype of the 360. Now that I look back at it, I shouldnt have spend the money on it. Its ok though. Live and learn.

Parapraxis3782d ago

"R_1993 - 27 minutes ago
1.8 -Digital media is the future is it?"
Well, it certainly is for pirates.

Montrealien3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I am impressed 12 of 24, you slapped in a Star The the Next Generation reference. That was the only thing of interest in your reply though. The rest is just your typical regurgitated crap.

I repeat, in case anyone missed it, the 360 is doing fine, and so is the Ps3 for that matter, and that is all that matters to me. oh, and FF13 would of been the exact same long liniar jrpg even if it was a Ps3 exclussive.

btw, it`s always about right now. Because right now is the most important time in our lives.

-Alpha3782d ago

Yup, you are pretty much spot on. MS had to go cheap-- imagine if they had included Blu Ray to compete against Sony. The 360 would easily be just as expensive as the PS3 and there were two things at launch that forced buyers to go with the Xbox: 1) Price, 2) Halo

MS didn't need Blu Ray because without it they succeeded coming in 2nd place, but today they would definitely benefit from it.

Mista T3782d ago

well if digital media is the future start selling hard drives that have more capacity than just 120gb and let there be 3rd party hard drives dimwits

Aaroncls73782d ago

Digital Media is the way of the FUTURE, but that's still very far from working effectively. In the meantime games are getting bigger and bigger; and the xbox360 is lacking the storage capacity needed.

This is a problem for M$, they know it and exercise public denial to bandaid their ego with a few rhetorical burps; while their consumer base is stuck with (soon to be) obsolete technology.

Gawd I hate executive @ssholes.

Hotel_Moscow3782d ago

dvd has been obsolete thats why the games on pc compress the heck out of a game

corneliuscrust3782d ago

way to stand up to the mob :)

sad state of affairs when, even when a person makes a valid point, they get downvoted because of allegiances. One mob yelling at another mob.

He is right: 360 is doing fine.

The question is, how long can they hold out until they buckle against the newer, superior ps3 hardware. It's just a matter of time. Hopefully MS will do something noble (yeah right :P) and lift their tariffs for multi disc games to calm the situation for at least a little while. (won't help for sandbox titles though)

lzim3782d ago

Why is it then that PC where buying a stand alone bd drive is cheap, and stock computers are being sold with them included.. aren't being released on bluray?

Isn't it the year where PC gaming should make the switch to bluray? or at least include bluray boxes on the shelves next to the multi-disc dvd releases? I would have figured both DA:O and Mass Effect 2 would have gone blue except that Mass Effect 2 is tethered to Xbox.

DevastationEve3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Have any of you guys played the Just Cause 2 demo? For 1GB you have an environment that's both insanely huge and insanely filled with things to do and cars and people and vehicles. If you do the demo timer glitch (look it up) you'll have an idea of just how much there is to do in the game.


Bluray is only needed if you have 1080p video content and HD audio content to store on it. Actual game graphics and even textures and audio streams don't take up that much space. 50 GB of space is still just empty space, THERE IS NO GAMING RELATED ASSET THAT WILL EVER NEED THAT SPACE.

Seriously. If the only reason for having bluray is to have higher def cg movies and audio then it's not necessary for gaming. Even a hard drive isn't needed, unless you plan on installing the game (duh) or have some fancy need for HDD caching. But there's a price to pay when coming from fast main system memory to painfully slower HDD, and similarly when coming from slower disc based drives to faster memory. So its best use is limited to either smaller file access or asset streaming that's not lag-dependent (background tasks).

Storage is meant for one purpose only: a closet to put stuff into until it's needed. A bigger closet (or room, or building) means being able to stuff more but what matters most is the space that closet or room opens up to. Or just plainly "memory". If that hallway can only accommodate four boxes then you better hope you have a "dolly" or other assistance laying around to get them outta the way before then next four boxes are needed.

Closet= storage
Boxes= data
Dolly= faster means of moving data

Case in point, neither of those storage options can be attributed to better looking actual gameplay graphics. The game will either load more faster (data caching) or load more efficiently (texture streaming). The only way they can make games look better is if the textures that are stored look better. But you can't change the fact that the actual work a computer can do is dictated by the actual parts that matter the most.

System Memory, Memory architecture, Quantity
Processor Units, Processor Architecture, Quantity

Those are what matters most. Want proof? Add a bluray drive to a 1995 Pentium MMX (CPU) based system with 32MB (memory) and a Matrox 2D VGA adapter (GPU) and see if it makes Crysis playable. It takes newer architecture to make the game work.

You might consider those parts the actual workers that move the boxes from the previous example. The different processors are the different workers, the GPU could be the guy who handles the boxes labeled GRAPHICS. The architecture could be considered the ages and expertise of each of those workers.

If you give these guys a big house (bluray) to box up and ship versus that small closet (DVD 9), it doesn't change the fact there's only so much work they can do anyway. There's only so many of them (processor quantity), only so much hallway and room space they have to move through (memory quantity), and only so fast they can race their dollies through them (memory architecture, processor architecture).

Gothdom3782d ago

I don't know if MS will realize this reassurance only works on dumbasses. Yes, DD is the future, but only when ISP's monthly cost will be reduced or speed increased and/or when they'll break their monthly bandwidth cap.

And if MS wants to be part of that future, they'll need either Blu-ray or to make those HDD affordable, and increase their capacity. 120gb is not enough.

Until then, the 360's DVD and HDD are not enough for games being built in the near future. Sure, on RPG's it's not a major hindrance, but imagine playing something like GTA on multiple discs. Remember Vice City? the loading between the islands? well imagine getting up and switch disc instead of waiting for it to load.

Montrealien3782d ago

((well imagine getting up and switch disc instead of waiting for it to load.))

The horror! The horror!!!


beardpapa3782d ago

as long as they don't use bluray, they can continue holding back bluray. Haha.

pixelsword3782d ago long as biased gaming journalists and 360 fanboys (same difference)cover for their flaws (I don't see the difference between sub-hd and 1080p) Microsoft need not worry about fixing that problem because people who are uninformed about gaming will never be capable of making an informed choice.

In the end; uninformed gamers, fanboys, and journalists will have to settle on over-paying for a HD to download games to make-up for the 360's shortcomings. Well, maybe not gaming journalists, they probably get free HDD's like they do games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Digital media is the ultimate format that can be used everywhere on everything. You don't need to make disc drives when HDD is superior in every way. Digital media doesn't break, scratch, and take up space in your house. You can just download or re-download digital media anywhere in the world on any device.

tizack3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

That is kind of tricky on MS's part... very funny. Well technically NO sony doesn't offer hd streaming, because they have offered something alot better for a quite a while. You actually download the file to your local drive. From the instant you start downloading any (HD) video file from psn, you can start watching it... so why would you want to stream when you have all the benefits of streaming and afterwards have a local copy? I live in the boonies and i can still instantly watch any show or movie i download. So bandwidth isn't really a problem either. its pretty great... but, uhmmm... ok, i guess if you have nothing better, then the streaming hd is pretty nice..

JasonPC360PS3Wii3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

tizack it is instant 1080p streaming, you can use what ever excuse you want, make up what you want and keep living in denial. At the end of the day it's still 1080p instant streaming a feature Sony doesn't have.

Eddie201013782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Same tired argument. Yes digital distribution may be the future but I don't think it is the near future for everything, and Blu-Ray is the here and now and it does have its place.

How would a game like Final Fantasy XIII be digitally distributed to the Xbox 360 when many people have only a 20 gig hard drive that only has just over 13 gig space available and the game is about 18 gig in size. The PS3 version is much larger because of the much better video cut scenes and possibly better audio so that would be even more of a problem to digitally distribute both for the consumer (storage and bandwidth problems) and the publisher and developer (Bandwidth cost). Digital distribution doesn't make much sense for huge files wright now.

Also there are always going to be people who prefer physical media.

wicko3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Sorry buddy, but we are just not ready for pure digital media right now. Not with sh1tty ISPs that use ancient networks that are constantly oversold and over-saturated. When the ISPs actually give customers what they want and not impose ridiculous bandwidth restrictions, without costing an arm and a leg, digital media will not be as good as physical media.

Not to mention, DRM and digital media seem to absolutely love each other. Physical media doesn't suffer too much from DRM, you can play them in any system (excluding PC software).

There's also a matter of compression, digital media is likely compressed to make transfers faster and use less bandwidth. Blu-ray videos are either very lightly compressed or not at all. And as eddie mentioned, blu-ray videos don't occupy any disk space, so you'll never have to spend cash on harddrives that have a possibility of corrupting and breaking.

All this hinges on the ISPs, but until that happens there are just too many advantages for physical media to be abandoned.

jessupj3782d ago

Of course MS doesn't want to say they made any wrong decisions, but saying this just makes them look like idiots. They're like a little child covering his ears while he yells at the top of his voice. It's very clear now, more so then ever, that blu ray IS needed. There's been quite a few multiplatform games recently that have been suffering on the ps3 thanks to the limitations of dvd9 that developers are forced to deal with. And just putting the game on multiple disks isn't going to fix the problem. The whole design and structure of the game immediately changes as soon as a second disk is brought into the equation. And unfortunately, that affects the ps3 as well.

Hoggy19833782d ago

Are the people who actually own a 360.

Raz3782d ago

Right, DVD isn't a dead format. Neither is Betamax or ATRAC. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt anymore, is it Micro$oft?

Bathyj3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Well good then.

BluRay Consortium, dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever let them have it.

See you next gen.

evilmonkey5013781d ago

@ 1080p instant streaming...yeah right...thats like downloading 10 gigs in two hours.Not possible with today's (usa) infrastructure...period.You just CANT do it.Seriously, think about it. 10 gigs in two hours. Jason360 is just too butt-hurt to realize anything can be better than an xbox.If history is any indicator of the future, the xbox will be obsolete in 3 years. Who wants to play "standard dvd games" when you could be playing games that press the envelope, look incredible and are just simply bigger and BETTER?

EvilBlackCat3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

No its NOT going to happen PERIOD

in 2-3 years Next Xbox

in 2-3 years General Electric HOLO Disc on next xbox?

if i dont see a Blu Ray PC game next year or at least this fall 2010

tsk tsk tsk its a sign.

sorry but its going to be really hard to see Play Station launching a new console at the same time that the next xbox and its going to be hard for Sony to convince that 50gb disc is better than 500gb - 1Tera.

In 2-3 years BLu Ray is going to be old school.

so if 8 DVDs = 1 Blu-Ray

then 10 Blu Ray's = 1 HOLO DISC (500gb)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3781d ago

Do you have any idea what instant streaming means? It's "streaming" not downloading. The video plays "instantly" like as soon as you click on the video. There is no downloading and no buffering. You know "instant" and it's all in 1080p.

:) thanks that was easy

tizack3781d ago

Man, you didn't even read what i wrote did you, or maybe you didn't understand. You basically reiterated what i said only under the connotation that Streaming is actually a better medium.

Jason, the Keyword here isn't "Stream", the keywords are in fact "instant" and "1080p". Sony does instant 1080p better. I'm sorry. I don't mean to take the wind out of your sails. A stream no matter what the context is always going to give you less quality, less options, and less control in the end.

Streaming is bad because even if ms did a spot on job with the logic there, there are all sorts of forms of interference that can cause degredation of quality by the time it gets to you the viewer. Whether its in the form of network stability via isp, your Router, or the amount of devices that are actively connected and using your router to access the web, alot of things can directly and indirectly affect the resulting 1080p feed in the form of framerate issues and picture quality(drop in quality during play, artifacting, screen tearing, etc). Playing from a local file, you are ensured of getting the Exact quality of the file as you play it.

To reiterate, I'm simply pointing out that quality wise a stream is inferior to a file. This isn't any big secret...

That being the case, there is no reason for someone to want to use a stream when they have all the benefits of a stream and still maintain the constant quality of a file.

On the bright side jason, I own both consoles, and honestly I don't think a majority of people will ever be able to tell the difference or care. I just think its funny how MS is twisting this to try and make it look like its better than what it is. The real end goal is that they have alot of systems with small or no hdds and this is their only real option to easily allow these people access to 1080p viewing. For you, Jason, an xbox360 owner, its a really wonderful thing. however, its not actually something to tout when comparing to the ps3, since it offers no real benefit there.

Microsoft Xbox 3603781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

claiming the PS3 version of FF13 would be the same as if it were an exclusive. SMH

I thought this guy was a real gamer but no, he simply just defends MS like no other even if they are too arrogant to admit. By now everybody should acknowledge the greater advantage of a PS3 exclusive.

CimmerianDrake3781d ago

...and yet the 360 doesn't have a hard drive as standard. So, how is it going to work when a large amount of their user base CAN'T participate in their "digital distribution revolution"?

TrailerParkSupervisr3781d ago

I guess MS thinks everyone has high-speed internet? There are also a lot of people who have "caps" so even though they have the ability, their cable bill would be over $1,000.00 if they wanted to download, say, 4-5 games in a billing cycle.

The only thing I can think of that they are counting on is Google offering it's ridiculous fiber optic plan dirt cheap to Joe Schmo. IF this is the case and IF everyone has access to $50.00/month for unlimited bandwith at screaming fast transfer rates, then yes, DD is the near future.

If not, then they need to fire the gypsy 'cause her crystal ball is looking into the year 2030, not 2013.

Bobby Kotex3781d ago

Looking forward to the XBox 720 with a DVD drive, lol.

Bathyj3781d ago


So you're downplaying BR's need for this gen, and touting Holodisc for next gen.

So in other words we dont need more than 7GB now, but next gen we'll need 500GB?

The extra space was needed for the jump to HD, are TV's going to go 4000p or something in the next couple years?

Why if 7GB is ok now would we need 500GB next gen?

Besides, you know BR can have 100's of GB's on them with a firmware upgrade right?

WLPowell3781d ago

The 360 doesn't need Blu-Ray, because, like Crapcom and Squenix, they'll screw up the PS3 version just to make sure the 360 version is equal or sometimes better. And even then the gaming media at large will delibrately ignore any problems on the 360 side. Only PS3 multiplatform games have faults.