R.U.S.E. Public Beta Test Live

Ubisoft has announced that, from today, players can download and take part in the public beta test for the upcoming RTS, R.U.S.E.

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Fyzzu3145d ago

Woo! Going to get this downloaded tonight :)

Medievaldragon3145d ago

Graphic-wise it doesn't look so appealing. Gotta have to see how those 10 ruses play out. Has anyone given this a try yet? Is it worth playing?

Letros3145d ago

Have it preloaded, at work atm though, will post my thoughts later on, I'm expecting a massive failure though.

TheIneffableBob3145d ago

The graphics are actually very good. Zoomed in, they're like Company of Heroes-quality, but the special thing about the game is that you can zoom all the way out, Supreme Commander-style.

These impressions are based on the closed beta. I'm downloading the open beta right now.

Panthers3144d ago

From that pic I am not liking the scaling of it. Those tanks are enormous compared to the houses.