Majority of characters in the, well, majority

In video games, it's a man's world, a white world and a world without a lot of senior citizens.

Don't expect to see many American Indians, either, or Hispanics. You'll find a fair number of blacks.

"They're not so bad," University of Illinois Professor Dmitri Williams said recently. "How they're represented is lousy. But at least they showed up."

Blacks tend to be portrayed as athletes – think the "Madden Football," series, video gamedom's top seller – or criminals – as in "Grand Theft Auto," among others.

"If you took out the athletes and the criminals, the black population (in games) would be cut in half," said Williams, a UI speech communication professor who studies the social impact of new technologies and has a special interest in video games.

As it stands, white and Asian men nowhere near old enough to join the AARP dominate game worlds.

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the_round_peg4125d ago

but Japanese games reek of their white-worshiping mentality. Just look at the characters in Japanese games, anime and manga: they are usually WHITE.