Bad Company 2: When Bad Players Ruin a Great Game

Wherein the always acerbic Jack Devore explains the many ways bad players ruin an otherwise stellar game:

"I have some issues with Battlefield Bad Company 2 that are driving me nuts and chances are you, yes you, are responsible."

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ASSASSYN 36o3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I would love to see this writers' stats in BFBC2. And his gripes could be solved just like all the same issues in other FPS games with a healthy dose of FRIENDS.

And personally I don't join squads when my friends are offline because random squad mates love to take your vehicle when you are repairing it (so rude), love to give away your position while sneaking to an objective after spawning on you, and fail to provide ammo and or health. Yes I am stereotyping a lot of gamers and obviously all don't fit this but a lot of you do. I rather play with friends in my squad. We are veteran BF gamers and know what and when to do things and the roles to play so objectives get done.

I agree with the sniping to a degree. When I can go into an enemy base and arm 2 crates at the same time it's nice to get sniper support. But some levels don't call for 6 snipers and no defense roles call for 6 snipers.

And I fly like a champ. Yes I am really a fixed wing licensed pilot with 10 years of flight experience and 500+ flight hours which isn't a lot (how much does that helps me in the game... zero!) but my issue is you people that can't hit anything with the mini gun while in my choppa. And apparently people don't know you can repair the black hawks and the hind while *in flight* with an engineer in the crew cabin. :) If you can shoot there you can fix there.

And reviving players replaces points on the ooffense side. So when you die and get revived by a diflibilator (which is a stupid tool for this) then your TEAM losses and regains a point meaning none are loss.

AI bots... wow such an idiot. AI is hard to code for any FPS game. Rarely do they pull it off well. And AI, loves to block doors, steal vehicles, and most operate them poorly. True the single player AI in BC2 can dodge a missle in a helicopter like a champ but they can also put one on your head accurately while rarely missing... you want that? I don't! Need I mention AI super sniping ability?

MWong3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

LOL, that's a funny article. You summed up the entire article with this "healthy dose of FRIENDS." If you're getting crushed in the game find good players while you play add them as your friends and BINGO!!! Make yourself a clan then you atleast know a group of people that will have your back.

I can't knock him on the helicopter comments, I did hop on board and the pilot didn't have a clue. It went up then came crashing down a few seconds later. A tutorial on flying wouldn't be horrible TBH. But when I think about it on the flip side trail and error is always a good tutorial.

Snipers are easy to get around once you have the hang of it. Most snipers are hiding out in buildings or on the mountains. Flank them or fire grenades into the walls.

Pandamobile3769d ago

The only time I've really been pissed in BC2 is when some d1ckhead kept blowing up our choppers as soon as they spawned...

chak_3767d ago

first page made me laugh, he's right, mainly with the dumb snipers.

page 2 is bugged, wonder why...

Koromaro3767d ago

Another true Article haha

Redlogic3767d ago

wanna join up and kick some ass let me know. send me a PM!!